150 A Divine Opportunity

    Jiang Fei did not wait too long in the Elven Court. It did not take long before Luna reappeared.

    "Your Excellency, the Queen Her Royal Highness is ready to meet you. Please follow me!"

    Jiang Fei could not even guess what had unfolded in the Elven Court. Now, Luna seemed to treat Jiang Fei with even more respect!


    Jiang Fei took large strides as he followed Luna into the palace.

    "My Queen Your Royal Highness, the adventurer has arrived!"

    As Luna spoke, Jiang Fei walked into the big palace.

    Most people who entered the palace would be careful not to raise their heads. As an adventurer, Jiang Fei did not have any concept of class. As he walked further inside, Jiang Fei looked around at the palace's inner decorations.

    The elf race was known for being the race of perfectionists. These fellows pursued perfection. According to Jiang Fei's words, these fellows who were both beautiful as male or female. They were like the Virgo horoscope.

    The entire palace's interior was beautiful. It was not the grandiose kind of Human's palace, but it was a specific kind of beauty. The elves worshipped nature. The materials they used to decorate their rooms were mostly trees or flowers. Very few places used gemstones as decorations. While gold and silver were worshipped by humans, they meant nothing to the elves.

    In the beautiful palace, a graceful and stunningly pretty lady sat on a giant throne. Her beauty left Jiang Fei highly amazed at the coding of the designers. They had modeled the Elf Queen to the point of absolute perfection. Her skin was perfect and, coupled with her graceful aura, she was a beauty that could not possibly exist in the real world.

    "Adventurer, are you the one who rescued Wei Weian?" The Elf Queen's voice was heavenly. It sounded warm and homey.

    "Yes! Your Royal Highness!"

    Jiang Fei nodded his head.

    "Πoioe?νaito?νoμ?σou (Ancient Elf language: What is your name?)"

    Initially, the Elf Queen had been using the common language. All of a sudden, she started speaking in the Ancient Elf language. Clearly, she wanted to find out if Jiang Fei could truly speak the Ancient Elf language!

    "to?νoμ?μoue?νai Verdure Glider! (Ancient Elf language: I am called Verdure Glider!)"

    Jiang Fei was not thrown off one bit.

    "You do know how to speak the Ancient Elf language. Can you tell me who taught you?"

    The Elf Queen was very curious about Jiang Fei. The elf clan took their castes and rankings very seriously. Only the royalty or aristocratic group had the rights to learn the Ancient Elf language. As most of the high level magic spells required the Ancient Elf language and the Dragon language to be casted, with the strict restrictions, the Ancient Elf language was used to maintain the commanding powers of the royal elves effectively.

    "I cannot tell you that!"

    Jiang Fei shook his head. Having gained much experience of playing the mysterious, powerful entity, he had grown rather proficient at maintaining his cover.

    "Very well. Let us talk about your reward then. The Elemental Water is a divine treasure of our elf clan. It is the main source of our elf clan's power. There is very little of it. I cannot give it to you!"

    Jiang Fei had initially thought he could easily obtain the Elemental Water. He could not believe that the Elf Queen had just rejected him.

    "Is the worth of the Elemental Water greater than the life of an Elemental Elf?" Jiang Fei's face sank. If he could not obtain the Elemental Water this time, e would need to either steal it or snatch it.

    However, the Elven Court was not a place he could come anytime he wanted. It was difficult to determine if he would ever have the opportunity to sneak in here again. Snatching it was just a daydream. With hundreds of thousands of royal guards here, even if he reached Level 100 and brought all the players from the Dawnlight City, he would not make it inside.

    "An Elemental Elf's value is, of course, worth much more than the Elemental Water. However, this was not part of the deal. We are grateful that you rescued Wei Weian. However, I still cannot give you the Elemental Water.

    The Elf Queen was still adamant about not giving Jiang Fei the Elemental Water.

    "Alright! I have heard in the past that the elf clan is very snobbish. I cannot believe that you are also this stingy!"

    Since the Elf Queen had made up her mind on not giving him the Elemental Water, Jiang Fei had no reason to hold back his feelings.

    "I know that we, the elf clan owe you a favor. However, I still cannot give you the Elemental Water!"

    The Elf Queen was ashamed. She did not hold it against Jiang Fei for his lack of mannerism. However, she still rejected Jiang Fei's request for the Elemental Water.

    "You lot..."

    Jiang Fei was truly concerned now. This Elf Queen would take neither his soft nor hard approach. If she truly did not want to give him the Elemental Water, there was nothing he could do about it.

    "Your Royal Highness! Something bad has happened! The Prince has been gravely wounded. The elder said that if we do not find the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom in half a day, he would not make it!"

    Just as Jiang Fei was feeling perplexed, a female elf servant ran out from behind the palace. Such an unbecoming act was a major crime in the elf clan. However, with the elf clan's only prince close to death, to hell with palacec decorum!


    The Elf Queen looked as if she had been struck by lightning. Her entire being felt lost! Unlike Monarchies who were far more fertile and fruitful, she only had one son after all her years of living. If he died, her heart would break into pieces.

    "Eh? The Blood Lingzhi Mushroom?"

    Upon hearing this, Jiang Fei's heart shook. This was a beautiful coincidence.

    "Quickly, search for the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom! Regardless of the asking price, fetch it back!"

    The Elf Queen could no longer care about her majestic image. She almost sprinted off to see her wounded son.

    "Your Royal Highness, the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom only appears where the higher level Spectres gather. That is the only way the strange medicine would grow. It is not so easy to find!"

    The Blood Lingzhi Mushroom was not so easily found. If not for Jiang Fei's luck when he came across broken weapon that once belonged to a Spectre, he would not have discovered the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom!

    "Am I supposed to let my son die just like that? Moon God! Please, help me! I only have one son!"

    The royal elf's words sounded like a hammer that once again crushed the Queen's already broken heart. On the verge of losing her only son, the Queen had lost all of her grace. Right now, she was only a helpless mother whose son was about to die.

    "I have the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom!"

    Jiang Fei said without a hurry. When he was collecting the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom, he had managed to acquire seven of them. He had used five of them for a task. Now, he had two remaining.

    "What? You have it?"

    The Elf Queen suddenly leaped in front of Jiang Fei, as if she was counting on him for her dear life.

    "Yes! I have it!"

    Jiang Fei smile clearly hinted something. The situation had changed. Prior to this, he had already handed over Wei Weian to the elf clan. They could renege on their promise, and he would not be able to do anything about it. This time, things were different. Possessing the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom meant that Jiang Fei had the Elf Prince at his mercy. It was all up to him now! It was such a great opportunity. If he did not make use of this leverage, he would have forsaken all the NPC who he had tricked in his single-player games!
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