153 Intentional Deb

    As the Black Dragon Prince chanted on, a golden light entered Jiang Fei's body. This was a summoning spell in the Dragon language. As the Black Dragon Scale was part of Init Stasa's scales, it would answer to his calls, no matter where it has been hidden.

    In fact, as the Black Dragon Scale was a task-based item, Jiang Fei could not possibly have given it to someone else or deposited it in the bank. Based on the Black Dragon Prince's guess, the Black Dragon Scale was either on Jiang Fei's body or hidden in his backpack. As long as he used the summoning spell at a close distance, the Dragon Scale would automatically return to him!


    After the chanting had been completed, Jiang Fei's body did not show any reaction. Init Stasa was dumbfounded. The only reason he had been willing to borrow the scale to Jiang Fei was because, he could always summon it at anytime. So much for that insurance. What was going on?

    "See! You still don't believe me. I told you I lost it!"

    Jiang Fei feigned annoyance. He knew that the cunning Black Dragon Prince was full of ideas. He must have had some way of retrieving the Dragon Scale. That was why Jiang Fei was not content with leaving it in his backpack, and kept it in the spatial ring instead!

    The Mysterious Ring was an otherworldly existence. The spatial ring was like a safe box. Whatever that entered it would not fall out, even if Jiang Fei was knocked out. If that did not work here, Jiang Fei would have no choice for to concede misfortune.

    However, the Mysterious Ring did not let Jiang Fei down. Despite the Black Dragon Prince attempting to summon it three times. The Black Dragon Scale lay quietly inside the spatial ring!

    "Did you really lose it?"

    The Black Dragon Prince frowned. Although the item was one of his scales, losing it would not affect his powers. However, it was his own scale and emanated pure, unhinged Dragon Might equivalent to his own person's aura. If someone found it and used it to threaten others in his name, it would affect his own reputation!

    Unlike the other Pure-blood Dragons, the Black Dragon Race's Seventh Prince cared a lot about his good reputation. When he was convinced that Jiang Fei had lost his Dragon Scale, his brows curled into a deep furrow.

    "If there is nothing else, I'll be taking my leave!"

    Jiang Fei was guilty. Init Stasa's stare was gnawing into his conscience by the passing minute, and he wanted to leave as soon as possible.

    "Alright! Go ahead. Find us the Devil's Fruit, as soon as you can! Soon, I can welcome you as one of ours!" Isabella said.

    Right then, Isabella's perception towards Jiang Fei had improved significantly. She was no longer even bothered about Jiang Fei's past attempt at blackmailing her. After all, Jiang Fei had managed to locate more than half of the revival materials in just a few days. There was only one final ingredient missing before she could be revived. Isabella had never met any single person more capable than he was. Upon revival, she would convert this adventurer into a Nephilim. He would become her kin. It would be a waste to leave such a capable fellow as a mere follower. If Jiang Fei was loyal enough, he would be her close accomplice among Nephilim royalty. Therefore, in Isabella's eyes, Jiang Fei was already her future aide!

    "Alright, I'll get going!"

    Jiang Fei nodded and left the secret cave. As he was worried that the Black Dragon Prince was still observing him, Jiang Fei kept the Black Dragon Scale concealed.

    Jiang Fei glanced at the time. It was almost time to logout. It had been a long day. First was the heroic dungeon, and then the Entrance to the Void for a rescue mission, and finally getting into trouble with the Elf race's NPCs in the Elven Court! It was nothing like a quiet, peaceful day.

    At six o'clock in the morning, the game's servers went offline. Jiang Fei returned to reality once again.

    The enjoyable weekend had ended, and the much dreaded Monday began. After breakfast, Jiang Fei headed for school.

    "Brother Fei, to be honest, is there anything that you can't do?"

    When Jiang Fei arrived at the classroom, the little fatty Zhao Feng came over and struck him with the question. He had arrived early today. From the moment he stepped into the class to the moment the man himself walked in, Zhao Feng's ears had been filled with Jiang Fei's name. Various accounts about Jiang Fei had described him as a demigod of sorts.

    After all, at the social event on Saturday, Jiang Fei had stolen the spotlight. Regardless of it being the hot jazz dance or kicking the little fellow off the chairperson's stage or even dragging four professional bodyguards in a marathon like a bunch of dogs, these events had earned him a lot of praise from the students who had the fortune of witnessing them. As not all students had participated in the social event, those who did see Jiang Fei's performance could not help but brag about what they saw to those who did not when everyone came to school on Monday.

    Gossip usually gets watered down as it is passed further down the line. In the end, any version would sound plausible. In the case of the jazz dance, nothing much could be added to it. Jiang Fei was certainly good at dancing and was now known as the school's number one god of dancing. However, kicking Tokugawa and the running incident had devolved into entirely different tales. The most extreme one described Jiang Fei as knocking out the four bodyguards and then dragging them by their collars like a bunch of dead dogs. He had then pulled the four bodyguards by leashes and ran them a hundred laps around the school field. Apparently, it all took him barely a minute.

    Of course, this made good table talk, but nobody would take it seriously. However, just because it was greatly exaggerated did not mean that people would not continue talking about it. Therefore, in the end, the entire school was talking about the most blown up version of the incident. They described Jiang Fei as either the Superman or the Hulk!

    "I can't do many things!"

    Jiang Fei rolled his eyes. Ever since he acquired the Mysterious Ring, he had been using the equipment and elixirs he brought out from the game. He had indeed been able to do a lot of things that he would not even dare attempt in the past!

    Thinking about this reminded Jiang Fei of his close shave with Mao Tian. A sudden wave of anger surged in his heart. Although he did not have any evidence, Jiang Fei was almost certain that the person behind the plot was Tokugawa Shingi!

    "Just you wait. One day, I'll obtain the power! Tokugawa Shingi, you better hide in Japan, or else... Hehe!"

    Jiang Fei snorted coldly in his heart. He had decided that he would attend more lessons with Chen Xi when he had time.

    The lessons in the morning were as uninspiring as ever. Fortunately, Jiang Fei had gulped down ten bottles of Evolution Blood. He had ten points of increased Intelligence and Spirit. The lessons suddenly seemed much easier than before.

    "Students, we will be carrying out a small test on Wednesday. Please take the next two days to prepare yourselves!"

    When the class ended at noon, the teacher who taught the Cybertron lesson released a much-hated announcement. The only ones who would applaud such words would be the studious type.

    "Hasn't it only been a few days since school started? Why do we have a test this soon?" Zhao Feng mumbled to Jiang Fei with a frown.

    "Who cares? We'll cross the bridge when we get there. Let's go eat now!"

    Jiang Fei shook his head. Although paying attention in class had been much easier for the past two days, he still could not really understand the teachings of this Mathematics teacher. He was just as helpless as everyone else who had been blindsided.
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