143 Black Dragon Scale


    Jiang Fei stopped.

    "This is for you! Put it on. As long as you do not initiate an attack on those monsters, they won't lay a hand on you!" the Black Dragon Prince said handing Jiang Fei a black, jade card.

    Black Dragon Scale (Ornament, Epic Quality)

    Physical Attack +70

    Agility +10

    Power + 10

    Equip: Your normal attacks now possess an additional 20% Dragon Breath damage! (The Dragon's Breath is a chaotic attack and completely ignores defense.)

    Equip: Passive skill - Dragon Might. Any living spirits below the level of Boss will not initiate an attack on you! (Elemental, Ghost Spirit, Puppet and Robotic beings are not limited by this effect!)

    Required level: 25

    "Oh... Pretty good!"

    As Jiang Fei accepted the Dragon Scale, unable to resist sucking in a breath of admiration. This ornament was definitely a high-quality item. He would never trade it out, not even for a Legendary grade weapon!

    However, it would not be of much help to Jiang Fei. After all, the ornament was of an offensive nature, and the Dragon's Breath damage was calculated based on the percentage of your own attack. Jiang Fei's normal attacks were rather lacking. Therefore, even with the Dragon's Breath he would not be performing one-hit-wonders anytime soon.

    Despite that, the ornament's Dragon Might would allow Jiang Fei to pass through the Entrance to the Depths easily. This came as a tremendous help to Jiang Fei.

    "This is one of my dragon scales. It could help you accomplish the task. I'm just lending it to you, I'd want it back in one piece!" Init Stasa said.

    "Deal!" Jiang Fei agreed happily. However, he did not, for a single moment, plan to return the dragon scale. Who was he kidding? Do you actually expect Jiang Fei to return such treasure? There was no way!

    Once he had equipped the Black Dragon Scale, Jiang Fei left the mysterious cave and rushed towards the Entrance to the Depths.

    After a three hour long journey, Jiang Fei could not help but complain. He did not yet have access to a mount, not before Level 30. Not only was it tiring to walk on his feet, but it was also utterly boring!

    After a long journey, Jiang Fei's little map finally changed to display the Entrance to the Depths.

    "Damn it. Why did you have to be so damn far off!"

    Jiang Fei glanced at the map. The Elemental Elf was nowhere even close the main road.

    Once he had departed from the main road, Jiang Fei started venturing into the wilderness. In the beginning, there were mostly small monsters. These wild beasts of Level 70 and above had started advancing towards Jiang Fei. However, before they could get near, it was as if they had seen something terrifying and promptly scurried away from Jiang Fei. The Dragon's Might was indeed effective!

    As he moved further away from the main road and into the collection of thickets, the small monsters started to become considerably more concentrated. When he finally closed in on the object, about forty to fifty small monsters were grouped together. It was no wonder that even a group of a hundred would be wiped out. Based on the capabilities of an average Level 20 player, forty to fifty Level 70 monsters would be impossible to defeat. If anyone has ever walked out of that, it would be highly suspicious.

    After another half hour or so, Jiang Fei arrived at the location marked on the task map. This was where the Elemental Elf had apparently vanished. However, after scanning the environment around him, Jiang Fei could not see any trace of the Elemental Elf. The area was surrounded by a type of Level 70 monster known as the Infectious Demon Bear. There was no other living being around.

    "Darn it... is she even alive?"

    Jiang Fei mumbled as he looked around. Anyway, he still had the Black Dragon Scale which emanated the Dragon's Might. The Infectious Demon Bears would run away in fear, as soon as they got too near to Jiang Fei; therefore he was not worried about being attacked whatsoever.

    After exploring for a bit, Jiang Fei finally arrived at the entrance of a small valley.

    *Buzz, buzz*

    Sensing a vibration on his hand, Jiang Fei lowered his head to have a look. The treasure-seeking ring was glowing with a bright light. There must be a great treasure in this valley.

    "Hehe! Heaven is on my side!"

    Jiang Fei was almost giddy with joy. No one could ever be rich, without the aid of an external fortune. Since he had no idea where the Elemental Elf had roamed off to, he might as well try to gain some fortune for himself! Now that he also had the Black Dragon Scale, Jiang Fei would no longer need to be concerned about being defeated instantly by the defensive SS wave protecting the treasure. As long as the opponent did not exceed Boss level, Jiang Fei would not be in danger. As SS waves were extremely rare, and they would have to be at the boss level that matched Init Stasa's father, the Black Dragon King. Only the worst luck in the world could have Jiang Fei bumping into one such entity.

    Jiang Fei made his way into the valley. It was not a particularly deep one. Oddly-shaped rocks lined the inner surfaces of the valley, and not a single blade of grass stood up.

    "Is it possible for a treasure to be in such a place?"

    If it were not for the bright light from the treasure-seeking ring, Jiang Fei would not have been bothered even to come this far. This place was ridiculously deserted. This was the last place you would expect to find treasure.



    All of a sudden, a rustling sound crept into Jiang Fei's ears, giving him quite the scare. He quickly peered around. He could only see rocks scattered all over the place. It did not seem like anything else was present.


    As he jerked his head around, he yelled out like a little girl despite being a full-grown man.

    A huge python, its body as thick as a water bucket was right in front of him. There was a horn in the middle of the python's head, even. It was dangling awfully close the top of Jiang Fei's head. Saliva was nearly dripping onto Jiang Fei's body. It was a very late form of warning, if anything. If all it elicited was a scream from him, that was not too bad. Anyone else might have wet their pants.

    The python was of a greyish white color. The patterns on its skin were perfectly camouflaged and blended into the patterns of the weird rocks around it. If one did not pay close attention, it might not even have been discovered! That was why Jiang Fei had nearly run straight into it!

    Steel-back Dragon (Yalong Beast, Boss Level)

    Level: 75

    Health Points: 550,000

    Attack Power: 6500

    Skill: Poisonous Breath, Tearing Bite, Engulf, Sweeping Tail, Terraforming Scale Armor

    Poisoning Breath: the Steel-back Dragon emits a cone of poisonous liquid in a radius of eight meters, causing significant toxic damage!

    Tearing Bite: the Steel-back Dragon immediately attacks the opponent by tearing open a wound which causes bleeding.

    Engulf: the Steel-back Dragon engulfs another target. In eight seconds, a large amount of damage is dealt to the target. If the target dies during the period of being engulfed, the Steel-back Dragon recovers ten percent of its Health Points!

    Sweeping Tail: the Steel-back Dragon sweeps at the enemies behind it, dealing significant damage to its opponents!

    Terraforming Scale Armor: the Steel-back Dragon sacrifices some of its Attack Power and Movement Speed to increase its Defense tremendously!

    Jiang Fei's improved mysterious ring not only allowed him to bring more equipment to the real world -- it also provided some changes to the game. Apart from ten additional Luck points, Jiang Fei could receive more information about monsters, including the specific descriptions of their skills. The only information lacking now was the actual damage caused!

    "Oh boy. Another unreasonably powerful thing that could eat me for breakfast!"

    Jiang Fei shrugged. However, he was not afraid. Although this Steel-back Dragon could easily kill Jiang Fei, it was inferior to the Black Dragon Prince. Therefore, it was still influenced by the Black Dragon Scale's might. As long as Jiang Fei did not initiate an attack against it, it would leave him in peace.
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