146 Elemental Elf Wei Weian

    "Ah! You ate her?!"

    The Steel-back Dragon nodded dumbly.

    "How dare you eat her? Spit her out!"

    Jiang Fei was almost losing his mind.


    The Steel-back Dragon nodded dumbly again. This was the first order from its master. It dared not refuse. It used its tail to probe its throat.


    After a moment of gurgling, a tiny object flew out of its mouth. Fortunately, this fellow acted according to its snake-like nature of swallowing things whole, despite being a Yalong beast. If it were any other beast, it would have been chewed into bits and pieces, and spitting it out would not make any difference.

    The Steel-back Dragon had vomited a rainbow-colored ball the size of one's fist. Jiang Fei took a closer look. This ball of light was a half translucent light barrier. Inside was an adorable, tiny person. However, the little girl with wings looked exhausted at the moment.

    Jiang Fei carefully held the ball of light in his hands. The little girl inside seemed to be aware that she had escaped from danger. The rainbow-colored light barrier gradually disappeared. The little girl sat on Jiang Fei's hands without reservation and panted loudly.

    The mysterious ring got into action.

    Wei Weian (Young Elemental Elf, Elite)

    Level: 30

    Health Points: 100

    Mana Points: 150,000

    Attack Power: 15

    Magic Attack Power: 50

    Skill: Prank Snowball, Rapid Flying Dance, Rainbow Protective Shield

    Prank Snowball: Immediately uses magic to form a snowball and attack the opponent. Deals one percent of Magic Attack Power as damage, and leaves a frosty snowflake on the opponent's body! (Special effect: Surprises the opponent!)

    Rapid Flying Dance: Immediately increases flying speed by 200% for ten minutes.

    Rainbow Protective Shield: Immediately summons a rainbow protective shield to protect one's entire body. Every point of Mana can withstand a hundred damage!

    Remark: A young Elemental Elf. Adorable but playful. Capable of high level defensive magic, but has yet to learn offensive magic.

    "Not bad at all! That's an Elemental Elf for you. Nothing short of what you'd expect from a natural magician. Already having 150,000 Mana Points at such a young age..."

    Jiang Fei was genuinely impressed.

    Indeed, Wei Weian looked thoroughly exhausted. After being swallowed by the Steel-back Dragon, she had continuously used her Mana Points to sustain the protective shield. However, she was merely a young Elemental Elf and had limited Mana Points in her body. It was already a miracle that she had lived this long.

    "Hey! Are you alright?" Jiang Fei used his finger to prod Wei Weian's tiny face.


    It would have been better if Jiang Fei had not touched her. It had triggered something. The little elf started crying loudly.

    "Hey, hey..."

    Jiang Fei shook the little elf lightly, but it only made matters worse.

    "Master, is this the Elemental Elf you are looking for? Hiss..." The Steel-back Dragon asked.

    "Wu... Eh?"

    When the Steel-back Dragon opened its mouth, Wei Weian suddenly stopped crying.

    The little girl stood up quickly on Jiang Fei's hand and turned around to look at the Steel-back Dragon warily. At the same time, an intricate looking little wand appeared in her hand. It seemed that she would fight the Steel-back Dragon to death.

    "Stop fooling around!" Jiang Fei quickly separated the Steel-back Dragon from Wei Weian.

    "Go sleep somewhere. I will come back for you later!"

    "Yes! Master!"

    The Steel-back Dragon obediently entered the cave it was previously guarding.

    "Small fellow, are you alright?"

    After the Dragon left, Jiang Fei turned to the little elf.

    "..." The little elf blinked her big adorable eyes warily. However, she did not answer him.

    "This little fellow does not speak the common language!" Jiang Fei thought to himself. Fortunately, Jiang Fei was a rather talented chap. When he had touched the Magical Demon Chapter, he had learned several languages, including the Ancient Elf language!

    "e?σaikaλ? (Ancient Elf language: Are you alright?)" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Πoio?e?σai (Ancient Elf language: Who are you?)" Indeed, when Jiang Fei conversed in the Ancient Elf language, Wei Weian not only understood him, but her look of wariness had also somewhat dissipated.

    "?pθaνaσouμiλ?σw (Ancient Elf language: The Elven Court has sent me to look for you!)" Jiang Fei answered.

    "Really? That is great!" Wei Weian immediately cheered up, and the look of wariness disappeared entirely.

    "You speak the common language?" Jiang Fei asked oddly. He had asked her some questions earlier in the common language, but she had not responded at all.

    "My mother told me not to speak to strangers!" Wei Weian answered with a straight face.

    "Then why are you speaking to me now?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Well, you were sent by the Elven Court to save me. Moreover, you can speak the Ancient Elf language, so you must be a good person!" Wei Weian said as she flew up from Jiang Fei's hand and circled around his head. She finally landed on Jiang Fei's shoulder.

    "Let us go! I am sending you home!" Jiang Fei laughed. This little fellow was so gullible and young.

    "No! No! No! No! It was so difficult for me to sneak out to play. How could I return so soon?" Wei Weian said as she frantically shook her head.

    "Hey! You were nearly swallowed, and you haven't had enough yet?"

    Jiang Fei was troubled. This epic task might not be so easy after all!

    "Hmph! I am not going back!" Wei Weian said with her small mouth. However, very quickly, the little fellow flew to the front of Jiang Fei's face and crossed her hands over her chest. Her eyes filled with tears as she spoke. "Big brother, you will protect Wei Weian, right? You will not let others bully Wei Weian, right?"

    Her tear-filled eyes were very convincing. Jiang Fei was not a cold-hearted person. Subconsciously, he nearly nodded his head. However, if not for the fact that he noticed her holding back a snigger, Jiang Fei would have absolutely fallen for it.

    "Darn it! This little fellow is not much, but she sure is good at acting cute!"

    Jiang Fei forcefully rejected Wei Weian's unreasonable request to play around.

    "Follow me. We. Are. Going. Home!" Jiang Fei said as he grabbed the little elf in his hand when she was not paying attention. Thereafter, he made sure that Wei Weian would not escape by covering his hands.

    "Wu...wu... Big brother, you're a bully! I want to play! I do not want to go home!" Wei Weian started crying after she was captured by Jiang Fei. Her body was small, but her voice was loud!

    "What the heck! Why am I doing this?"

    Jiang Fei walked towards the outskirts of the Entrance to the Void with Wei Weian clasped in his hands. Her cries were starting to annoy him.
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