174 Sealing Spell!

    Blood Pool!

    As inadequate the freshly-expended Blood Pool was, Jiang Fei could only resort to hanging on to it for dear life. It only gave him 3,000 Health Points.


    The full force of the attack landed on Jiang Fei. He was not yet dead, for now.

    "One last push guys, I'm all out of skills here!" shouted Jiang Fei loudly. He activated the only available skill at that moment -- Claret Aegis!

    Sunder Attack!

    Killing Blow!


    Flame Blast!

    At that moment, the main attackers, Seven Stars Warrior and Little Rain threw everything out the window.

    Jiang Fei watched his Health Points continue its descent. His potions were barely helping. It took twenty seconds before he was right in front of death's door yet again.

    On the other hand, the boss only had 3% of its Health Points remaining. The battle was won, that much was certain. Whether Jiang Fei would live to see it was another question.


    Blood God Veigar's claw swung towards Jiang Fei as he raised his shield in defense.


    A deafening sound could be heard as the claw slammed into the shield.

    At that decisive moment, Jiang Fei had activated the special effects of his shield. It was a 5% chance of completely nullifying any physical attack to his immediate front.

    Although 5% was a very low probability, Jiang Fei's Luck once again stood out. It had allowed him to block the lethal strike at the crucial moment.

    Magic Missile!

    Fire Ball!

    Brave Strike!

    The rebound was swiftly followed by strikes from Zhao Feng and the other two. They instantly emptied out the remaining Health Points.

    "This... Is... Impossible! I... Cannot... Fail!"

    Blood God Veigar defiantly sank to the ground.

    "Ding! You have killed Blood God Veigar (Clone), and have obtained 1,350,000 Experience Points!"



    Two crisp sounds could be heard. Seven Stars Warrior and Little Rain had leveled up!


    Jiang Fei sighed in relief as the titan finally collapsed. He took an additional potion for safe measure. After all, Blood Poison was still in effect.

    "D*rn! That was tiring!"

    Zhao Feng fell back onto his bottom. The battle had been most precarious. Even the number one tank had almost fallen. He also happened to be number one on the Level Ranking Boards. If he had died and lost one level, that would have been a grave loss! Zhao Feng would never live with himself for being the cause of it!

    "You said it. I'm beat!"

    Seven Stars Warrior nodded.

    "Still, that wasn't bad at all. We actually killed a Lord Rank Boss!"

    Little Rain was elated. Although it was only a clone, it was still of the Lord rank!

    "Brother Fei! Drops, check out the drops!"

    Zhao Feng suddenly burst back to life. The fallen boss' corpse had started sparkling very brightly. Clearly, there was loot to be gained! This was a Lord rank boss. Clone or not, it was still a Lord's Clone. The rewards had to be good!


    Jiang Fei nodded. This Blood God's clone was also the highest leveled boss Jiang Fei had ever killed. Of course, he would be keen to see the fruits of his labors.


    As Jiang Fei rolled the SS wave's corpse over, a bright golden light seeped into everyone's eyes!

    "D*rn! Legendary item!"

    "It is a Legendary item!"

    Seven Stars Warrior and Little Rain were both pub players. Until now, their greatest achievement had been clearing the Depths of the Night, which was of the Elite difficulty. Therefore, Epic quality equipment was completely foreign to them, let alone Legendary!

    Bloody Hell's Gate (Spatial Item, Quality: Legendary)

    Use: Opens the gate to Bloody Hell!

    "Hahahaha! Ants, you simply had a stroke of luck. That is nothing! I will await you in the Bloody Hell!"

    A shrill, piercing laughter could be heard from the golden item that was barely the size of a fist in Jiang Fei's hand. The sound sent chills down everyone's spine!

    "F*ck this **! There's another stage to this?"

    After Jiang Fei shared the attributes of the item, Zhao Feng and the other two rolled their eyes simultaneously.

    This item was as good as trash at the moment. Obviously, it would only open a portal that led to Veigar's true body in Bloody Hell. What chance did the players at their current levels have?

    If the clone was already this much trouble, one could only imagine how powerful an Ancient God was. Magnify its power by 10,000 times, and a single Blood Burn could wipe out an entire battlefield. Even if thousands of players at their current level tried to swarm him, they would not even get close.

    "Brother Fei, you should keep this toy to yourself. It's only a waste of space for us!"

    Seven Stars Warrior laughed coyly.

    "The hell! Wouldn't it take up space in my bag as well? Not even a Level 80 player would be able to use this broken toy!"

    Jiang Fei rolled his eyes as he tossed the Bloody Hell's Gate into his backpack. It would remain there for a very long time. Nobody could kill a god so easily.

    "Brother Fei, what else is there?"

    Zhao Feng hurried him along. The first item may be tremendously high in rank, but it was absolutely useless. The euphoria was quickly fading away.

    Seal Curse Spell: Burning Skies (Skill Book, Quality: Legendary)

    Use: Teaches you the Seal Curse Spell of Burning Skies

    Requirement: Magician class

    Burning Skies: Summons the flames from the underground. Within a thousand meters, one can choose any spot as the heart of the spell. In a radius of a hundred meters, all enemies will be dealt with damage 10 times of your Magic Attack. In fact, the targets will be set ablaze, taking 5% of their Health Points as damage every second. The effect lasts for 30 seconds! Chanting time is five minutes. Mana cost is 60,000!

    "Whoa! A Seal Curse Spell!"

    Jiang Fei's eyes flew wide open like everyone else.

    Its high level aside, a Seal Curse Spell was incredibly valuable! A Seal Curse Spell was capable of instantly killing someone in a large area.

    Jiang Fei may be equipped with ridiculously powerful skills, but this Seal Curse Spell took it a level up!


    Little Rain felt extremely uncomfortable. He was only the only person who could learn the Seal Curse Spell in the small team, but that item was a national-level treasure! He did not have the courage to speak up.

    "Just learn it! If you plan to sell it, we can split the money too!"

    Jiang Fei gave Little Rain a look. It was his right. They had fought for the items together.

    However, if Little Rain decided to sell it for money, it was only fair if the proceedings were split evenly!

    "I'm learning it!"

    Little Rain did not hesitate one bit. As valuable as the Seal Curse Spell was, he could be a highly sought-after asset for major guilds if he learned it himself. One should never sell the Spell unless he truly needed the money!


    Jiang Fei nodded and immediately tossed the item over to Little Rain.


    In a flash of white light, the skill had been learned. Little Rain was now the first player to have acquired a Seal Curse Spell!

    Even so, there was no immediate jump in his power. After all, the skill required 60,000 Mana Points to cast. However, Little Rain's Mana Points were barely over 4,000. That was over one-tenth the amount!

    "Is there anything else good?"

    Zhao Feng asked once again. After all, the Seal Curse Spell was worth a fortune. If that was the key item, they were in trouble.

    "Holy f*ck! Now this, is a boss. Such an item actually exists!" said Jiang Fei, as he rose up, an item that shone with rainbow colors in his hands.
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