162 You Just Dont Have The Talent For It!

    Over the next few days, Jiang Fei continued to attend classes by the day and play the game by night. In school, Jiang Fei was now viewed as a godly genius who had only excelled in sports, but was now also academically gifted!

    Jiang Fei had already garnered enough hatred towards himself. He knew that even if he tried to keep it discreet now, he would only be looked down upon by the other studious geniuses. He soon got used to his reputation and started cheating in each examination. It was first place after first place! Although Jiang Fei remained just as inept as ever, his examination results were top notch! Now that Jiang Fei had an eidetic memory, social sciences were a piece of cake. He only needed to memorize some facts for his examinations. Although he was still having trouble comprehending the other scientific subjects, he could still copy his way through the examinations! With the Spy's Eye, he could see all the geniuses' answers. As long as he went through the process of elimination, he would eventually figure out the right answer. With such an approach, who would not ace each time?

    However, Jiang Fei still could not answer questions raised by teachers in the classroom, especially when it came to scientific subjects. In order to promote the new genius, Jiang Fei, as long as a question could not be answered, the teachers would immediately ask Jiang Fei to answer it.

    There was no way Jiang Fei could cheat when questions were asked in the classroom. However, Jiang Fei had a way to circumvent this. If the teacher asked him a question, he would simply say that he did not know the answer, no matter how simple the question was.

    That way, everyone would simply think that he was deliberately making a stand against the teachers. Although teachers were not too impressed, they could not do anything about it. Geniuses had a natural immunity when it came to disciplinary actions. The teachers would always turn a blind eye to their mistakes. For example, if two students were involved in a fight, the genius would never be punished, while the terrible student would always get into trouble!

    In fact, the teachers in school still could not wrap their minds around Jiang Fei's status. Ever since the armed helicopter had entered the school compound, the teachers dared not make a move on Jiang Fei. The teachers gradually learned that they should not even bother asking him any questions.

    Time passed very quickly. Soon, half a month had gone by. Jiang Fei used most of his time getting beaten up. His only clear a heroic dungeon each day. Eventually, he lost his position in the ranking system. Although he was still in the top ranks, he had slipped to the bottom of the list.

    Currently, the number one player on the list was Cold Feather Hee, Chen Xi. One should not underestimate her for being a lady. As a lady from a military family, she was nothing but a normal girl. Chen Xi could most definitely be considered a crazy grinder. Although she did not have Jiang Fei's good luck which involved either heroic dungeons or Unknown Dungeons, her sheer grinding efficiency was off the charts. Although the Aristocrats had occupied the best training areas, her level was in no small part due to her personal effort!

    Chen Xi was quickly approaching Level 30. She was Level 29, with half a bar full of Experience points. Night Shadow closely trailed behind her. Jiang Fei vaguely recognized that name. During his encounter with the Phantom Killers, she had fled after putting a knife to his back. Jiang Fei could not begin imagining what she must have gone through to get there. She had suddenly turned from being an unknown person to the second place on the list!

    The third place was taken by someone that had Jiang Fei clicking his tongue in disgust and contempt. ImRichieRich. That's right, it was the lazy b*stard, Han Tianyu. Every day, he would form a team and receive Experience points without doing anything. In fact, he even used the Captain Mode. As the captain, not only did Han Tianyu not have to do anything, he received even more benefits than the members who were working for him in the team!

    This mode would normally only be used when battling in a large scale dungeon or army battle. As the captain needed to focus on arranging the members, he might not be able to participate in battles himself.

    Therefore, in order to compensate for his inactivity and also to reward him for the contributions, this mode was created. Under such circumstances, the captain received more Experience points and Glory points than the other players who actually participated in battles!

    But here they were, with Han Tianyu smacking Jiang Fei around every day, and still happily receiving a large amount of Experience points!

    Apart from these three Level 29 players, the remaining players on the list were mostly Level 28. Jiang Fei held the ninth place. It was the bottom spot on the list. His experience had only just made it past Level 28 and a half.

    However, Jiang Fei's sacrifice had been worth everything. Jiang Fei could now sense the danger before Han Tianyu even attacked. Based on Han Tianyu's explanation, Jiang Fei could now detect enmity and animosity!

    However, being able to sense it did not mean that Jiang Fei could dodge the attacks. As it were, Jiang Fei could clearly predict when Han Tianyu would hit his chest, but he did not even have time to raise his arms to defend himself.

    He had the senses, but his reflexes were a step behind. Han Tianyu had explained that a man's thoughts may be swift, but his body would fail to follow. To become an expert, Jiang Fei would have to allow his muscles to move without waiting for his brain.

    Today, when Jiang Fei completed the heroic dungeon and came looking for Han Tianyu to beat him up, Han Tianyu simply folded his arms and shook his head.

    "Your senses are just about as sharp as they can get. Smacking you will only put a smile to my face, nothing more!" Han Tianyu said as he shook his head.

    "Is this as much as the game can help?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Reality is still reality. Although you have thrice as much time in here, there are many things that you cannot accomplish."

    Han Tianyu shook his head.

    "Do you know of any experts in the field? I would like to become their disciple!" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Hah, brother, I'd advise you not to..."

    Han Tianyu shook his head once again.

    "What's the matter?" Jiang Fei asked curiously.

    "When you first mentioned that you wanted to learn mixed martial arts, I had observed you thoroughly. You just don't have the aptitude for it. Based on Chen Xi's method, learning some techniques in martial arts, coupled with your senses towards danger, should be enough for you to reach the level of an excellent special militant. Little Xi is enough of a teacher for you!"

    Han Tianyu laughed. However, Jiang Fei's heart sank.

    He had spent so many days not looking for better equipment. He did not even bother increasing his ring's level. What was all that for? He had only wanted to pick up on Inner Qi!

    Ever since Han Tianyu first mentioned the ability to hurt someone directly without even touching them, Jiang Fei's dreams of becoming Superman in reality through the game's equipment had been completely crushed.

    Superman was invincible, inside and out. What was the use of swallowing a bomb could still blow him up?

    That was why Jiang Fei was willing to spend more than ten days getting beaten up. He hoped that he would find a capable enough master through Han Tianyu and one day become an expert of Inner Qi himself!

    Jiang Fei had thought it through. With the equipment from the game to support him, he could already be considered an expert in the aspect of External Toughness. With Inner Qi, he would become an ultimate expert!

    However, Han Tianyu's single sentence had thoroughly crushed his dreams!
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