148 The Snobbish Elf Lady

    "Oh no, no you don't!"

    Jiang Fei used the speed boost from the Speed Potion to cover nearly ten meters in under 1.5 seconds. As he flew through the air, he activated his skill.

    Jumping Slash!

    Jiang Fei leaped into the sky and appeared next to Never Decreasing Tooth in the next instant.

    Ice Burst!

    Jiang Fei did not show any mercy. With a single Ice Burst, he froze Never Decreasing Tooth at the very spot he stood. At the same time, he sliced the Returning Scroll in half.


    Based on Jiang Fei's Health Points that exceeded 10,000, the damage from his Ice Burst skill was over a thousand. It instantly decreased Never Decreasing Tooth's Health Points by more than half.




    "Ding! You have killed Never Decreasing Tooth!"

    He did not even need to strike a third time. The thief flopped lifelessly in no time at all. Before he died, Never Decreasing Tooth's eyes were filled with shock and hatred towards Jiang Fei.

    The last time the Phantom Killers ambushed Jiang Fei, Never Decreasing Tooth had been occupied with something else and therefore did not participate. That had allowed him to escape from the disaster. Back then, nearly half of the members had had their equipment destroyed by Jiang Fei. Never Decreasing Tooth inevitably ended up as the Phantom Killers' sole ace. Over the past few days, he had been on a robbing streak during the night. He had worked tirelessly to recover the equipment for his guild. Today, he was just carrying out his routine, working in places the npcs could not see, picking on unsuspecting players.

    The lost Elemental Elf had come as a huge surprise. The public noticeboard mission was not unfamiliar to pub players like himself. Without proper training grounds, they mainly relied on the daily missions on the public noticeboard to increase their levels. Therefore, nearly everyone had accepted the purple color epic mission from the public noticeboard in hopes that, one day, the lost Elemental Elf might return on its own and be discovered by them.

    Never Decreasing Tooth had not expected to earn the fortune of bumping into the lost Elemental Elf today. It just so happened that he had a special item he had acquired from a recent treasure chest. It could be used to capture some small critters, or any other little monster that did not have offensive abilities. The young Elemental Elf just happened to be small enough for the cage. Therefore, Never Decreasing Tooth had snuck up to Wei Weian and locked her into the cage.

    It turned out that just as he succeeded, Wei Weian's cry had attracted Jiang Fei over. Never Decreasing Tooth had remained calm, as the distance between them was enough for him to use the Return Scroll to get away. Once in the city, Never Decreasing Tooth did not believe Jiang Fei would go all out to kill him in order to retrieve the Elemental Elf.

    However, Never Decreasing Tooth did not expect that Jiang Fei, having drank the Speed Potion, would be able to cover more than ten meters in just slightly over a second. In an instant, he had used the Jumping Slash to land next to him and thereafter used two skills to kill him without even having the opportunity to fight back.

    Never Decreasing Tooth's dead body lay on the ground. His equipment had fallen all over the place, including the cage that was used to keep Wei Weian. A few bottles of elixirs had also been spilled on the ground.

    Jiang Fei collected the rewards from the victory. Although it was a very close call, Never Decreasing Tooth's appearance did help Jiang Fei somewhat. At least, Wei Weian would not be able to run around anymore. He could now use the Return Scroll to teleport back to the city and not waste another hour running back on foot.

    As a white light flashed by, indicating the completion of the teleport, Jiang Fei brought Wei Weian back to Dawnlight City.

    "Wei Weian, I'm letting you out now. You ought not to run around." Jiang Fei said to Wei Weian as they arrived at the entrance to the tavern. After all, it was a delivery mission. This little fellow was a treasure to the Elven Court. If someone else saw him carrying her in a cage, it would only cause unnecessary trouble!

    "Yes! Big brother, I promise I will be good!"

    Wei Weian had truly frightened when she had been shoved into a cage for no reason. She genuinely thought the person was going to hurt her!

    Seeing as Wei Weian had agreed, Jiang Fei opened the cage. The item was a single use item. Therefore, as soon as the cage's door opened, the cage broke into pieces.

    "Big brother, I want to go home now. Let them come and pick me up!"

    Wei Weian was truly scared. Not only did she not run away, she obediently landed on Jiang Fei's shoulder.

    Jiang Fei brought Wei Weian into the tavern. He immediately attracted the attention of all players in the tavern. After all, Wei Weian was sitting on Jiang Fei's shoulder. The Elemental Elf was almost instantly recognizable.

    "Darn it! Someone actually completed the epic task!"

    "Woah, good mother of heavens! I have been to that place. It is insane. Monsters with unidentifiable levels were all over the place. Any one of them could kill us in a single swipe. How did this fellow do it...?"

    "His equipment seems pretty good for tanking..."

    "That is nonsense. Our strong tank had three blue tier gears on. Out of a hundred people, only seven of them returned. It was not even a small team! This is not something good equipment could solve!"


    "I am here to complete the task!" Jiang Fei could not care less about the loud mutters around him. Although he was also one of the pub players, he was a Divine pub player.

    "Alright! Just a moment. The people from the Elven Court will be here very soon!" The task managing NPC in the tavern said. Such NPCs were not equipped with an AI, and had limited lines that they consulted like a written script.

    Jiang Fei waited nearly ten minutes in the tavern before a group of elven NPCs entered the tavern. The leader among them was in a full body of silvery white armor. He looked very heroic and unique. Then again, all players who selected the Elf race would not look too shabby themselves. The guys would be handsome, while the ladies would be beautiful. They would all have great bodies. These NPCs were of a different realm. All of them had otherworldly beauty and terrifyingly good looks. There was no way of even telling their genders apart!

    "Where is Wei Weian? Your Highness?" The leader of the elves asked. It, whatever gender it was, sounded female.

    "Luna! I am here!"

    Wei Weian had shouted before Jiang Fei could even speak.

    "Oh! Thank the Moon God, Wei Weian Your Highness, it is great that you are unharmed!"

    Jiang Fei could tell that Wei Weian's position was definitely of great importance in the Elven Court.

    "Wu... Wu... Luna, I am so scared..."

    Wei Weian had finally met someone who was not a stranger. She instantly flew over to Luna's side, crying as she did so. She rubbed her tiny face against Luna's.

    "Your Highness, do not worry. We will be back in the Elven Court very soon!"

    Luna comforted Wei Weian with a few words before turning towards Jiang Fei. She spoke in condescending, superior tone.

    "So, this one found Wei Weian?"

    "Ugh, bitch... A high-level elf's snobbish traits indeed lived up to the rumors. It seems like I have to pretend being the thirteenth person again..."

    Jiang Fei was disgusted. Fortunately, this was not his first time intimidating another superior being.
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