176 Another Kidnapping?

    After leaving his Knighthood, Little Rain was added by Jiang Fei into Empyreal Dragon.

    As soon as the fresh meat entered the guild, he was surrounded by the girls from the Rosette Knighthood. He had become a spectacle! All this while, the girls had been bored beyond reason. Jiang Fei had not been actively recruiting members. Apart from the girls from Rosette Knighthood, there were only the guys from Young Master Guards.

    However, Zhao Feng was a little fatty, Big Brother Bear and Second Brother Bear were ugly mugs, and the remaining guys were weird. None of them looked decent. None of the girls would ever flirt with them!

    When they were still in Rosette Knighthood, the girls could flirt with Jiang Fei. However, Jiang Fei had grown accustomed to their mannerisms. They no longer fazed him. On the contrary, he might sometimes even send them blushing red. On top of that, Rosette Rose was always defending Jiang Fei, saying that he was different. The girls had been left with a dry, frustrated spell for a long time.

    Just as the girls were sulking in boredom, Little Rain joined the guild. The appearance of the fresh meat quickly attracted all the girls to them. Some asked him to call them big sister, while others came to pinch his face. The girls had lost their minds.

    After training for a while, it was time for Jiang Fei to go offline.

    Once he was back in reality, Jiang Fei went to school as usual. However, Jiang Fei had grown rather famous indeed. He was excellent in both academics and P.E. During exams, even the geniuses bowed down to Jiang Fei. He always got first place in exams, due to his eidetic memory and cheats!

    On the field, Jiang Fei helped the ninth class in his grade win the basketball championship. Several teachers in physical education had been eyeing Jiang Fei, hoping to get him into their sports groups and train him for various competitions. After all, Jiang Fei was gifted in almost all aspects, be it running or jumping. All he needed was a little bit of training, and he would be able to win the national competitions and bring fame to the school.

    However, Jiang Fei had turned them all down. He did not have time for such things. If not for Sun Mengmeng's pestering, he would not have even joined the basketball competition in their grade!

    The school management had initially paid a lot of attention to this gifted athlete. They even planned to have Jiang Fei work for the school and bring honor and fame. However, when they learned that this athletic genius was the one who had called in the military helicopters and almost sent them to war with the Japanese people all over again, all pursuits were quickly dropped. Jiang Fei's background was still a mystery to the school management. No explanation was ever given. Everyone was asked to remain silent about it, and they dared not ask any further. Therefore, they could only stay away from anything related to Jiang Fei.

    Therefore, Jiang Fei had turned into an entity that students dared not bother and teachers dared not question. Jiang Fei enjoyed this freedom very much. His days composed of attending school and playing the game after he went home. It was an enjoyable routine.

    Today was just like any other. However, on his way home, Jiang Fei bumped into someone.

    "Young fellow! Have you spoken to your master?" asked old man Hai as he stood in Jiang Fei's path.


    Jiang Fei was stunned. This old sadist!

    "Don't tell me you have not spoken to your master."

    Old man Hai stared at Jiang Fei. He had recently reached a bottleneck in his training and had hoped to fight with an expert who was as strong as him or even stronger than him. Therefore, he had pestered Jiang Fei several times.

    "My master has not yet come to see me. I am also busy with school. When would I have time to find him in the mountains?"

    Jiang Fei made up a story. He had no choice but to carry on with the false story. This old man was truly interested in meeting his imaginary master. Now, how do we go about with that?

    "Alright... That's true!" said old man Hai thoughtfully.

    "Sigh! I'll tell him when my master sees me!" answered Jiang Fei nonchalantly. He hoped to walk past old man Hai to return home.

    "Young fellow, do you think your master would save you if I kidnapped you?" asked old man Hai all of a sudden.


    Jiang Fei had not yet quite registered the words, when old man Hai suddenly appeared before him -- when they were originally eight meters apart.

    Old man Hai was simply too fast. He had closed the distance of eight meters in the blink of an eye. Jiang Fei could not even see his legs move.

    He suddenly felt a tightening sensation on his left shoulder!

    This was the result of being beaten up by Han Tianyu for half a month.

    Jiang Fei's intuition towards incoming danger had improved tremendously. When old man Hai had taken a step, Jiang Fei had already predicted that he would grab his shoulder!

    However, just as Han Tianyu had once said, knowing and avoiding an attack were two different things! Jiang Fei did not have time to react at all. He could already feel old man Hai's hand clamping down on his shoulder.

    Half his body quickly went numb. Already, the fight had been squeezed out of him, literally!

    "Young fellow, don't be afraid. I am just a little too impatient. Don't worry, while waiting for your master to save you, not only will I not hurt you, I will even compensate heavily!"

    Old man Hai smiled at Jiang Fei as he bared his yellowing teeth.

    "F*ck me... No more lies..."

    Jiang Fei felt like crying right then. How could he conjure up a master to save him now? However, if he spilled the truth to the old man now, the old pervert might be angered and break off his teeth. He could not muster any courage to do that!

    "It's alright! Stop sulking! I will have little Yu ask for a leave of absence on your behalf. Your parents would not be too worried either. They will think that you have joined a social event organized by a school's society!" said old man Hai as he laughed.

    "F***CK! F*CK MEEEE! You have actually thought this through!"

    Jiang Fei's heart turned cold. He had originally planned to ask Han Tianyu to save him. In the end, this old pervert was actually capable or ordering Han Tianyu to do things for him. He must be somebody huge. If the imaginary master does not turn up, what would happen to him?

    As Jiang Fei's mind raced about, old man Hai wasted no time. He tucked Jiang Fei under his arm and bent his knees. Suddenly, it felt like they were flying parallel to the ground. Jiang Fei could sense that the scenery and objects around him were moving backwards -- rapidly. It was akin to the sensation of sitting in Han Tianyu's race car as they cruised on the road. Wait, this was even faster than the race car!

    "Your mother! Is this the so-called Inner Qi?"

    Jiang Fei was secretly shocked!

    In just slightly more than half an hour, old man Hai had traveled up to a hundred kilometers with a man in his hands. They had moved from the town, to the suburbs, and then to the mountainous area!

    "Hey! Old man, where are we going?"

    Jiang Fei had switched to a far politer tone when talking to the old man now. Not only was this old fellow crazy, but his abilities were also just as crazy. Therefore, it was better if Jiang Fei did not upset him!
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