168 Mount System

    "I've got myself thigh-deep in some Solo Secret Dungeon. I can't take you guys with me!"

    Jiang Fei copy-pasted the same message to his clamoring friends. He kept their conversations brief and curt.

    Although he had reached Level 30 -- which meant a whole world of new systems for him, Jiang Fei did not want to return to the city just yet. More exciting things awaited him out there in the dungeon.

    By then, the ant group's army camp had been half-cleared. All Jiang Fei needed to do was move forward!

    From afar, Jiang Fei could see a huge, fierce-looking giant ant. Four smaller ants closely trailed after it. He could only imagine what it was.

    Ant Cave Commander (Beast, Leader)

    Level: 28

    Health Points: 60,000

    Attack Power: 1100

    Skills: Rush Formation, Bite, Ferocious Attack, Bash.

    Rush Formation: Conmmands Military Ants to attack a target.

    Bite: Instantly deals a large amount of damage, causing a bleeding effect.

    Ferocious Attack: The next three attacks will knock the opponent back.

    Frenzy: Attack Speed increases by 100%!

    Remarks: A capable commander of the Military Ants. Powerful!

    Ant Cave Assaulter (Beast, Advance Elite)

    Level: 27

    Health Points: 12,000

    Attack Power: 800

    Skills: Charge, Knockback

    Charge: Instantly stuns the opponent for one second.

    Knockback: The next attack pushes the opponent back by two meters.

    Ant Cave Defender (Beast, Advance Elite)

    Level: 27

    Health Points: 18,000

    Attack Power: 400

    Skills: Sacrifice, Protect

    Sacrifice: The Ant Cave Defender sacrifices ten percent of its Health Points to instantly restore the Ant Cave Commander's Health Points by five percent. It also increases the Commander's Attack Power by ten percent for ten seconds!

    Protect: While the Ant Cave Protector is still alive, all ants in combat will have a twenty percent increased Defense.

    Ant Cave Assassin (Beast, Advance Elite)

    Level: 27

    Health Points: 8,000

    Attack Power: 1,000

    Skills: Assassinate, Frenzied Multi-attacks

    Assassinate: Instantly appears behind a target to attack the target. The first attack is always a critical attack!

    Insane Multi-attacks: When the Ant Cave Assassin is behind a target, its attack speed is increased by a hundred percent!

    Ant Cave Piercer (Beast, Advance Elite)

    Level: 27

    Health Points: 8,000

    Attack Power: 800

    Skills: Poisonous Needle, Piercing Shot

    Poisonous Needle: The Ant Cave Piercer attacks a target from afar and poisons it. Every second inflicts a 100 poison damage tick that stacks three times!

    Piercing Shot: The Ant Cave Piercer's ranged attacks can ignore thirty percent of the target's Defense.

    Remarks: Whenever one of the followers of the Ant Cave Commander dies, the Ant Cave Commander obtains an enraged effect. Its Attack Power and Defense increases by ten percent!

    "F*ck... Me!"

    When Jiang Fei finally cleared the lesser ants out, he finally read through the descriptions of the newcomers.

    "How the f*ck do I even do this?"

    As powerful as he was, Jiang Fei felt the fight leave him. If he had come with a team of ten, Jiang Fei might have tried to fight. However, this was a Solo Secret Dungeon. With nothing to fall back on but the potions, Jiang Fei would not even survive these big ants' attacks for a minute!

    "Who the heck can even take on such a dungeon?"

    Jiang Fei fell back onto his hindquarters, mumbling to himself. It was a suicide mission. He could only depend on the Gnome Destructive Setup as a last resort.

    "If I can't fight them, I'll hide!"

    After thinking about it for a long while, Jiang Fei decided he would not waste the Gnome Destructive Setup here. He decided to leave and return once his level was higher.

    He was not worried that someone else would beat him to the prize. Afterall, if he had been stopped in his tracks, no one else could!

    Although stopped in his tracks, Jiang Fei was still rather satisfied with his findings in this secret dungeon thus far. Although he had to spend three thousand gold coins for the information, he had obtained a lot of Experience points and ten bottles of Ant Egg Essence. These rewards were more than sufficient to make up for it!

    Before the Ant Cave Commander and its four followers, Jiang Fei was a helpless larva. Therefore, Jiang Fei begrudgingly tore open the Return Scroll.

    Once he was back in Dawnlight City, the first thing Jiang Fei did was to pay the Mount Merchant a visit. Jiang Fei was done with running around as he did for the past few days. This was especially the case, when he had to run to the Entrance to the Void twice. The journey took more than three hours, and he had been thoroughly exhausted.

    "Ah! Respected adventurer, are you here to buy a mount?"

    The Mount Merchant was very welcoming. After all, many days had passed, and no one had come to do business with him. Now that a player had finally reached Level 30, he was eager to promote his goods!

    "Yes! What kind of mount do you have?"

    Jiang Fei nodded.

    "For now, we only provide the Mounts. You would need to find Battle Mounts on your own!" The Mount Merchant laughed as he spoke.

    "Alright! Let me see!"

    Jiang Fei nodded to show that he understood.

    "Please take your time to choose!"

    The Mount Merchant spoke as he displayed the catalog.

    "The f*ck is this! This is bullsh*t!"

    Jiang Fei took one look and started cursing.

    Although the system's merchants were always trying to cash in on players' money, this Mount Merchant had taken it to the next level!

    Mixed Breed Horse (Roaming Mount, Quality: Normal)

    Mount: Increase movement speed by 30 percent.

    Price: 100 gold coins.

    Remarks: This type of horse is slow and absolutely ugly!

    Purebred Horse (Roaming Mount, Quality: Normal)

    Mount: Increase movement speed by 30 percent.

    Price: 150 gold coins.

    Remarks: You are able to choose the color of its fur (Date-Red, Dragon-White, Crow-Black, and Donkey-Yellow)

    Thousand Miles Horse (Roaming Mount, Quality: Fine)

    Mount: Increase movement speed by 60 percent.

    Price: 500 gold coins.

    Remarks: You are able to choose the color of its fur (Date-Red, Dragon-White, Crow-Black, and Donkey-Yellow). A beautiful set of horse equipment will be gifted.

    Odd Beast (Roaming Mount, Quality: Excellent)

    Mount: Increase movement speed by 100 percent!

    Price: 1,000 gold coins.

    Remarks: You are able to choose the type (Chocobo, Skeletal Battle Horse, Royal Army Horse, Rapid Dragon, Ground Dragon, Mountain Wolf, and Snow Leopard). A beautiful set of horse equipment and a fine set of horse armor will be gifted.

    Although the merchant only sold Mounts and the highest quality was only Excellent, the prices were exorbitant!

    Although regular players had gotten slightly richer, they would only have some gold coins in batches of tens. Even the worst mount would cost them a few days of savings. If it were a lady or someone who cared a lot about appearances, they would need to save up for a few more days, just for something with a nicer coat of fur. As for an expert player, he would not settle with a mount that only increased movement speed by 30 percent. In that case, one would need to spend 500 gold coins to buy the Fine quality Thousand Miles Horse. This was still a significant amount for an expert player. It was as if they were selling their souls to the devil!
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