139 Ring Level Up!

    "I've got an idea, don't do anything with the 10 million that you have in your hands for now. I'll pay for this batch of Potions with diamonds! We dabble in some arms trade with the locals in Africa. They use diamonds to pay us and at a far better price than what you get from jewelry stores! I'll give you 30 million worth of diamonds. It'll benefit the both of us!" Han Tianyu said.

    "Sure!" Jiang Fei said. He only needed diamonds to have the ring devour them. Diamonds that had not been processed could also be used. This would save a considerable amount of money for both himself and Han Tianyu, so it was a good thing.

    "I've got some on hand, I'll send them over later!" Han Tianyu was not bragging for nothing. A large portion of his family's arms trade was with Africa. As there was nothing much in Africa, the leaders could only use gold and natural diamonds to pay for the arms.

    After Han Tianyu left, Jiang Fei started to get excited at the prospect of having the mysterious ring finally leveling up. Very soon, he would be able to take equipment out of the Spatial Ring!

    When he thought of how this new batch of equipment could turn him into a future superhuman, Jiang Fei started pacing back and forth in his room. It was like he had eaten Stride[1].


    The moment the door outside swung open, Jiang Fei immediately dashed out of his room!

    "Xiao Fei, what's wrong with you?" Jiang Fei's mother had just returned from her shopping. Jiang Fei suddenly flying out of the room had given her the shock of her life.

    "Oh! Mom, you're back..." Jiang Fei said, a little disappointed. He had thought that Han Tianyu was here with the diamonds.

    "Ehh? You seem to be very disappointed that I'm back home. Wait, who are you waiting for?"

    After all, she was his mother. It only took a glance for her to see through Jiang Fei.

    "No one!"

    "Hmm?" His mother only grew more suspicious.

    *Ding dong*

    At that moment, the doorbell rang...

    "I'll get the door!"

    Jiang Fei immediately dashed out.

    "Hi! Jiang Fei!" As soon as he tugged the door open, a cute girl was standing outside the door. It was Sun Mengmeng.

    "Why are you here?" Jiang Fei asked, his eyes wide open. He was not surprised to see that Sun Mengmeng had found his house. She could just ask Zhao Feng any time of the day.

    "I'm here to thank you on behalf of the Student Council! Your performance yesterday was really cool!" Sun Mengmeng said with a smile.

    "Xiao Fei! If we have guests, why aren't you letting them in?" His mother, more suspicious than ever, quickly strode to the door to check things out.

    "Hi, auntie! My name is Sun Mengmeng, I'm Jiang Fei's class representative!" Sun Mengmeng politely greeted Jiang Fei's mother.

    "Come! Come! Come! Come on in!"

    His mother shoved Jiang Fei aside and led Sun Mengmeng into the house.

    "Hey! I said... that..."

    Jiang Fei was dumbfounded. Whose side was his mother on!

    "Mengmeng, don't be shy, just make yourself at home. If you want a drink, just tell me!"

    Jiang Fei's mother was treating Sun Mengmeng nicely. Maybe a little too nicely.

    "Thank you, auntie. I'm not thirsty." Sun Mengmeng quietly sat beside Jiang Fei's mother.

    It did not take long before Sun Mengmeng began chatting away happily with Jiang Fei's mother. Jiang Fei's mother even took a photo album out and shared all of Jiang Fei's embarrassing childhood stories with Sun Mengmeng!

    "F*ck... I don't wanna live anymore. How am I going to face this silly girl in the future..."

    Jiang Fei felt the whole world darkening.

    Sun Mengmeng stayed for almost an hour before she left. As soon as she left, Jiang Fei's mother grabbed Jiang Fei by the arm.

    "Xiao Fei, tell me! Are you in a relationship?" his mother asked.

    "I... no... she's just our class representative, and I performed yesterday at the event..." Jiang Fei tried to explain, but his mother quickly cut in.

    "Stop talking your way out of this, it only makes you look all the more suspicious. Don't try and lie to me. I gave birth to you, how can I not understand you?"

    As she spoke, she flicked Jiang Fei in the forehead.

    "She's really not my girlfriend..." Jiang Fei helplessly murmured.

    "Stop lying to me, I didn't say that I'm against it! I think Mengmeng is pretty cute! You can be rest assured that I won't tell your obstinate and stubborn father!"

    "She really isn't..." Jiang Fei felt even more helpless.

    "Okay! Treat her well. I'll double your pocket money starting from next month. I'll talk to your father!"

    His mother gave him an "I will keep your secret safe" look and skipped into the kitchen like a schoolgirl.

    "I..." Jiang Fei was close to breaking down, but the tears would not come. The old him would have been happy if his pocket money was doubled, but Han Tianyu had given him 10 million in cash, and it was still sitting at a corner, unused. What was pocket money to him? If only he could clear this misunderstanding!


    Once again, the doorbell rang.

    "Ah Fei, here!" Jiang Fei opened the door and discovered that it was Han Tianyu. He had a backpack in his hand. There was no question about it, the diamonds were inside the bag.

    "Big brother Yu, why did you come only now..." Jiang Fei said tearfully.

    "What's wrong? Am I late? Did I trouble your master?" Han Tianyu was aghast. Had he caused Jiang Fei's so-called master trouble?

    "It's not that..." Jiang Fei told Han Tianyu about what just happened just now. He wanted Han Tianyu to give him an idea.

    "I've said so last time. If you want me to help you get a girl, I can do it easily, but if you want me to help you get rid of a girl, I couldn't care less!" Han Tianyu laughed.

    "If you're done here, get going. Leave me alone!" Jiang Fei grumpily took the backpack from Han Tianyu, then turned and walked inside. After that, he slammed the door shut!

    "Hahaha..." Even though the door was closed, Jiang Fei could vaguely hear Han Tianyu's laughter as he left!

    "Xiao Fei, who was that?" his mother asked from the kitchen.

    "Zhao Feng, he left some stuff in my room, so he came over to get it!" Jiang Fei casually answered and then ran to his room with the backpack.

    He opened the backpack and looked at the bunch of diamonds inside. Jiang Fei's uneasy feelings were immediately swept away. Now, he was excited to see the mysterious ring leveling up.

    Jiang Fei no longer hesitated. As the mysterious ring was on his left hand, he shoved his entire hand into the backpack!

    *Swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh*

    One after another, diamonds visible to the naked eye turned into streams of light, then they seeped into the mysterious ring. The number of marks on the mysterious ring increased rapidly as the diamonds vanished. It would not take long before the mark on the ring went full circle.


    The diamonds disappeared with a soft tinkle, and a silver light was emanated from the mysterious ring. The initially plain-looking metal ring was now covered in intricate, mysterious runes.


    Jiang Fei was overjoyed. He knew that the mysterious ring had finally leveled up!
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