185 Holy Item and Skill Book!

    The joy from Levelling did not occupy Jiang Fei's heart for long. It was quickly overwhelmed by the shining corpse of Dhakasoron. This was a Highlord! He had to drop some proper goodness!

    Overlords were considered the highest rank in the game! Apart from Celestial beings, Overlords ranked at the top. In fact, Dhakasoron was not a clone. He was a fully-fledged Highlord!

    Jiang Fei arrived in just a few steps. Although Jiang Fei should have been used to picking up loots by now, his hands were shaking in anticipation.

    "Come on! Skill Book! Hidden Class Transfer Token, Legendary Nine Piece Set!" Jiang Fei mumbled to himself. This boss had been ridiculously powerful. Jiang Fei wished for all the most valuable items he could think of!


    As Jiang Fei's hands touched the corpse, a stream of purplish golden light appeared!

    Abraham, Destroyer of Kingdoms (Two-handed Sword, Holy Item)

    Attack Power + 100,000

    Strength: +8,000

    Vitality: +2,000

    Equip: Your attacks have a Splash effect, dealing 80% damage to enemies within a three-meter radius of your target!

    Equip: Obtain Passive Skill - (True) Bashful Halo. You and your teammates in a 50-meter radius have 300% increased Attack Power!

    Equip: Obtain Skill - Demon Rage. Increase Attack Power by 500% for 30 seconds. At the end of Demon Rage, all of your Ability attributes decrease by 50% for one hour. Cooldown time is four hours.

    Equip Requirement: 2,800 Strength and 1,500 Agility!

    Title Requirement: Dragon Executioner!

    Remark: Abraham, Destroyer of Kingdoms was created using the first Demon King Abraham's broken horn. The weapon was so powerful that even Gods were wary of it.

    "F*ck me silly..." There and then, Jiang Fei almost lost his sanity. This was the sword which Dhakasoron was carrying earlier!

    Holy Items were mighty equipment that had the qualities of both Legendary and Celestial grade equipment. Their attributes were ten times stronger than normal equipment. However, they were as rare as the Celestial grade equipment. These Holy Items usually belonged to Ranked monsters as part of their original equipment, and were not on any Drop list tables. They would only drop after the monsters were killed, much like how players lose their equipped items after they die.

    However, Holy Items represented something unique to the monster factions which possessed these items.

    If a player obtained it, he would immediately become the public enemy of these monster races. Upon entering a map where such monsters are present, the monsters would surround and kill him without a doubt. The monsters would want to get back their Holy Item at all costs!

    The Destroyer of Kingdoms was extremely powerful, but it left a bad aftertaste in Jiang Fei's mouth. The steep requirements meant that specialized classes could one day wield it, after a lot of hard work.

    However, Jiang Fei's Divine Blacksmith Class had determined that he could only equip hammers. This sword would never be his to wield.

    Although Jiang Fei had acquired a Holy Item, he could only admire it. He was not even able to sell it!

    Firstly, the requirements for equipping this item were just off the charts. Who would have 2,800 Strength and 1,500 Agility? Even with a full set of equipment which increased his Vitality, Jiang Fei only had 330 Vitality Points. If one wanted to equip this item, even with a good set of equipment, he would need to be at least Level 80!

    Apart from that, there was also the ridiculous Title requirement. Players all started off with the same Title of Adventurer. After players reached Level 60, they would gain access to the Promotion System. They could then improve their Title through challenging quests. The Titles began with the Adventurer, followed by Explorer, Elite Explorer, Dragon Slayer, Dragon Executioner, Anti-God, and finally ended with Challenger of Gods at the top.

    The lowest difficulty of Title Challenge Quests corresponded with that of a normal dungeon. When one reached the level of Dragon Executioner, the difficulty would be equivalent to a single-player unknown dungeon.

    At Level 28, Jiang Fei had been to a Level 25 single-player unknown dungeon. He had left without attempting to fight it. One could see how difficult the Title Challenge Quests are!

    "Forget it. I should keep this hidden for now!" Jiang Fei said as he shook his head and tossed Abraham, Destroyer of Kingdoms into his spatial ring.

    He did not dare store it in his backpack. As the entire monster area had been wiped out due to the Gnome Destructive Setup, he had been able to obtain the Holy Item without being confronted by the surrounding little monsters. The moment they start respawning, he would be in serious trouble.

    After he stowed it away, Jiang Fei continued to check out the other dropped items.

    Divine Battle Technique: Ruthless Barrage!

    Use: Obtain the Passive Skill - Ruthless Barrage!

    Ruthless Barrage: Your every attack increases your Attack Power by 20% for 5 seconds. The maximum number of stacks is 10!

    A Skill Book emitting a bright golden light fell into Jiang Fei's hands. The Divine Battle Technique was not limited by any Class or Level requirements!

    "Oh, something good!"

    Jiang Fei was beyond happy. This was the third Skill Book he had discovered. The first was a Divine Art Skill Book while the second was a Seal Curse Spell Skill Book, both of which could not be used by him.

    Finally, the Highlord Dhakasoron he killed today had dropped the Divine Battle Technique that Jiang Fei could only dream of!

    "Ding! You have learned the Passive Skill - Ruthless Barrage!"

    Jiang Fei did not even hesitate to learn the skill. His greatest weakness was his low Battle Power. Although the Ice Burst and Triple Bash skills -- which dealt damage according to his Health Points -- were not too bad, their cooldowns were atrocious. After that small burst of damage, he would be back to hitting like a wet nugget.

    Now that he had Ruthless Barrage, Jiang Fei's would be able to deal some decent damage. As the Blazing Hammer was a single-handed weapon and possessed no actual offensive power of its own, it allowed Jiang Fei to have very high Attack Speed. It was only second to weapons like Daggers. Stacking the Ruthless Barrage's Passive effect would be no trouble!

    Although Jiang Fei was eager to try out the Ruthless Barrage, he was still in a high-Level map. The monsters would end up having him as a free snack!

    Besides, the corpse before him was still glowing. There were still items for him to loot. He willfully restrained himself and continued to pick up the items.

    Demon Son's Necklace (Necklace, Legendary)

    Attack Power +5,150

    Strength: +400

    Vitality: +200

    Equip: Your attacks ignore 20% of the target's Armor.

    Equip: Your attacks have a 20% chance to knockback your opponent by two meters!

    Equip: Your attacks deal an additional 30% damage!

    Level Requirement: 85

    "Ah, damnit!" Jiang Fei cursed under his breath. It was by no means terrible equipment, but the Level Requirement of 85 was ridiculous!

    However, Jiang Fei had overlooked the fact that the item came from a Level 95 Highlord. How could the monster possibly drop anything for his level?

    With a disappointed look, Jiang Fei turned his gaze towards the still-glowing corpse.
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