190 Underground Secrets

    As Happy Drunk attempted to pressure Han Tianyu into reaching out to the three other guilds, Jiang Fei and the others had already gone far into the basement!

    When they first entered the basement, Jiang Fei had thought that this place was a wine cellar. While the basement was becoming narrower the further they walked, it was also becoming longer. This was an underground passage.

    At that stage, the snakes, worms, rats, and ants had all demonized into monsters. However, the intruders were Jiang Fei and the others. Rather than clog up the flow, they only ended up giving those intruders lots of Experience!

    As they delved deeper into the passage, the level of the monsters started to increase. It started with Level 30 Elites, and now, there were Level 32 Elites. Occasionally, a small, Advanced Elite leader would lead a group of Elite monsters to try and halt their progress.

    After walking for about a few hundred meters, Jiang Fei had lost their bearings. They were underground, with no way of telling where the sun rose. He no longer knew which building they were under, but the passage was showing signs of widening.

    "Yo! There's another small boss!" When the passage widened by approximately five or six meters, Jiang Fei smiled at the sight of a small Intermediate Boss!

    Demonized Sewer Crocodile (Wild Beast, Intermediate)

    Level: 32

    Health Points: 80,000

    Attack Power: 1,400

    Skills: Bite, Sweeping Tail

    Bite: Immediately attacks the target and causes a bleeding effect.

    Sweeping Tail: Immediately attacks targets behind and on both sides, causing a lot of damage and knocking them back.

    Remarks: A demonized sewer creature with significant combat prowess!

    "Nothing special with this guy. Melee attackers, to me!" Jiang Fei gave an order before running straight to the boss.

    Ice Burst!






    Jiang Fei quickly generated aggro. After he gained the Passive Skill: Ruthless Multi-attacks, Jiang Fei discovered that Bash's attacks could also be stacked. Thus, after he stacked his damage up, things would become easier for him!

    Each attack could increase the damage by 20%, and it could be stacked a maximum of ten times. In a short time, Jiang Fei's Attack Power would be tripled. This would allow the originally soft-hitting Jiang Fei to quickly match any specialized DPS class!

    Currently, Jiang Fei's Attack Power was around 400. After a 200% increase, it would end up at nearly 1,300! Although it was still not up to par with elites like Lady Casanova or Chen Xi, it was a lot higher than an average Warrior.

    It would take a while before Jiang Fei's Attack Power could reach such heights. Moreover, once he stopped attacking for more than five seconds, his Attack Power would return to normal. Even so, Jiang Fei was pleased with his progress.

    After more than ten seconds, Jiang Fei's attacks were dealing more than 1,000 damage. Along with the attacks coming from the others with him, the small Intermediate boss did not even last a minute.

    The small boss dropped a Blue Leather Armor Bracelet. After Sun Mengmeng defeated Rosette Phantom in rock-paper-scissors, she kept the Bracelet in her bag. Although Sun Mengmeng had gotten to know them just not too long ago, she had already accepted the rules of rock-paper-scissors being the determiner when it came to loot.

    Although it was only a Blue Bracelet, it was still a Level 30 equipment. This was why the four major guilds had intended to snatch the boss before this. Unfortunately, those four major guilds were still outside. Bosses like these were easy to kill and dropped Level 30 Blue equipment. It was ideal or even small and medium-sized guilds.

    After killing the Crocodile boss, Jiang Fei and the others finally arrived at the end of the passage.


    Jiang Fei gasped at the sight before him.


    Sun Mengmeng and Rosette Miaomiao could not help it but cover their mouths. As they grabbed onto Jiang Fei's shoulders, the both of them started to retch.


    Rosette Rose looked disgusted. Although her reaction was not as exaggerated as Sun Mengmeng's and Rosette Miaomiao's, she seemed quite uncomfortable.

    "F*ck! Do they have to make everything so disgusting?"

    Even Zhao Feng was frowning.

    There was a wide, big hall before Jiang Fei and the others. There was nothing else in the huge hall, except for an enormous blood pool in the middle of the hall. The blood in the blood pool was constantly churning. Some people were casting spells around the pool, and others were throwing some materials into the blood pool.

    Next to the blood pool were piles of corpses. Corpses that comprised the dead flesh of wild beasts and humans! Clearly, these corpses were the source of the blood in the blood pool!

    "Damn! We've been discovered!"

    "Stop them, quickly!"

    "We can't let them interrupt Master Sava's spells!"


    The aggro was quickly picked up.

    "Everyone, get ready to fight!" Jiang Fei shouted. At that moment, a group of people had already charged towards them.

    Katya Bandit (Humanoid, Elite)

    Level: 30

    Health Points: 9,000

    Attack Power: 1,200

    Skills: None

    Katya Warrior (Humanoid, Elite)

    Level: 30

    Health Points: 12,000

    Attack Power: 1,000

    Skills: None

    The first batch of monsters that charged towards them consisted of these two types. They were not very strong, but they outnumbered the players. That single wave consisted of about seventeen or eighteen in total!

    Ice Burst!





    As the monsters rushed over in a group, Jiang Fei caught them altogether with a single Ice Burst. Jiang Fei had grown proficient with the skill now. He knew just how to utilize its conical range.

    "Fatty, activate your Fire Arts!" Jiang Fei turned back and shouted. Now that he had steadily pulled the aggro of the monsters, the others were free to go after the monsters.

    The first wave of monsters gave Jiang Fei and the others practically zero pressure. As Jiang Fei was a solid tank, each monster only dealt barely over 100 damage to him. The Healers were not burdened at all and could heal him at leisure.

    As soon as the first wave of monsters was cleared, the second wave moved in.

    The monsters in the second wave were roughly the same as those in the first wave, but there was an additional Advanced Elite leader.

    Katya Captain (Humanoid, Advanced Elite)

    Level: 31

    Health Points: 33,000

    Attack Power: 1,300

    Skills: Cleave, Command Aura.

    Cleave: Immediately attacks two other enemies near the current target.

    Command Aura: Increases your Attack Power and the Attack Power of nearby allies by 20%!

    Remarks: A core member of the Brotherhood of Katya!

    "Healers, stop daydreaming! This wave is harder!" Jiang Fei quickly called out to Rosette Rose and Rosette Miaomiao. After all, the Captain's damage stood out on its own. It was comparable to that of weaker small bosses. Moreover, Command Aura was going to be extremely troublesome. It directly increased Attack Power by 20%, which sent the damage of the monsters soaring!

    "Fatty, switch Arts, target the Captain!" Jiang Fei quickly made a decision. Killing more than a dozen monsters at once was more time-consuming, and this would place more pressure on the Healers. It was better to focus on killing the Captain first, as they would be able to eradicate one damage source and also remove the effect of Command Aura on the other monsters.
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