151 Effects of the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom and Elemental Water

    "Please! Give me the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom! I will promise you anything you want!"

    The Elf Queen had lost all her composure as the most powerful person in the kingdom. In her eyes was only the fleeting lifeforce of her son. She did what every mother would do.

    "Of course, it's yours. But first, tell me, what's the use of this Blood Lingzhi Mushroom?"

    Jiang Fei had read the attributes of the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom before. However, even the evolved Mysterious Ring could not provide an accurate description of the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom's effects.

    Blood Lingzhi Mushroom (Medicine, Quality: Epic)

    Usage: To craft medicine.

    Remark: The blood-red Ganoderma Lucidum provides an endless stream of life force.

    This was all Jiang Fei could see from the message. It told him absolutely nothing!

    "Yes! Yes! Of course!"

    Her son was in danger. The Elf Queen had suddenly turned into Jiang Fei's most obedient servant ever. Forget about explaining the effects of the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom. She was willing to do much more than that!

    "The Blood Lingzhi Mushroom and the Elemental Water are treasures of the same tier. The Elemental Water is used to fill the drinker's body with magic power, and even form a Magic Shield. The magic power is endless. For adventurers like yourself, you would have increased maximum Mana Points and an increased rate of passive Mana Point recovery!"

    The Elf Queen continued, "The Blood Lingzhi Mushroom works similarly. It enhances the physical body. It allows the user to have a stronger physique and recover faster from wounds. That means a passive ability of faster Health Point recovery! If the amount of Blood Lingzhi Mushroom is sufficient, it might even kickstart the life functions of a corpse."


    Jiang Fei nodded his head. Having listened to the Elf Queen's explanation, Jiang Fei immediately understood why Isabella had asked him to collect the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom and the Elemental Water. She intended to recover her physical body and her magic power. The other ingredients would allow her soul to return to her body.

    "Alright! I have told you everything now. Plese, may I have the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom now?"

    The Elf Queen was panicked. After all, her son could die anytime. The sooner she obtained the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom, the sooner her son could be saved!

    "Hehe, are you kidding me? I spent half a day begging you, and you would not even part with a single bottle of Elemental Water. You expect me to give you the equally valuable Blood Lingzhi Mushroom after speaking a few words?"

    Jiang Fei laughed nonchalantly.

    "No, no, no... I am not asking for the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom for free. Rewards! Gold coins, equipment, and anything you want!" The Elf Queen said quickly.

    "Alright! Show your gratitude with ten Celestial grade equipment!"

    Jiang Fei said with an odd aura.

    "This... We do not have... Please change your condition..."

    The Elf Queen was worried about saving her son, and did not notice that Jiang Fei was purposefully toying with her. This was his revenge for her earlier refusal of giving him the Elemental Water.

    "Adventurer, your request is rather impossible. Celestial grade equipment are the equipment of the gods. Our Elven Court has existed for tens of thousands of years, but even we do not possess such belongings..."

    The Queen had been blinded by her desperation to save her son. However, the other royal elves were not dumb. They knew all too well that Jiang Fei was seeking revenge. However, what could they do? This was an adventurer, and they could not truly kill him. The threat of a death sentence would not faze him. If anything, he might even kill himself and take the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom along with himself. The Elf Prince would accompany him in death!

    "Hehe, you do not have any Celestial grade equipment? Two buckets of Elemental Water then!"

    Jiang Fei gave a side glance towards the elves of royalty.

    "Great adventurer, we do not have that much Elemental Water. Even among the Elves, it is exceedingly rare. We can only condense a single drop of it once a month. Each year, we can only acquire one bottle of it. Our elf champions use the Elemental Water to evolve. Therefore, we do not have a lot of it in storage. We only have three bottles of it!"

    The Elf Queen revealed everything under those dire circumstances.

    "Three bottles? Hehe, I am very reasonable. I would not ask for all of it. Out of the three bottles, I am only asking for two bottles. One bottle for Wei Weian's life, and the other bottle for the Elf Prince's life. Is that fair?"

    Jiang Fei laughed coldly as he spoke.

    "Alright! Alright! It is as you say! Give me the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom first!"

    As the seconds went by, the Elf Queen was getting more and more anxious. It was as if she could see the God of Death slowly stalking towards her son. The Elf Queen was no longer the shameless queen who would renege on her promise for the benefit of the elf race. She was now a mother who would save her son at all costs.

    "Me first? What if you renege on your promise again? Do you think I am dumb? Stop talking nonsense and give me the Elemental Water first. Otherwise, I am leaving!"

    Jiang Fei lowered his face and gazed at them over the bridge of his brow.

    "What if you are the one who reneges? You have not even produced the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom. Who knows if you truly have it?" A royal elf spoke up.

    "Hehe, you are the ones who refused my simple request. Whether I have the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom or not, that is up to your imagination. I could walk away now!"

    Jiang Fei laughed coldly.

    "Alright! I will give it to you! However, Verdure Glider, remember this. If you have the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom, I will leave it at that. However, if you lie to me, I will break the agreement between the four races. I will raid Dawnlight City and tear you apart myself!" The Elf Queen said.

    He may have pushed her to the breaking point. At that moment, the Elf Queen looked exceedingly calm. Too much of something could cause the opposite effect to take place.

    "No problem!"

    Jiang Fei laughed.

    Very soon after, an elf servant came forward with two small bottles. There was a translucent liquid in each of them.

    Elemental Water (Medicine, Quality: Epic)

    Effect: Medicinal ingredient

    Remark: You can feel the vibrant magic power contained within.

    Through the message provided by the Mysterious Ring, Jiang Fei could ascertain that the two bottles of Elemental Water were not fake. Thereafter, Jiang Fei placed the Elemental Water into his spatial ring.

    "Can you give me the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom now?" The Elf Queen asked coldly.


    Jiang Fei nodded. Although he still wanted to ask for more, he noticed a female servant running towards them. Jiang Fei hesitated. Perhaps the Elf Prince was dying soon. If he still prolonged the exchange and the Elf Prince died, the Elf Queen might go mad with rage. If she really did go mad and ordered all of the elf race's npcs to kill him, he would have no choice but to delete his account!

    "Here!" Jiang Fei said as he retrieved a stalk of Blood Lingzhi Mushroom from his spatial ring and handed it over to the Elf Queen.

    "Ah! Is this the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom? You are right! I can feel the life force it contains!" The Elf Queen spoke to herself.

    "Your Highness! This is not good! The prince is about to die. The elder said that if we do not find the Blood Lingzhi Mushroom in half an hour, even the Moon God cannot save him!"

    The female servant had reached them.

    "Ah! Half an hour! We can make it! We can make it!"

    The Elf Queen mumbled a few words before disappearing into thin air in a flash of white light!

    "What the heck! Can all high tier bosses teleport like that?" Jiang Fei mumbled enviously.

    At the same time, he regretted not asking for more. If only he knew that the unfortunate prince could still hang on for another half an hour before dying.

    Looking around, Jiang Fei noticed the elven royalties looking at him, rage and hatred in their eyes. He knew that he could not stay here any longer. In fact, he should try to avoid being in contact with any of the high-level elf race members. Although he had successfully obtained the Elemental Water, they clearly detested him for it!

    "Ding! Your Reputation in the elf race has decreased by 10,000 points! The elf race does not regard you well!"

    About a minute later, a system notification sounded next to Jiang Fei's ears.
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