161 Overdoing I

    When the examination ended, Jiang Fei's examination sheet was complete. Unsurprising, as he had consulted Chen Bo, Sun Mengmeng and a few other geniuses. Jiang Fei was very confident that his results would not be horrible, at the very least!

    Once the Mathematics teacher had collected all the answer sheets, Jiang Fei was immediately surrounded by his group of terrible student friends!

    "Brother Fei! Did you really know how to answer the questions or were you trying to stir us up?" Zhao Feng asked. He felt very conflicted at that moment. While he hoped that Jiang Fei did well, he was also worried that their friendship might be affected as Jiang Fei continues reaching for the stars and leaving them all behind.

    Zhao Feng was not exactly worried that Jiang Fei would distance himself. They were kindred spirits. Apart from Jiang Fei's talent in gaming, they were pretty much equal in all other aspects, which was why they could be so close to each other. Now that Jiang Fei had demonstrated shocking talent and abilities in almost all aspects, Zhao Feng would be the one feeling ashamed and pressured into distancing himself!

    Moreover, Jiang Fei had become acquainted with people like Han Tianyu. If they spent enough time together, Jiang Fei's behavior would definitely become affected by Han Tianyu. The current Jiang Fei was already drastically different from the Jiang Fei two weeks ago!

    "Not too bad!"

    Jiang Fei laughed it off. Of course, he could not say that he had cheated!

    "Brother Fei, you crook!"

    The terrible students around him started pointing their fingers at him.


    After returning home at night, Jiang Fei went for a round of heroic dungeon as usual. He then proceeded to get beaten up by Han Tianyu. As he did not train his level much for the past two days, the gap between himself and other players was slowly decreasing.

    The highest ranked person was still Jiang Fei. He was Level 27. The person after him was Rosette Rose who stood at Level 25. The rest of the ladies from Rosette Knighthood had already fallen off the ranks altogether.

    Although Jiang Fei had provided the ladies with a good foundation at the beginning, their passion and training efficiency were still far behind the peak players in the big guilds. Therefore, they were gradually overtaken, one by one. Although they were still number one as a group, they had been individually taken off the ranks!

    After a night of being horribly beaten up, Jiang Fei's awareness towards danger had soared through the roof. At the same time, Han Tianyu had also explained the theory of some techniques to him. However, Jiang Fei who had only just come in contact with this new world did not really understand much of what he said.

    After leaving the game in the morning, Jiang Fei went to school as usual.

    In the afternoon, the Mathematics teacher held a stack of examination sheets as he walked to the podium. From his blackened face, everyone knew the examination results must have been dismal!


    The Mathematics teacher slammed the examination sheets on the podium and gave everyone a fright.

    "The results of this examination..."

    The Mathematics teacher's face turned ever darker as he spoke!

    "Half of our class failed. Only five students passed the 85-mark bracket. Only three students passed the 90-mark range! Are you not ashamed of your results?"

    The Mathematics teacher roared as he slammed his hand on the podium.

    "The multiple choice questions were so easy that they were basically giveaways! How could you get it wrong? Did you not use your brains?"

    "As for the subjective questions, I have covered it with you guys, time and again. Were you all not listening?"

    "I can't believe that half of you failed! Are you here to study or to mess around?"

    "Look at the other classes. Why is your class the only terrible one?"

    "When the other classes were revising in their own time, what were you doing?"

    "You are not here to study for me. You are here to study for yourselves! Look at your results. Can you face yourself, your parents and your teachers?"

    The Mathematics teacher's saliva was spewing all over the place. The first row of students dared not raise their heads, in case they became drenched in the Mathematics teacher's saliva.

    "However, I must openly praise one student. He is usually quiet and keeps to himself, but his results were surprisingly good! He actually received 98 marks! His only mistake was in a multiple choice question! This is the highest mark in the entire grade! You should all learn from this student!" The Mathematics teacher's voice suddenly changed.

    "My, my, I wonder who that could be?" Zhao Feng mumbled in the back.

    "Student Jiang Fei, come up here! Tell everyone about your learning experience. Tell everyone why you were able to get 98 marks while the others could only get eight marks!"

    The Mathematics teacher spoke while not forgetting to glare at Zhao Feng.

    "Your mother! I've overdone it!"

    Jiang Fei's heart thumped. He had clearly overdone it. The work of all the geniuses as one, culminated on his paper. Naturally, his answers would be highly accurate. But he had taken it way too far. Getting the fifth or sixth place might have been modest enough. However, he had gotten himself into trouble by snatching the first place in the entire grade. It made him sprout up like Jack's beanstalk. Not only did it earn the teacher's attention, it had earned the ire of all the studious geniuses!

    Unwillingly, Jiang Fei stepped onto the podium.

    "Come, student Jiang Fei, it's time to share your secrets!"

    The Mathematics teacher clearly thought that Jiang Fei was the ideal role model for everyone else.

    "Erm... Pay attention in class..."

    Jiang Fei could only muster those few words after a long while. He had copied his way out. In fact, he had never paid close attention in his life, when it came to studying. The only time he had diligently put his mind into something was when it came to getting beaten up! How would he know the secrest of Mathematics?

    "That's right! Student Jiang Fei said it very well. You must all pay close attention in class. Your thoughts are always straying in class. How could you possibly get good results? Student Jiang Fei, don't be a miser, tell us more."

    The Mathematics teacher was completely unaware of Jiang Fei's circumstances and therefore continued to encourage him to speak.

    "Do your homework at home..."

    Jiang Fei was forced to say a bunch of meaningless words.

    "That's right! You must take your homework seriously. You should not just complete it in a hurry like some students!" The Mathematics teacher said as he nodded hastily.

    "That's all..."

    Jiang Fei really could not think of anything else to say.

    "Alright! Great! Let's thank student Jiang Fei for sharing his thoughts with us!"

    The Mathematics teacher nodded in a pleased manner. His goal was not to get Jiang Fei to speak, but to use him as a role model to encourage the other students!

    Jiang Fei returned to his seat under the angry gazes of the studious geniuses.

    "F*ck my life. What have I gotten myself into!" Jiang Fei said helplessly to himself.

    "Brother Fei, did you really pull that off yourself?" Zhao Feng asked in hushed tones. Although he had only thought that Jiang Fei was pranking him yesterday, Jiang Fei actually got first place in their entire grade. This was like a fairy tale!

    "F*cking hell no... I was too careless! I overdid it!"

    Jiang Fei was too dejected to think straight.

    "Brother Fei, were you pretending to be mediocre all the while in middle school?" Zhao Feng asked, disbelief in his eyes. Clearly, he had misunderstood Jiang Fei's words. He thought Jiang Fei had forgotten to pretend to be mediocre.
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