173 Life During the Day and at Nigh

    As soon as the battle started, Jiang Fei started receiving some crazy blows from the boss!



    Each blow was nearly reaching the tip of the four-digit mark. In spite of Jiang Fei's potion-fest, his Health Points were slowly losing the battle.

    Fortunately, Zhao Feng's Blood Conversion Formation was more than just helpful. It took two attacks from the boss to inflict one attack's worth of damage upon Jiang Fei.

    Due to the Blood Conversion Formation, attacking Jiang Fei meant that the boss was also attacking itself. It started losing health points very rapidly.


    A crimson beam of light shot into Seven Stars Warrior's body. The warrior's body quickly turned blood red.

    Boiling Blood: A target that is currently not being attacked would start boiling inside-out. The target's Attack Speed is increased by 50%, yet loses 5% of Health Points every second for 5 continuous seconds. After Boiling Blood ends, the target immediately loses 1,000 Health Points!

    "Potions, don't let up!" shouted Zhao Feng.


    Seven Stars Warrior nodded. Due to the Blood Conversion Formation, he was losing slightly below 200 Health Points every second on average.

    Potions helped circumvent its effects almost completely.

    However, the increased Attack Speed from Boiling Blood allowed Seven Stars Warrior to deal much more significant damage. Although he would receive 1,000 damage by the end of Boiling Blood, the explosion would not cause instant death, for he would not already be too weakened by then.

    Other than Boiling Blood, the boss simply lacked any hard-hitting skills to land the finishing blow. Seven Stars Warrior was not in any immediate danger. Potions would be enough to keep him relatively unscathed.

    As the cooldown period of Boiling Blood was extremely short, there were times when two party members would start boiling up simultaneously. The supposedly deadly killing skill had turned against itself, thanks to Blood Conversion Formation.

    Boiling Blood did not cripple the party in any manner whatsoever. On the contrary, it amplified their damage output. Therefore, the three did not feel much pressure. The only person who could be concerned was Jiang Fei!

    The boss was statistically a beast among its kind. On top of the Blood Poison's 1% damage every second, Jiang Fei was losing his Health Points very quickly. Even drinking potions would not last him very long! By the time it was down to 80% of its Health Points, Jiang Fei had already lost half of his!

    Armored Bulwark!

    Jiang Fei had no choice but to protect himself. He had hoped to recover some of his Health Points!

    Just as Jiang Fei activated the Armored Bulwark, the boss too activated a skill. Four beams of red light suddenly reached out and came into contact with Jiang Fei and the other three. The beams actually remained connected to the boss.

    Lifesteal Touch: Veigar absorbs 10% of the enemies' Health Points in an area of a hundred meters around it to recover its own Health Points. In fact, for every enemy that is affected, Veigar's Attack Power increases permanently by 1%!

    All of a sudden, Jiang Fei lost more than 1,000 Health Points. Although his Armored Bulwark was still present, this skill could only block physical attacks!

    Jiang Fei was not the only one affected. Zhao Feng and the other two also lost 10% of their Health Points. However, other than Seven Stars Warrior who had lost 400 Health Points, Zhao Feng and Little Rain only lost 200 Health Points due to their low maximum Health Points as Magicians.

    Rightfully, the boss should have been able to recover some of its Health Points using this skill. But thanks to Zhao Feng's Blood Conversion Formation, the skill did not give him any recovery whatsoever.

    Nevertheless, the boss had still gained a 4% boost in Attack Power. If this were a team of ten, the boss would have increased its Attack Power by 10%!

    The battle continued. Every few seconds, the boss would activate Boiling Blood and subsequently increase Zhao Feng's and the other two's Attack Speed. For every 20% of Health Points it lost, it would activate the Lifesteal Touch and increase its Attack Power by 4%!

    When the SS wave had lost 40% of its Health Points, Jiang Fei's Health Points were quickly approaching zero! Although there was Zhao Feng's Blood Conversion Formation, Jiang Fei just could not keep up!

    Blood Pool!

    It was time to roll out the big guns. Having fought for ages, the Blood Pool had now accumulated a lot of Health Points. As his Health Points neared zero, Jiang Fei activated the skill!

    In one instant, Jiang Fei's Health Points was fully restored.

    The boss' Health Points gradually reached 40%. Right then, Jiang Fei had lost half of his Health Points again. Although he was supported by the Blood Conversion Formation and potions, the boss had increased its Attack Power by 20% after activating Lifesteal Touch three times.

    Now, Jiang Fei was losing Health Points even faster than ever!

    When the boss' Health Points reached 30%, it automatically sacrificed 5% of its Health Points to activate its ultimate skill.

    Blood Burn: Veigar burns 5% of its Health Points to create a bloody region. All enemies within the bloody region will receive 100 damage every second. These damages heal Veigar!

    Although the lifesteal effect was nullified by the Blood Conversion Formation, the bloodless effect made things worse for Jiang Fei!

    Under the effects of the Blood Conversion Formation, Zhao Feng and the other two could still withstand the 150 damage on average for each second that passed. After a bottle of middle-grade Health Potion, 50 damage per second was almost completely nullified. However, Jiang Fei was not doing too well. His Health Points plummeted. Now that there was an additional 50 damage every second, Jiang Fei's Health Points were nearing the end!

    Just as the SS wave's Health Points were about to reach 20%, Jiang Fei's Health Points had become zero!


    A bright, golden light appeared as his Divine Blacksmith's Blazing Hammer activated the Undying Aegis. That was his final trump card!

    Having recovered 50% of his Health Points, Jiang Fei was now on his last legs. The boss still had 20% of its Health Points remaining. He still had one Lifesteal Touch to go before defeating it!


    Four beams of red lights once again linked itself up to the party. Yet again, Jiang Fei lost another 1,000 Health Points. They were just barely over 4,000 at this rate!

    At the same time, the boss' Attack Power increased by yet another 4%! Each blow now dealt more 1,000 damage to Jiang Fei! On top of that, Jiang Fei was still afflicted by the Blood Poison and Blood Burn effects!

    "Here goes nothing!" shouted Jiang Fei loudly. This was the moment. The party was one in that thought. Either kill, or be killed!

    However, everyone also knew that Jiang Fei was way too low on Health Points. Within a short period of ten seconds or so, the boss' third wave of attacks had left Jiang Fei with less than 1,000 Health Points. He had already activated his Undying Aegis. For the few rare moments in his life, he was completely out of options.
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