163 Unknown Solo Dungeon

    Since being beaten up no longer yielded results, Jiang Fei decided to stop wasting time.

    Although Han Tianyu had told him he was not suited for martial arts and had crushed his dreams, Jiang Fei picked himself up in no time. He was different. He had the mental fortitude and other means of gaining power!

    The Mysterious Ring on his finger gave him unlimited hope. Although he could not defend himself against an Inner Qi expert with his equipment for now, these experts had to be very few in number. Moreover, Jiang Fei's Mysterious Ring was capable of leveling up. Who knows what it could do in the future!

    If Jiang Fei's body was not up for it, the Ring could fill in the gaps. If his body could not Level up, the Ring could. Therefore, locating Green Smithing Recipes that were Level 20 and above became Jiang Fei's new objective!

    However, the drop rate of Recipes in the game was pathetically low. Up until now, he had not even discovered a single dungeon above Level 20. Equipment Recipes above Level 20 were all but unheard of. Moreover, ever since Jiang Fei and Han Tianyu's relationship became known, Magithieves and the other two main guilds had started distancing themselves from Jiang Fei. All their acquired Recipes were handed over to their in-house blacksmiths. Although Jiang Fei had a very high success rate, Jiang Fei was already as good as an unofficial member of The Aristocrats. If they gave Jiang Fei the Recipes, it would be equivalent to helping their enemy!

    The Aristocrats had gained a massive lead after they had established their guild base. If Jiang Fei had the financial backing and had access to large volumes of high-quality equipment Recipes, the other guilds would have no place left in the Dawnlight City!

    After half a month, The Aristocrats now stood head and shoulders above the other three main guilds. It was now the hegemon in Dawnlight City!

    The Aristocrats's guild base was nearly complete. Han Tianyu's arrival had boosted the development speed of the guild base with his sheer wealth. All his needs were met with a single word: Buy! Buy! Buy!

    To boost The Aristocrats's position, Han Tianyu invested money in the real world to purchase eight large gaming studios. All sorts of materials were collected continuously to supplement the building of The Aristocrats. Nothing could stem or halt its progress!

    Apart from that, upon completion of the guild base, The Aristocrats had become a middle-grade guild. The member limit had increased to ten thousand members.

    Originally, Happy Drunk had wanted to use advertisements to attract players. From the new pool of players, they would slowly cultivate the ones who had the abilities and were also loyal to become team leaders and group leaders. However, Han Tianyu felt that this was a waste of time. In fact, the cultivated group leaders would not be professional enough. The tycoon had directly bought over twelve gaming organizations and recruited the over three hundred professional gamers. Overnight, the leadership framework had been completed for each level of group leaders!

    Han Tianyu's meddling was indeed a good thing. As these players had signed contracts in the real world and were also paid salaries for their professional leadership. They were much more loyal and reliable than the leaders who would have been cultivated in the game. After all, these professional gamers knew who their big boss was in real life. Even if they had the guts, they would not dare to betray the military arms dealer!

    However, Happy Drunk was not happy about it. In his own words, "A tycoon like you has just ruined the fun in the game!"

    "Hehe, I play the game for the sake of entertainment and happiness. Why bother with all that trouble? A problem that can be solved with money is not a problem after all. When the time is right, I will bring you around on a stampede. It will be fun!"

    Han Tianyu clearly did not agree with Happy Drunk's idea of working hard for fun. In the eyes of this tycoon, the purpose of gaming was to have fun. The amount of money spent in the game did not matter the least bit to a tycoon like himself!

    There was a saying that it was easier to find a thousand troops, than it was to find a capable leader. With the management framework in place, it was much easier to recruit new members. After all, they had the bragging rights as the number one guild in Dawnlight City. Random advertisements had attracted members overnight and transformed The Aristocrats from a low-grade guild with twenty thousand members to a middle-grade guild with a hundred thousand members!

    The Aristocrats's ridiculously unreasonable methods had upset the other three big guilds. They no longer dared to be associated with Jiang Fei -- the master of equipment. They were afraid of indirectly helping The Aristocrats.

    With the three big guilds no longer supplying Jiang Fei with Recipes, Jiang Fei was supposed to have nowhere to turn to but The Aristocrats. However, Han Tianyu had clearly misunderstood Jiang Fei. He thought that Jiang Fei did not like to craft equipment, and had, therefore, told Happy Drunk not to bother Jiang Fei unless it was urgent.

    Happy Drunk was not Jiang Fei's brother, after all. He also viewed The Aristocrats as his own baby. Since Han Tianyu had asked him not to trouble Jiang Fei, he would obey, even if he found any Recipes. Therefore, Happy Drunk started cultivating his own blacksmith. He no longer bothered Jiang Fei.

    While the other guilds did not want to inadvertently help their enemy, Jiang Fei did not want to cause anyone trouble. Therefore, the two main powers in Dawnlight City had stopped providing Recipes or ingredients to Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei would never ask for help unless he absolutely needed it. If someone else did not approach him with Recipes to trade for his equipment, he would simply assume that nobody had found anything. He would not initiate the conversation. Therefore, the double layers of misunderstandings led to Jiang Fei not having access to any Green Recipes of Level 20 and above.

    Jiang Fei did have Blue Recipes. However, their appetite for valuable material went through the roof. He knew exactly how much the Mysterious Ring needed to consume. The last time he fed the ring, he had been shocked beyond reason. He never dared feed it with any more blue equipment ever since.

    Having shopped around yet again, Jiang Fei still failed to find any crafting or treasure Recipes. After all, the possibility of pub players acquiring Recipes was pathetic!


    The sound of a system notification could be heard. It notified Jiang Fei that a voice message had been received. Jiang Fei saw that it was a message from the Bandit, Smart Tomato, whom he had met not long ago.

    "Hi, Brother Fei!"

    As soon as the voice message was accepted, Smart Tomato's warm greeting could be heard.

    "How are you? What's the matter?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "Hehe, Brother Fei, I've got juicy news!"

    Smart Tomato laughed.

    "Oh? How juicy exactly?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "A Level 25 Unknown Solo Dungeon!"

    Smart Tomato did not beat around the bush and got straight to the point.


    Jiang Fei's eyes flew wide open. What perfect timing. He had been worried about Green Recipe shortage. A Unknown Dungeon was the perfect solution.

    "What do you think? Are you interested, Brother Fei?" Smart Tomato asked tentatively.

    Although the rewards from a Unknown Dungeon were great, these dungeons were hell. Regular folk may be able to learn of their locations, and that would be it. This was especially the case for a Level 25 Dungeon. Players would only dare make an attempt once they have reached Level 30 and unlocked the second class. If Jiang Fei did not buy it, it might no longer be Smart Tomato's secret in the next few days!
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