191 Ferocious Mutants

    Although the Captain had more than 30,000 Health Points, it quickly fell to the well-rounded party. As soon as the Captain died, the Healers were able to breathe freely again. Jiang Fei was now back in his comfort zone.

    After they cleared the second wave of monsters, Jiang Fei and the others had a chance to rest. Everyone immediately sat down and ate stuff to recover their Health and Mana Points.

    "Master! This is bad! Our brothers have all fallen, should we fall back?"

    "No! Our plan is about to succeed! We cannot afford to retreat!"


    A cutscene had been triggered. After the brief exchanges between the members of the Brotherhood of Katya in front, it was clear that players could not avoid a fight with them.

    "Let's go to them. They're not going to budge from those positions!"

    A fully recovered Jiang Fei stood up.


    The others nodded and were prepared for the battle.

    At this time, only five monsters remained beside the blood pool. There were four Katya Wizards and another boss!

    Katya Wizard (Humanoid, Elite)

    Level: 32

    Health Points: 22,000

    Magic Attack Power: 1,400

    Skill: Shadow Bolt.

    Shadow Bolt: Fires a Shadow Bolt at the enemy, dealing 120% of your Magic Attack Power as damage. Three seconds casting time!

    Remarks: A core member of Katya, the main spellcaster of the Brotherhood of Katya.

    Warlock Sava (Humanoid, Leader)

    Level: 33

    Health Points: 100,000

    Magic Attack Power: 1,600

    Skills: Shadow Bolt, Bloodlust, Demonized Infection.

    Shadow Bolt: Fires a Shadow Bolt to the enemy, dealing 120% of your Magic Attack Power as damage. Three seconds casting time!

    Bloodlust: The target's Attack and Casting Speed is increased by 100%!

    Demonized Infection: Immediately infects a friendly target or corpse, causing them to demonize and fight for you!

    Remarks: One of the core leaders of the Brotherhood of Katya! Very dangerous, all individuals involved in killing him will gain a lot of Reputation in the Human Faction in Dawnlight City!

    "We'll have to fight the four Wizards together, they can't be separated. I'll assign the tasks. Mengmeng, you will be in charge of Wizard number one; do not forget to interrupt his Shadow Bolt. All five monsters are mages, if we allow them to complete their spells, our Healers will be overrun. Phantom is in charge of Wizard number two, Little Rain number three, Fox number four; whatever it is, do not forget to interrupt their spells!"

    Interrupting their spells was their number one priority.

    "Dazzledance, you fill in later. If a monster has been buffed by the boss's Bloodlust, grab that monster's attention. When that happens, sister Rose will turn around to heal you!" Jiang Fei continued to assign tasks. The girls from the clan were already used to Jiang Fei having some hidden insight on the boss.

    Little Rain was the only one frowning. The others did not doubt Jiang Fei's ability of foresight. After all, most of the people in this party were girls. Most of them played games for fun, and they were too lazy to bother about such worrisome things. The only smart one, Rosette Rose, knew that Jiang Fei had a lot of secrets, but she was smart enough to know not to ask too much.

    "Okay, fatty, activate Fire Arts. Let's kill the Wizards first!"

    Jiang Fei prepared himself.

    "Alright!" As soon as Zhao Feng activated Fire Arts, Jiang Fei attacked!

    Ice Burst!



    Two monsters were frozen on the spot almost immediately.

    Battle Cry!

    Using an impressively wideranged aggro-generating skill, Jiang Fei managed to pull the aggro of all five monsters onto himself. At the same time, he used Intercept and stunned a Wizard who had gotten away from the ice.


    Little Rain's skill silently took effect, interrupting the last Wizard's casting.

    "Fatty, you and Bubbles, with me. The others, just take care of your own Wizards!" Jiang Fei shouted. The monsters here were all Magicians, so they dealt a lot of damage to him. As tough as he was, it was better if the spells were interrupted as often as possible!

    While the four wizards were hamstrung, the boss successfully cast Shadow Bolt.

    Demon's Harbourage!

    Jiang Fei immediately activated his skill.


    A high amount of damage appeared above the boss's head. Once again, Jiang Fei had successfully played the role of Murong Fu, allowing the boss to have a taste of its own medicine!

    However, as the cooldown time of Demon's Harbourage was relatively long, Jiang Fei took the full damage of the next Shadow Bolt from the boss. Fortunately, Jiang Fei had successfully generated the boss's aggro through the reflected Shadow Bolt, so the Healers could heal him without worry.

    At that moment, Rosette Rose was already Level 28, and Rosette Miaomiao was already Level 27. Both of them were far more effective healers now, more than ever.



    Rosette Fox failed to interrupt the casting, and a Shadow Bolt slammed into Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei's Health Points took a chunk off. As Rosette Rose and Rosette Miaomiao could only maintain Jiang Fei's Health Points, it was impossible for the 1,500 Health Points lost to this attack to be recovered!

    "Please watch it. We can't afford too many of these mistakes!" Jiang Fei reminded them.


    With a scream, the first monster collapsed.

    Although only three people were attacking -- Jiang Fei included, the monsters barely had over 20,000 Health Points. Moreover, their Defense was incomparable to that of the boss's, so twenty seconds was all it took to dispatch each of them.

    "You b*stards!"

    When his brother fell, Warlock Sava immediately became furious and activated Bloodlust.

    Suddenly, one monster turned red. The casting speed had been doubled, and a Shadow Bolt was fired every 1.5 seconds, so fast that Rosette Phantom could not keep up with it.


    Rosette Dazzledance responded swiftly. She only allowed the monster time to cast one more Shadow Bolt before she stunned the buffed monster with Bloodlust!


    Rosette Dazzledance grabbed the aggro of this monster, and Rosette Rose began to heal her.

    "Switch targets, kill the one in the Bloodlusted state first!"

    Jumping Slash!

    In an instance, Jiang Fei was directly in front of this monster. He immediately started attacking.

    -2,521! (Critical Hit!)

    The first attack after Jumping Slash would be a guaranteed critical strike. Jiang Fei had already activated Ruthless Multi-attacks ten times, so each time his hammer went down, it dealt more than 2,000 damage. The two Magicians who were at home with their high damage, Little Rain and Rosette Fox, were extremely shocked to see those figures.


    A lapse in concentration allowed the monster that Little Rain was in charge of to send a Shadow Bolt at Jiang Fei.

    Jiang Fei's Health Points decreased, once again. This was after another Shadow Bolt that Sun Mengmeng had failed to interrupt. Jiang Fei only had 8,000 Health Points left at this time.

    "Hang in there, guys! Help Mengmeng interrupt them. Phantom, go and help Xiaoyu!"

    As Jiang Fei attacked the monster in front of him in a frenzy, he readjusted the positions of those responsible for interrupting the spells. After all, the monster right before him was already near death. If there were only two monsters left, it would be much easier to interrupt them!
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