170 A Silhouette Framed in Blood-Ligh

    Since Zhao Feng appeared to be so confident of himself, Jiang Fei did not pursue the matter. He followed Zhao Feng and two others into the clearing of a small forest.

    "Brother Fei, are you ready? Monsters are coming out soon!" Zhao Feng said.

    "Go on right ahead!" Jiang Fei nodded his head.

    "Alright, here's the rundown. When everything is all set up on the shrine, four waves of small monsters will be summoned. Clear all four waves, and the boss will show up!" Zhao Feng explained as he started arranging things on the shrine.

    "Alright!" Jiang Fei nodded.


    As Zhao Feng completed setting up the shrine as per commanded by their mission, a blood-red light started gathering above the shrine.

    "Who calls me?"

    "Who dares disturb my deep slumber?"

    A deep voice could be heard. It almost sounded like it came from somewhere up high in the skies. At the same time, a silhouette seemed to step out of the light.

    "You! Foolish cultists! You all deserve to die!"

    The previously deep, regal voice turned into one filled with anger. Something had earned his ire -- big-time.

    "Brother Fei, here come the small monsters!"

    Zhao Feng gave Jiang Fei a heads-up.


    Streams of white light descended upon the earth. Eight small monsters suddenly appeared in front of Jiang Fei and the group. As soon as the small monsters appeared, they moved in to eliminate the intruders.

    Awanda Hunter (Humanoid, Elite)

    Level: 25

    Health Points: 6000

    Attack Power: 525

    Skill: Smash, Swipe.

    Smash: The next attack will cause an additional 50% damage.

    Swipe: Immediately inflicts 100% damage to enemies within a fan-shaped radius in front of the attacker.

    Jiang Fei quickly checked the attributes of the eight Elite monsters. These Elite monsters were not very much of a threat. To Jiang Fei, they were insects that would not even threaten his massive defense.

    Ice Burst!





    With a burst of frosty energy, Jiang Fei grabbed the aggro of all the small monsters, not even giving them an opportunity to scatter.



    Critical Hit!



    A single bash took off half the hit points of the monster to Jiang Fei's immediately front. His party members quickly finished it off.

    As they could not even break through Jiang Fei's Defense, seven little monsters attacking Jiang Fei gave him no more than an itch. Three minutes later, those insects were all squished underfoot.

    "Do you truly believe that you can deny the will of the Ancient God? How foolish! How insignificant!"

    The deep voice continued speaking again.

    "Brother Fei! Second wave!" Zhao Feng shouted.

    "Hoho, you guys dance to quite a quick beat!" Jiang Fei replied with a slight laugh.

    Without any pause, more streams of white light touched down. Over thirty giant pythons made their appearance.

    Bloody Python (Beast, Elite)

    Level: 25

    Health Points: 5500

    Attack Power: 485

    Skill: None

    Although these Blood Pythons were ranked lower than the Awanda Hunters regarding attributes, thirty of them had spawned at a time. Jiang Fei was curious to know how Zhao Feng and the others had actually been able to make it to the boss without him.

    Battle Cry!


    Ice Burst!



    -2005! (Critical Hit)


    Once Jiang Fei had managed to siphon the rage of all the monsters to himself, he held up his shield and enjoyed the sensation of the gentle reverberations of their attacks and turned to ask Zhao Feng, "Fatty, these guys are coming in massive packs. How were you lot able to defeat them earlier?"

    "It was not only the three of us earlier... We came in a group of ten. However, when we finally cleared the waves with great difficulty, the boss just had to pop up and stomp us. Almost everyone abandoned ship immediately!" Zhao Feng explained.

    "Why is that so?" Jiang Fei asked as he continued to kill the monsters.

    "When the boss appeared, all efforts to heal each other up became moot. No, even worse. Instead of recovering our Health Points, healing started damaging ourselves. The very act of healing nearly caused the death of our tank. In fact, the more players got involved in the battle, the stronger the boss became. That's why we're not taking in any healers this time!"

    Having set up his Fire Art formation, Zhao Feng sent a volley of magical missiles to finish off some stragglers, as he continued explaining the details to Jiang Fei.

    "I see, I see, so that was what happened!" Jiang Fei said, nodding his head. That solved the mystery of how these three were able to defeat the Elite army of monsters. So, they had a full team, prior to this!

    With Zhao Feng's Fire Arts formation, the group seared through the monsters. Very soon, more than thirty Elite monsters lay strewn across the ground. Jiang Fei had lost less than a thousand Health Points -- which he easily recovered with a bottle of potion.

    "Darned cult members! You are begging to see the fires of hell!"

    That distant and deep voice was beginning to turn sharp and loud. Obviously, the entity had been angered by the party's persistence.


    With a small white flash of light, a new wave of monsters appeared yet again!

    Awanda Manic Warrior (Humanoid, Advance Elite)

    Level: 27

    Health Points: 13000

    Attack Power: 800

    Skill: Smash, Frenzy

    Smash: The next attack deals double damage.

    Frenzy: Immediately increases one's attack speed by 100%.

    This time, the monsters that appeared were giants that were over two meters in height. These giants had very well-developed muscles.

    Although they did not have any weapons, they had claws that were twelve inches long!

    After a short moment of stillness, the four Awanda Manic Warriors advanced towards them!

    Ice Burst!





    Again, Jiang Fei used his frosty energy to gather the four Advance Elite monsters to himself.

    "A single target!"

    Jiang Fei aimed his attack at a single Manic Warrior and lashed out.

    Fire Art: Scorch!

    On the other hand, the little fatty, Zhao Feng, also amplified the attack by changing his spell formation.

    The four went all out. Their attacks were extremely effective. Almost one of the Awanda Manic Warriors immediately went down.

    As the Awanda Manic Warriors were Advance Elite monsters, their attacks were strong enough to break through his defense. However, as one quickly went down and only three remained, Jiang Fei was able to keep his Health Points over 10,000 by continuously consuming potions.

    "Darn it, no wonder they call you the Number One Tank in the Dawnlight City. Even with four Advance Elite monsters attacking you, you did not lose a single bit of Health Point..."

    The Seven Stars Warrior sighed as he continued to attack the monsters.

    "Yeah! Sometimes, words just don't do you any justice. It's not like our Tank was bad, but you are really making him look pathetic by comparison!" Mo Xiaoyu said in agreement as he nodded his head.

    "Of course he is very strong. He is my good brother after all!"

    Zhao Feng was looking extremely smug, as if the powerful tank was himself, and not Jiang Fei.


    In less than ten minutes, the four Awanda Manic Warriors were all defeated by Jiang Fei!

    "Rubbish! You are a bunch of parasites. You are incapable of accomplishing such a small task! If you do not wish to die, kill those cult members for me!"

    After the four Awanda Manic Warriors were killed, the silhouette in the bloody light was clearly beyond furious.


    The white light flashed once again!

    "Brother Fei! This is the last wave of small monsters!" Zhao Feng shouted.


    Jiang Fei nodded as he thoroughly observed the attributes of the small monsters.
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