160 Cheating

    Jiang Fei had originally thought that Han Tianyu was merely trying to scare him off. However, when he remembered the mysterious old man vanishing right before his eyes, he realized that the speed had been far beyond his own imagination. Based on Han Tianyu's words, Jiang Fei believed that the old man could very well be a so-called Inner Qi expert! With that kind of speed, he must have had the help of Qi!

    Jiang Fei could not focus on class for the rest of the day. Martial artists were constantly flitting about in his mind. It was an entirely new, foreign world. A world that existed at the same time and space as the regular, docile world. Only a handful of people walked in both worlds!

    When school was over, Jiang Fei was now occupied with the desire to meet the mysterious old man again and ask him about martial artists. However, the old man never showed up, even after reaching home.

    When he logged into the game at night, Jiang Fei brought his guild members for a round of heroic dungeons, as usual. After that, he instinctively contacted Han Tianyu to get beaten up again.

    Han Tianyu did not seem willing to send his brother into the martial artists' world. Therefore, he only glazed over some explanations to Jiang Fei and never repeated them again.

    As there was plenty of time in the day left, Jiang Fei was beaten up for nearly twenty hours straight. However, the rewards were very apparent. Jiang Fei could now identify the direction of attack based on Han Tianyu's motions, which were accompanied by gusts of wind. However, hhe still could not evade their blinding fast speed!

    His other sense had also been sharpened. Perhaps it was due to Jiang Fei's natural talent, or it might be because his Spirit energy had risen by ten points after drinking the Evolution Blood. Jiang Fei's senses had indeed exceeded those of an average person. Therefore, in a short span of time, the training had allowed him to improve by a great deal!

    When it was six o'clock in the morning, Jiang Fei left the game, more exhausted than ever.

    Once he was back in the real world, he no longer had the superhuman abilities of his character, but his senses still remained. If Jiang Fei bumped into a ninja like Mao Tian, he might be able to stand his ground. He would not have to suffer the first attack before dodging the next!

    Just as Jiang Fei was feeling proud of himself, the Mathematics teacher threw him a metaphorical curveball!

    The contents of the Mathematics lesson was indeed an examination. Jiang Fei was stunned when he saw the examination questions. Even the multiple choice questions were difficult for him. The harder questions in the latter sections gave him an even bigger headache!

    It had not even been a month since school started, and such a difficult examination was a little too much. Clearly, the Mathematics teacher had wanted to show Jiang Fei and the rest who the boss was, so that they would pay attention in the future! Jiang Fei lifted his gaze to look around. Apart from Chen Bo, Sun Mengmeng and a few other studious types, everyone else looked bitter. Fatty Zhao Feng who sat behind Jiang Fei was frowning deeply. He had not filled in a single blank!

    "I will do as much as I can!"

    Jiang Fei sighed and started answering the questions.

    Like most of the students, Jiang Fei only answered questions he knew the answers to. However, he was not exactly the studious type. Although paying attention in classes recently had been much easier, thanks to the Evolution Blood, it only helped when it came to social sciences which required a lot of memorizing. For subjects like Mathematics which required actual comprehension of the content, Jiang Fei was still in deep waters. He could barely answer half the paper.

    One-third of the assigned duration had passed. Jiang Fei realized that there was no other question he could attempt. After calculating his marks, he found out that even if he did not make a single mistake for all the answered questions, he would not be able to reach 60 marks. This was a fail! According to the Mathematics teacher's bad temper, he would definitely be humiliated publicly!

    Jiang Fei leaned back, frustrated. All of a sudden, a thought crossed his mind.

    "That's right! I still have an unused item!"

    Jiang Fei thought as he put his left hand in the pocket to communicate with the spatial ring.

    Spy's Eye (Toy, Quality: Excellent)

    Use: Summons an invisible eye. The eye can fly extremely fast. You can see everything that the Spy's Eye sees. Cooldown time is five minutes.

    Remark: The Spy's Eye cannot go further than 50 meters away from you, or it will disappear!

    This item was not very useful in the game. However, it was a treasure in the real world! Regardless of whether it was used to follow someone or to investigate a matter, it was a Godsent! If it fell into the hands of a pervert man, this item would be quickly worn out! However, Jiang Fei's intentions were pure, and that was to cheat in the examination!

    He pinched at the Spy's Eye gently. A small invisible ball appeared in front of Jiang Fei's eyes. Jiang Fei realized that he could freely toggle between his own vision and the small ball's vision. He could even control the small ball's flight! Although the Mathematics teacher was walking around Jiang Fei to supervise the examination process, he would never spot the Spy's Eye!

    "Hehe! This is too easy!"

    Jiang Fei laughed in his heart and started manipulating the Spy's Eye's movement. First, it hovered above the studious Chen Bo's table. Once Jiang Fei toggled the vision, Chen Bo's answer sheet appeared before Jiang Fei's eyes!

    Once he had secretly noted down Chen Bo's answers, Jiang Fei then controlled the Spy's Eye to hover above Sun Mengmeng's table. Jiang Fei now had a much better idea of how to answer the questions after comparing the answers of two of the studious geniuses!

    Once he toggled back to his own vision, Jiang Fei started writing. Since it was an act of copying, it would take no time. The sound of his pencil tip rubbing against the answer sheet immediately attracted the attention of a few students around him!

    Like all schools, the seating in the classroom was arranged according to students' performance. The good students would sit in front while the poorer students would be placed at the back. Jiang Fei and Zhao Feng were always seated at the back. Therefore, most students around them were terrible.

    Regardless of the school, the studious types were always natural nemeses to one another. Although they may seem friendly towards each other on the surface, they were always comparing each other in their hearts. However, terrible students were always good friends with other terrible students. Therefore, Jiang Fei and the students around him were a pretty tight-knit group. Although Jiang Fei exceeded everyone's expectations in the realm of sports, all the terrible students still thought of Jiang Fei as one of their own -- academically.

    However, while everyone stared blankly at their examination sheets, and Jiang Fei seemed to be answering everything with ease, a rift had formed amongst the group. Hadn't they all agreed to fail the examination together? What the heck was Jiang Fei doing now?

    "You piece of **... Have you been lying to us for the past three years in middle school?"

    Zhao Feng knew Jiang Fei the best. Jiang Fei had always performed mediocrely in middle school. He also sucked at sports. Apart from his special talents in gaming, he was mediocre in practically everything else!

    How did high school transform Jiang Fei into such a person? He was now a godly basketball player, could run a marathon of forty rounds on the field with ease, and could even give a dazzling performance in jazz dancing. Now, he was even excelling in examinations! Was this still the same Jiang Fei he knew?
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