183 The Eldest Son of the Demon King

    Approximately a hundred meters before him stood a strange looking tree. It was not very tall -- barely within two meters. It was also barren. Not a single leaf remained on it. This was a dead, rotting tree.

    Five ugly looking fruits hung off the seemingly dead tree. These fruits had yellowy green skin and were covered with blotches and a layer of thin hair.

    If not for the guidance from the Treasure Hunting Ring, Jiang Fei would have dismissed this grotesque sight as background rubbish.

    As he ran forward, Jiang Fei very quickly scanned the surroundings. This was a valley. There were cliffs on both sides of the valley. There was no place for one to hide, so Jiang Fei was led to believe that nobody was guarding the Fruits of the Devil!

    "Can't waste any time. At worst, I'll only die once!"

    Jiang Fei made up his mind and sped towards the Fruits of the Devil.

    As the Mysterious Ring could reveal hidden enemies, Jiang Fei was sure there were no hidden guardians of the treasure around the place. The guardian must have left its post, or it would only appear as soon as Jiang Fei plucked the fruits. In any case, as long as Jiang Fei stored the Fruits of the Devil in his spatial ring, nothing could ever wring those fruits out of his dead body. His Race Quest took precedence over his potential loss of equipment.

    Jiang Fei's equipment was not exactly worthless, but among them was the Divine Blacksmith's Blazing Hammer and the Black Dragon Scale. The Divine Blacksmith's Blazing Hammer was a Hidden Class' special weapon, while the Black Dragon Scale was a Quest item. They would never drop from his corpse. Jiang Fei was willing to sacrifice his life and all of his other equipment in exchange for the five Fruits of the Devil!

    A hundred meters was nothing to Jiang Fei. He was able to reach the Fruits of the Devil slightly over ten seconds.

    Jiang Fei reached out with his hand to pluck one of the Fruits of the Devil.

    "Ding! You have been affected by the Poison effect. You will lose 100 Health Points every second for one minute!"

    Jiang Fei immediately downed a bottle of Health Potion as he looked at the Fruit of the Devil in his hand.

    Fruit of the Devil (Potion, Epic)

    Effect: Unknown.

    Remark: You could feel the destructive force contained within the fruit even through the layer of skin!

    Remark: The skin of the fruit contains a shocking poison. Anyone who touches it would become poisoned!


    Jiang Fei was taken aback for a moment. He quickly tossed the Fruit of the Devil into his backpack and subsequently moved it to his spatial ring.

    His surroundings were still deathly still. It seemed like no monster would appear after he plucked the fruits. The guardian must be taking a break.

    "Come on! Drop already would you!"

    The Poison effect was incredibly toxic and, if stacked five times, Jiang Fei would lose 500 Health Points every second. Not even Jiang Fei would last for a minute against such poison. However, he had already made up his mind. Any risk was worth this.

    Jiang Fei ignored the Poison effect and directly reached for the fruits with his hand. In no time at all, he managed to pluck all four remaining Fruits of the Devil and placed them in his spatial ring.

    "Whew!" Jiang Fei sighed in relief. He had finally plucked all of the fruits. His death would be worthwhile now.

    However, Jiang Fei was relieved to learn that the other fruits only extended the Poison effect and did not stack. He would be able to live on by continuously drinking Health Potions.

    His survival now secured, Jiang Fei started looking for a way out. After all, only fools would lay down and let death take them. The vibrations coming from the entrance to the cave were growing more intense. Clearly, the Lava Demon Hound was getting closer!

    There was no way Jiang Fei could leave by the way he had come. His only way out was to keep moving forward!

    Just as Jiang Fei had decided to walk through the valley, a black shadow suddenly appeared before him!


    The black shadow shot past Jiang Fei's head and seemed to not have noticed him. Jiang Fei was able to take a good look at the face of the figure.

    It was a giant that stood over five meters. It was as terrifying as it was muscular. A huge flaming sword was slung over its back. Some huge beasts' have had their hides turned into his garments. The giant strode barefooted towards the Lava Demon Hound. In just a few steps, it closed the distance.

    "Aha!" As the giant shouted out angrily, and in one fluid motion, retrieved the giant sword from behind its back and sliced off the Lava Demon Hound's head.


    The Lord ranked Lava Demon Hound rank did not even have time to react before its corpse fell to the ground.

    "F*ck me... What kind of freak is this..."

    Jiang Fei felt weak around his knees. This was an eye-opening scene. A Lord ranked monster taken down in one second. This was too barbaric!


    Jaw-dropping scene after jaw-dropping scene unfolded before his eyes. The giant lifted its sword yet again and sliced off one of the hind legs of the Lava Demon Hound.

    The giant then placed the ten-meter-long limb on its shoulder and walked towards Jiang Fei.

    "Oh f*ck no!" Jiang Fei turned around and started to run away.


    With a huge leap, the giant instantly appeared before Jiang Fei. The action left a massive crater in the ground.

    "F*ck you! F*ck me! F*ck this **!"

    Jiang Fei instantly understood that the giant had, in fact, noticed him earlier on. He was truly an insect in the face of this being. It even had the gall to go hunting before coming back for him!

    Dhakasoron (Demon, Highlord)

    Level: 95

    Health Points: 88,000,000

    Attack Power: 380,000

    Skills: Divine Slash, Destructive Stampede, Storm of Swords, Raging Cleave.

    Divine Slash: Instantly attacks the opponent, dealing damage equivalent to 500% of his Attack Power.

    Destructive Stampede: Stampedes on the ground to cause a shockwave, dealing damage equivalent to 200% of his Attack Power to enemies in a thirty meter radius.

    Blade Fury: Dhakasoron rapidly swings his sword while his body spins around. Deals 300% of his Attack Power to surrounding enemies every second. Continues for 10 seconds. When the skill is active, Dhakasoron has 300% increased Movement Speed!

    Raging Cleave: Dhakasoron instantly slashes the target before him. If the target's Level or Rank is below Dhakasoron's, the target will die instantly. If the target's Level or Rank is above Dhakasoron, the target will receive 1000% of Dhakasoron's Attack Power as damage!

    Remark: Dhakasoron is the Demon King Ulysses' eldest son. He has the battle power close to that of an Overlord's. However, as he was birthed from an incestuous relationship, he is rather slow in the head!

    "You gotta be **ting me!"

    When Jiang Fei saw the monster's attributes, he nearly lost his mind. This was a Vice-Lord at Level 95. This was definitely one of the highest Ranked monsters Jiang Fei had ever seen!

    "If this fellow went to Dawnlight City, I am sure that no one could stop him!" Jiang Fei mumbled to himself.

    "What are you?"

    While Jiang Fei was still stunned by the sight before him, Dhakasoron knelt down and poked Jiang Fei with a finger as he asked the question curiously.

    "Oh **!"

    That single prod had nearly sent Jiang Fei falling over. The finger had been as thick as a human's leg. He cursed in his heart. At the same time, he felt some relief in his heart. After all, if the monster attacked him, Jiang Fei would certainly die in an instant. This simple, curious nature had bought him some time. Jiang Fei decided to play along. This was not his first time tricking others.
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