172 Blood God Veigar


    A crimson light emanated from within the shrine. A transport door appeared right before them, as time and space itself was ripped apart.

    "Ants! You have truly angered me!"

    As a loud roar was heard, a humongous red claw reached out, grabbing the edge of the 'door!'

    Each finger on the claw was as tall as a human being. The thick arm was so thick that it would require a few people to fully circumscribe it!

    "D*mn! This big?"

    Jiang Fei was utterly shocked!

    "Brother Fei, relax, if he really crawled out, we'd all be squished like bugs! Sit down and enjoy the show. He's not going anywhere!"

    Zhao Feng was as relaxed as ever, having been through this before.


    The massive claw groped about blindly, failing to grab hold of anything, even after a long while.

    "Darn it! The transport door was never completely opened!"

    The red giant claw's owner roared. It was clearly very upset.

    "Ah! Die, all of you!

    As the Boss roared once again, Jiang Fei witnessed a scene that left him gawking in awe!

    The massive boss had actually ripped off its own arm and tossed it right through the transport door. The transport door quickly shut behind it.

    The severed arm fell onto the ground. It did not seem to be bleeding. On the contrary, it started writhing about.

    "Brother Fei, get ready for battle. That's your boss right there, that appendage!" explained Zhao Feng.


    Jiang Fei nodded and focused his gaze on the moving arm. He was ready to fight anytime!


    After the arm had moved around for some time, Jiang Fei finally heard the sound of bones breaking apart and reforming. By then, Jiang Fei had grown very impatient, but he could not do anything about it. If not for the cut scene, and the fact that the arm was invulnerable at that point, Jiang Fei would not have given the enemy this much time to transform!

    The boss eventually took form. After tens of seconds, the broken arm quickly turned in a complete body. The five fingers had turned into four limbs and a tail!

    Jiang Fei could now see the full appearance of the boss. It was somewhat serpentine in nature. Although it had the body of a snake, it had legs and arms. There was even a pair of boney wings behind its back. The snake's head was most ferocious, and had pointy brows that were almost like horns. Its body was covered with blood-red scales.

    Blood God Veigar (Ancient God, Boss)

    Level: 29

    Health Points: 110,000

    Attack Power: 1850

    Skills: Boiling Blood, Darkness Recovery, Lifesteal Touch, Blood Poison, Blood Burn!

    Boiling Blood: An opponent that is not currently being attacked would start boiling from the inside out. The target's Attack Speed is increased by 50%, yet loses 5% of Health Points every second for 5 continuous seconds. After Boiling Blood ends, the target immediately loses 1,000 Health Points!

    Darkness Recovery: Within an area of a hundred meters around Blood God Veigar, all enemies' healing spells would become damaging spells. In fact, all damage dealt by Darkness Recovery would heal Veigar!

    Lifesteal Touch: Veigar absorbs 10% of the enemies' Health Points in an area of a hundred meters around it to recover its own Health Points. In fact, for every enemy that is affected, Veigar's Attack Power increases permanently by 1%!

    Blood Poison: Veigar's attack can poison the target and cause the opponent to lose 1% of his Health Points every second!

    Blood Burn: Veigar burns 5% of its Health Points to create a bloody region. All enemies within the bloody region will receive 100 damage every second. These damages heal Veigar!

    Remarks: This is the transformed body of a part of the Ancient God Veigar. Its battle power is only 0.0001% of the actual monster!

    "Are you for real... 0.0001%..."

    Jiang Fei had no words. He was almost shell-shocked. These Ancient Gods were not called gods for nothing, after all. One could only imagine a force ten thousand times this strong. In Jiang Fei's case, he did not even want to think about it.

    "Alright! Get ready, here we go!" said Jiang Fei. Although there was no way they could fight against the true Blood God, they had a shot at this pale imitation!

    Having read through the list of skills, Jiang Fei knew why Zhao Feng had arranged the party like so. With Darkness Recovery, all healing skills were useless. Not only would they be unable to recover Health Points, but they would also end up killing their own tank while restoring the boss' health. With the skills of Lifesteal Touch and Blood Burn, the boss was an absolute nightmare. Because of these two skills, the team that fought the SS wave needed to be small in numbers but great in strength!

    "Hold on, Brother Fei!"

    Just as Jiang Fei was about to start attacking the monster, Zhao Feng suddenly stopped him.

    "What's the matter?" asked Jiang Fei.

    "Let me cast a skill!" said Zhao Feng.

    Swiftly thereafter, the little fatty started humming an elaborate song. The singing required to cast this spell was as long as two minutes!

    "The f*ck is that. Holy Magic?"

    Jiang Fei's heart froze up. For a spell that required such a cast time, it just had to be something otherworldly.

    "Infinite universe, with the aid of Yin and Yang, Blood Conversion Formation, open!"

    After two minutes of singing, Zhao Feng let out a roar. Blood-red light emanated from his body and engulfed the other party members.

    Blood Conversion Formation: Lifesteal!

    Remaining time: 10 minutes!

    Lifesteal: Every time you are damaged, you will steal Health Points from the source of the damage and store it up. These Health Points will form a shield around you to block incoming damage!

    "Let's get on with it quickly! I can't do that again for another four hours!"

    Zhao Feng urged them on.


    Jiang Fei nodded and started dashing at the monster.

    Ice Burst!


    Battle Cry!

    Sunder Strike!

    Jiang Fei started packing on the aggro. The others quickly joined in.

    "Drink potions if you need to! This skill only increases our damage output. In fact, one Health Point doubles as two! Therefore, you must still drink potions if you lose Health Points!" yelled Zhao Feng.

    If anything, this skill used an opponent's offense against himself. The lost Health Points could even be reused. It was as if one's Health Points had been doubled.

    It was not Holy Magic as Jiang Fei had imagined. It was a high-level skill of the Fengshui Master. It was a party-wide buff, but the caster would not gain the buff himself. In fact, based on Zhao Feng's current level, he could only use the skill on three team members. It was precisely why he had chosen a party member of this size. He did not want his shortcomings to cause the downfall of the party.
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