140 The Ares Set in Reality

    The mysterious ring now looked a lot more quaint. With a light touch, Jiang Fei connected to the Spatial Ring.

    The moment he entered the Spatial Ring, Jiang Fei realized that something had changed profoundly.

    Originally, the Spatial Ring only had 36 slots: 18 red ones and 18 blue ones. Now, there were 36 red and 36 blue slots! On top of that, the slots were labeled with something.

    There were several rows of words above the blue slots.

    Outgoing Equipment Maximum Level: 30

    Outgoing Equipment Maximum Amount: 1/4

    There were also several rows of words above the red slots.

    Sacrificial Equipment Minimum Level: 20

    Sacrificial Equipment Minimum Quality: Excellent

    "Damn! So this is how it works!" With this information, Jiang Fei now understood this mysterious ring a little more. Now, he knew that he could not take more equipment out previously because the maximum number of outgoing equipment was 1/1. After taking his Cat Spirit Boots out, that was it!

    Now, he could take three more pieces of equipment out. Without any hesitation, Jiang Fei took out the extra Ares Set from the blue slots. Although this equipment set was only Level 25, it was of Epic quality. It was far stronger than separate pieces of Level 30 equipment.

    Wrist Armor, Armguard, and Leg Armor. When Jiang Fei put on these three pieces of equipment, they turned into streams of light and seeped into Jiang Fei's body, vanishing into thin air.

    Jiang Fei was not too concerned about the information displayed over the red slots. After all, others might find it difficult to get Green graded equipment over Level 20. It was not a problem for Jiang Fei. As he had just created a new guild, he could go and procure a set of Recipes for Green graded equipment. When the time came, he could make another batch of equipment. If they ended up as Blue equipment, he could give it to his guild members. Anything inferior would be sacrificed.

    Now, Jiang Fei could not wait to test the effectiveness of this set. After dinner that night, Jiang Fei spouted off more excuses and left his house.

    Jiang Fei did not take the elevator. He ran all the down. Three new pieces of equipment gave him an additional 32 Vitality. This turned Jiang Fei into a perpetual motion machine. He no longer knew what fatigue was.

    Not only that, the Ares's Armguard also provided him an additional nine points of Strength. Jiang Fei's could now lift an additional 180 kilograms. A casual punch from him would be equivalent to a professional boxer's haymaker.

    If Jiang Fei knew how to fight, he could easily slay other men with his bare fists.

    Of course, all three pieces of equipment were armor-type, so he gained more Defense than anything. Now, he would not need a Defense Potion to be invulnerable.

    But the real world was different. It was impossible for the Defense of his whole body to increase when his attributes increased, just like how it was in the game. Currently, Jiang Fei's invincibility was only limited to his legs and forearms. Only these areas were covered with the invisible armor.

    In other words, now, Jiang Fei could catch bullets with his hand, but if someone slit his throat, he would still die!

    Soon, Jiang Fei reached the gym and measured his body data once again. However, Jiang Fei did not dare to test his strength. After all, there were many people here. He would never be able to properly explain his superhuman bouts of strength.

    On his way home, Jiang Fei stopped by the central garden of the community. As it was already seven or eight o'clock in the evening and it was the middle of winter, the garden was lightly occupied.

    "Come on! I choose you!"

    Jiang Fei found a secluded place and spotted a boulder.

    More than ten meters away from the rock, Jiang Fei suddenly activated Jumping Slash! When Jiang Fei had equipped the set, something had occurred to him. What if he could use the skill just by thinking about it?


    Jiang Fei suddenly felt his feet tense up, and a gush of air flowed out from under his feet. Then, he leaped nearly three meters high, but the upward force was not the main function of this skill. It was the forward momentum that sent him more than ten meters away. However, because this was his first time using the skill, Jiang Fei's landing point was not all that accurate. He did not exactly land where he wanted.

    At this time, Jiang Fei's fist flashed red. This was most likely the effect of Jumping Slash, where the next attack would be a definite critical hit and stun the target for a second!

    Although Jiang Fei did not know what the effect of a critical hit in the real world was, the boosted attack power was undeniable.


    After two steps, Jiang Fei's fist slammed onto the rock. The boulder was reduced into rubble. However, being an inanimate object, he never got to saw a 'stun' in real life.

    "Amazing! Did I just do that?"

    Jiang Fei stared at his fist for the longest time ever.

    "Damn, if I meet that ninja again, I could probably smash his head up like watermelon!" Jiang Fei said proudly.

    After that, Jiang Fei also tried Karate Kick. This skill only dealt the damage of a normal blow, but its main function was to slow the target down. However, as he had targeted yet another stone, Jiang Fei could not observe the effects of the skill. Even so, that regular punch had still sent a chunk of stone flying off the boulder. This was most likely the Passive Effect of the Ares Set, which allowed the wearer to ignore the target's Defense!

    After testing the two skills, Jiang Fei turned around and left the place. If someone caught him breaking rocks, he would have to explain himself while also paying for the damage.

    As for the equipment set's effect-Eye for Eye, someone had to be there to actually strike him, so he had no means of testing it just yet.

    Jiang Fei walked home with a broad grin on his face. He may not yet be completely invulnerable like Superman, but he was damn near close to it. In the near future, as the ring grew, he might one day achieve this dream. For now, he had to pick up more fighting skills. Otherwise, a true master could still use his own strength against himself.

    After tidying his room up, Jiang Fei did some homework. When it was 10 o'clock sharp, Jiang Fei logged into the game.

    "Brother Fei! You're here!"

    Zhao Feng was the first to greet Jiang Fei.

    "Yeah! Let's go, let's get ten people and go to a Heroic Dungeon!" Jiang Fei said. Although it would not be their first time clearing the Dungeon, they could still obtain a huge amount of Experience Points from a Heroic Dungeon. Moreover, he could help other people in his guild level up at the same time. So, why not?

    "Sure!" Zhao Feng was the first to join the party.

    Soon, Jiang Fei's party was assembled. This time, as the average level of the girls from Rosette Knighthood had risen, Jiang Fei only brought the two Clerics, Rosette Rose, and Rosette Miaomiao. The other party members were made up of the punks from the "Young Master's Bodyguards" clan.

    Although these punks were relatively inferior in level and equipment, they were far more skilled than the girls from Rosette Knighthood. In his bear form, even the usually silly Second Brother Bear ended up more effective at generating aggro, compared to Rosette Dazzledance.
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