188 Secret Underground Room

    "Hold it right there! This area is under the jurisdiction of the Arkosios Sanctuary. Leave now, and save us all the trouble!"

    A mid-ranked official from Arkosios Sanctuary stepped out.

    "Screw the sanctuary, let's run him over!"

    Jiang Fei did not even hesitate before barreling through.

    "Ho- **! You're for real?"

    The official never expected that group to charge on. He barely had over ten bodyguards escorting him. He did not stand a chance.

    "Boss, that guy looks like Verdure Glider!"

    One of the members spoke up. Previously, as Daemon's Grimace was still trading equipment with Jiang Fei, that particular member had helped in the trading process. That was why he recognized the renowned blacksmith-tank.

    "What?!" The official was stunned. They would have been prepared to die in the name of Arkosios Sanctuary. But would things be this simple with Verdure Glider?

    Verdure Glider was known to be closely related to the new boss of The Aristocrats. If his action earned the wrath of The Aristocrats, he could never bear the burden.

    "Guild master! This is bad! Verdure Glider just led a small army into our territory!" The official helplessly reported the incident to Daemon's Grimace.

    "Eh? What's he done? More like, what did you do to offend him?"

    Despite the chaos in Dawnlight City, the guards were not ignorant. Players who attacked one another for no reason would still be in trouble with the law. Daemon's Grimace did not believe that Jiang Fei would attack unprovoked.

    "Not at all! We stuck to our spots!" The official protested indignantly. He had been falsely accused. If anything, he was more confused than anyone present.

    "Stay put. I'm on my way," Daemon's Grimace said with a frown.

    This was a bad time to get into a war between guilds. The alliance between the three guilds was still as fragile as ever. If word came that he was the source of a major war, Magithieves and Omnisword would surely order him around like a slave!

    Without any proper investigation, the tactful Daemon's Grimace did not intend to be anyone's scapegoat.

    Jiang Fei could not care less. His large group walked right past the members of Arkosios Sanctuary.

    It was time to work outside the shadows. After all, the room was located within Arkosios Sanctuary's area of occupation. Either way, they would be alerted to his presence. His only chance was to charge into the room before Arkosios Sanctuary had time to react.

    His large group could bar anyone else from entry. A doorway was all that allowed passage into the little house. If a hundred of them stood there, not a single intruder would get past. He could take his time investigating the room with a small elite force.

    With that idea in mind, Jiang Fei disregarded everything else and charged towards his destination.

    "Big Brother Bear, get a formation up and make sure no one follows me in. Do not attack, unless attacked first. If you think you're getting overwhelmed, back into the room, and take some pot shots through the windows. Just keep them out!"

    Jiang Fei gave Big Brother Bear some instructions before entering the room with Rosette Rose, Zhao Feng and a few other people.

    "Aiya!" Rosette Miaomiao cried out and covered her nose the moment they entered the room.

    Jiang Fei frowned. The stench of blood was overwhelming. More than he could remember. The runes were now glowing red. They appeared to have been activated.

    "Ah Fei! What is going on here?" Rosette Rose asked.

    "I am not sure, we should split up to investigate!" Jiang Fei said as he carefully observed every corner in the room.

    "Eh?" Jiang Fei suddenly discovered a yellow arrow pointing towards a corner to his back. The Mysterious Ring was pointing something out to him.

    "Mengmeng, head over to check that out with Rosette Dazzledance!"

    Although the Mysterious Ring was trying to show him something, Jiang Fei did not have any skills to trigger traps or hidden levers. He still needed a Thief to check the place out.

    "Alright!" The two girls nodded as they followed his directions.

    "There is a trapdoor here!" It did not take long for Sun Mengmeng to spot it.

    "Rosette Dazzledance, step aside. Prepare your healing potions, Sun Mengmeng, and be ready to heal yourself!" Jiang Fei said as he signaled for Sun Mengmeng to open the trapdoor.


    As Sun Mengmeng opened the trapdoor, it creaked most disturbingly, but no traps were triggered.

    "Thieves will lead the way. The rest, follow them!" Jiang Fei walked behind Sun Mengmeng and headed for the basement.


    As soon as they entered the underground room, a monster bounded up to them. It was a huge rat, the size of a human. It had been skinned clean. Its bare, pink muscles stood out in clear sight. Blood vessels lined its skin. It was completely and utterly disgusting.

    Demonized Sewer Rat (Beast, Elite)

    Level: 30

    Health Points: 9,900

    Attack Power: 1,100

    Skills: None.

    Remark: This was a regular sewer rat which has been demonized by someone!

    "Do not panic. Take it down!" Jiang Fei swiftly attacked the monster as he spoke to the crowd behind him.

    Jiang Fei did not find the lone Level 30 normal Elite monster to be worthy of any real effort on his part. He would have been comfortable with defeating even a group of them. It was quickly slain by the group.

    The group pressed on. More demonized critters came up to greet them. There were demonized rats, spiders or some cockroaches. All of them were Level 30 Elite monsters. Sometimes they came alone, and other times in groups. Nevertheless, Jiang Fei's powerful group proceeded with ease.

    Meanwhile, outside the house, Big Brother Bear and his group stood guard. An even larger group that dwarfed theirs was having a tense stand-off against them.

    "Ask Verdure Glider to come out now. I need to speak with him," Daemon's Grimace said to Big Brother Bear and his lot as he stood before Arkosios Sanctuary's members.

    "What do you want with our young master? If you have anything to say, say it to me. Our young master is still busy. Why would he have time to deal with someone like you?" Big Brother Bear did not recognize Daemon's Grimace. On top of that, they were clearly not here on friendly terms. Big Brother Bear was not even bothered to remain polite.

    Daemon's Grimace had tried to contact Jiang Fei through a private message. However, Jiang Fei was too occupied to bother with it. Clearly, when they had discovered the underground room, Jiang Fei knew something was down there. Be it a treasure or something else, he was not planning to share it with anyone else.

    Since trying to contact Jiang Fei was futile, and Daemon's Grimace did not want the situation to escalate any further, he had to turn to Big Brother Bear.

    Unfortunately, Big Brother Bear was neither the most diplomatic nor was he the most amicable person around. Moreover, Big Brother Bear was very loyal to Jiang Fei and took his instructions to heart. Therefore, as soon as Daemon's Grimace opened his mouth, he soon found that he was speaking to a wall of steel!
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