157 Darned Treasure Ches

    Jiang Fei walked nonchalantly past the Tiger King. He did not even spare it a glance.

    "Wu... Wu..." As a regular boss, the Road-blocking Tiger King paled in comparison to the Steel-back Dragon. It was not even capable of speech. However, the frightening Dragon Might that came from Jiang Fei's body had scared it to the point where it did not even dare to move!

    As he walked past the Tiger King, Jiang Fei went right over to the treasure chest. As this boss Tiger King did not know how to speak, it was pointless for Jiang Fei to put on airs.

    "Hehe, let me see if the two thousand and five hundred gold coins were worth it!"

    Jiang Fei laughed slightly. He did not even care about how the boss Tiger King was fervently shaking its tail. He opened the treasure chest right away.


    The gold light nearly blinded Jiang Fei!

    Jiang Fei rubbed his eyes and peered inside. The treasure chest only contained two items. The one on top was a strange item that shone brightly with a golden red light.

    Gnome Destructive Setup (Mechanical Setup, Ancient Inheritance)

    Use: After 30 seconds, all targets within a thousand meters are dealt with 100,000,000 damage points! The targets closer to the explosion would take greater damage!

    Inscription: Dear enemies, live with me eternally -- in flames!

    Remark: This is one of the greatest technological achievements of the ancient gnome civilizations. It was set up in the heart of the Gnome City as a final line of defense towards advancing enemies. When the Gnome City was destroyed, the ancient gnomes would detonate the Destructive Setup in the heart of the city as a last resort. They would burn to death with their enemies!

    "F*ck me! A hundred million damage..."

    Jiang Fei was at a lost of words. It was a red ball the size of a rice cooker, and it just happened to be a mini nuclear bomb!

    Based on the remarks and inscription, Jiang Fei could tell how amazing the ancient gnomes were. They were not only technologically ahead, they were also fearless in the face of war!

    However, the time of the ancient gnomes had already passed. Jiang Fei's encounter with the modern gnomes had been vastly different. They were a bunch of weak and timid cowards. Apart from bullying those weaker than them, they did not dare to attempt anything else. Even if they rediscovered their lost ancient technology, they would never regain their formal glory.

    The Destructive Setup was indeed freakishly powerful. However, the thing was indiscriminate. It killed both friend and foe. Moreover, the item was only capable of single use. This gave Jiang Fei a headache!

    Judging purely by its damage, this item was most definitely capable of slaying an Overlord level Boss. However, the stronger Lord level Bosses would easily teleport out of the vicinity. If Jiang Fei really attempted using the item to blast the higher level Bosses into oblivion, he might only blow his lonesome self up. Even if Jiang Fei went all out, he could not possibly cover a thousand meters in 30 seconds.

    After thinking about it for some time, he decided that this item would be the final resort needed to kill another person. When he finally sets up his guild's base, he would set the item up in the base. If a guild ever overwhelmed his defenses, he could blow everyone and everything up in sight!

    Once he sored the mini nuclear bomb in the spatial ring, Jiang Fei turned his gaze to the second item.

    Spy's Eye (Toy, Quality: Excellent)

    Use: Summons an invisible eye. The eye is capable of flying at extreme speeds. You can see everything that the Spy's Eye sees. Cooldown is five minutes.

    Remark: The Spy's Eye cannot go further than 50 meters away from you, or it will disappear!

    "Darn it! Another useless piece of trash!"

    Jiang Fei had never been so frustrated before. This seemed like an amazing tool at first sight. However, a range of 50 meters rendered it absolutely useless! Another ten meters and a long-ranged attack could reach him.

    "F*ck me... Just wasted over two thousand gold coins!"

    Jiang Fei tossed the Spy's Eye into the spatial ring. He was very disappointed. He had thought the Legendary Quality treasure chest might have contained some good treasures. In the end, it had only contained these two useless toys!

    To be honest, it was not the fault of the golden treasure chest. The Gnome Destructive Setup was of a very high grade. It had even surpassed the Legendary Quality. However, Ancient Inheritances were like so. They would be great in a certain aspect, but their pitfalls were crippling.

    Due to the existence of the big bomb that exceeded the Legendary Quality, the second item in the treasure chest could only sum up as a Excellent Quality to compensate. After all, the value of the items in the treasure chest had been claimed by the Gnome Destructive Setup!

    "Aye! Forget it! I admit I am unlucky..."

    Jiang Fei shook his head and tore open the Return Scroll. He did not even bother looking at the Road-blocking Tiger King which was currently pretending to be a kitten.

    Once he returned to Dawnlight City, Jiang Fei took a look at the time. There were more than ten hours left until he had to go offline. It was still early. The experience gained from killing normal monsters was far too little for him. That was when Chen Xi came to mind.

    In the real world, Jiang Fei had to attend classes and had very limited time. There was next to little time when it came to honing his battling techniques. However, at night, he could use the game as a VR dojo!

    "Little Xi, what are you doing?"

    Jiang Fei was the type of person who did what he thought about doing spontaneously. Therefore, he immediately sent a voice message to Chen Xi.

    "Bringing a lazy person around to train..."

    Chen Xi sounded exasperated.

    "I am thinking of learning battle techniques from you in the game. Do you think it could work?"

    Although Jiang Fei had his doubts about this, he still needed the opinion of an expert in this.

    "Hmm... I have never thought of that before!"

    Chen Xi was silent for a while before continuing.

    "Hmmm... How should I put it? It works and doesn't work at the same time!"

    "What do you mean?" Jiang Fei asked confusedly.

    "Let's put it this way. In the game, you are a superhuman. Your real world body is nothing like your game's avatar. Whatever you pick up in the game, you may not be able to replicate it in the real world. If you fought in a real battle, the training in the game might cause you to misjudge your own capabilities. It would only make you overshoot and leave openings on yourself!" Chen Xi explained.

    "How about the part where you said it might work?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Well, if you can't pick up offense here, you could work on your defense. No harm beating you up here, literally," Chen Xi laughed and said.

    "Ah? Human punchbag day again?"

    Jiang Fei's mouth widened. The last time they did this, Chen Xi had spent half a day throwing him about.

    "It's training after all. Before you learn to hit someone, you must learn to get hit. If you do not get hit for half a year, which master could teach you the real deal?" Chen Xi said sternly.

    "Alright, you are the professional here after all. I will listen to you. Where can we meet?"

    That steeled Jiang Fei's mind. After all, Tokugawa Shingi's threat hung like the Sword of Damocles over his head. He had to buck up if he wanted to live!

    "I'm grinding at the usual spot!"

    Chen Xi sent him her coordinates. It was close to the Pride Vault, where Jiang Fei and Happy Drunk had once worked together on the field Boss.
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