193 The Reason Behind the Monster Invasion!

    Warlock Shoulderguard (Chainmail, Quality: Legendary)

    Physical Defense +158

    Magic Defense +94

    Strength: +5

    Vitality: +17

    Block Chance: +5%

    Equipment: Allows you to acquire the skill - Lightning Jolt. You will wave your weapon and hit the ground, immediately causing 200 damage to all enemies within the range of eight meters, while reducing their Movement Speed by 40% and Attack Speed by 20%. The effects last for 20 seconds! Cooldown time: 1 minute! (This skill will generate a lot of aggro!)

    Level Requirement: 30

    The first item dropped by the boss was a Legendary Chainmail Shoulderguard. As he was the main Tank, Jiang Fei stowed it away in his bag without hesitation. After he equipped the Legendary Chainmail Shoulderguard, Jiang Fei handed the equipment that had the Battle Cry skill attached to it to Rosette Dazzledance.

    Jiang Fei's Maximum Health Points rose to a staggering 13,520! His Defense had also shot up, reaching 1,200!

    This Lightning Jolt could be said to be an enhanced version of Battle Cry. Not only could it weaken the enemy's Attack Power, but it also bogged down their Movement Speed. Moreover, the cooldown was much shorter than Battle Cry's!

    After putting on the new equipment, Jiang Fei continued to take equipment out of the boss's body.

    Warlock's Staff (Staff, Quality: Epic)

    Physical Attack +78

    Magic Attack +588

    Vitality: +10

    Intelligence: +15

    Equipment: Increases your Magic Attack by 15%!

    Level Requirement: 30

    "Good stuff!" Zhao Feng said.

    "I'm going to make the call and give this to Little Rain!" After Jiang Fei said that, he directly handed the equipment over to Little Rain, the new Magician.

    Nobody else in the party was more than Level 30 except for Jiang Fei. Even if they had such equipment now, they could not use it. Out of the two Magicians who could use this Staff, Little Rain was Level 29, and Rosette Fox was Level 28, so Jiang Fei gave the Staff to Little Rain. Although Rosette Fox was a little unhappy, the others did not say anything. After all, Little Rain would be able to equip this weapon very soon, and Rosette Fox might only reach Level 30 in two days, minimum.

    However, Rosette Rose's heart fell. Only she understood that Jiang Fei had started to distance himself from the girls in the clan. The girls' performance against the Zombiemen today had been atrocious. It was understandable for girls to be easily disgusted, but if you only served as a crutch to the party, you had no right to be there!

    Rosette Rose had been putting in a lot of effort these days. She had tried to train the girls and enhance their combat effectiveness. However, this was of no avail. Among the 40 girls who were originally in the clan, more than 20 of them were players who played the game purely for entertainment. They played "Dawn Break" for fun, so there was no use putting them through hard training. They did not even have the motivation to level up, let alone chase the top ranks!

    The vast majority of the remaining 20 would also quit after training for a few hours. They also played the game for fun. In their free time, they preferred to tease Jiang Fei and Little Rain. Who would even bother to get better at the game?

    Only the remaining few who were closest to Rosette Rose, like Rosette Miaomiao, Rosette Fox, and the others could hold on. However, even Rosette Rose herself was not that good at stomaching horrible scenes. As a result, in today's battle, the girls collectively dropped the ball, and Jiang Fei was extremely disappointed.

    As Rosette Rose was lost in her troubles, Jiang Fei had already started to distribute the third item.

    Warlock's Heart (Jewelry, Quality: Epic)

    Magic Attack +100

    Vitality: +10

    Spirit: +15

    Equipment: Increases your healing effects by 20%.

    Level Requirement: 30

    "Sister Rose, take this one!"

    This time, Jiang Fei was no longer asking for opinions. Instead, he exercised his right as the leader to distribute the equipment to the person he thought most suitable!

    "Mmm!" Rosette Rose nodded and said nothing more. Jiang Fei's actions at this time made her happy yet somewhat worried.

    She was happy that Jiang Fei had finally begun to establish his authority in the team. This was something that she had never seen before, which made her feel that Jiang Fei had grown up a little. The more powerful Jiang Fei became, the more opportunities she got to rely on Jiang Fei to achieve her own dreams.

    At the same time, Rosette Rose was also worried. She could work hard and ensure that she remains within Jiang Fei's core circle, but she was afraid that the other girls would soon be replaced by people around Jiang Fei.

    "I know that some of you might be dissatisfied with the direct distribution of equipment this time, but while you are dissatisfied, it is best if you also take a look at your performance!" Jiang Fei frowned and said.

    "Brother Fei..." Zhao Feng tried to stop Jiang Fei. After all, most of the people in the party were girls. Some of those words might just be too harsh.

    "Mmm! That's all I'm going to say. In the future, in team activities, the distribution of equipment will no longer be based on rock-paper-scissors or closeness. All equipment will be distributed according to one's contribution to the team!" Jiang Fei nodded. In fact, the principle of distributing items according to contributions has always been the standard upheld by major guilds. Previously, Jiang Fei had only allowed the girls to carry on with the rock-paper-scissors system because there were very few of them and he did not want to spoil the mood.


    All of the girls were born in rich families, and they felt a little unhappy hearing Jiang Fei's words. However, as the big sister Rosette Rose did not say anything, they naturally did not dare to speak. Instead, Rosette Phantom was smiling a little. She had stood out among the rest. She took horror films as comedy flicks. Not only was she not disgusted, but she also watched the scene with relish.

    After the distribution of equipment, Jiang Fei led the team and continued exploring.

    After the Warlock was killed, the blood pool in the hall no longer churned. The blood was quickly draining, revealing the bottom of the pool.

    "Brother Fei, look!"

    Zhao Feng was the first to discover something strange.


    Jiang Fei looked at where Zhao Feng was pointing at, only to see that the blood in the blood pool had disappeared entirely. However, the bottom of the pool looked like a layer of film which shone with a purple brilliance!

    Dungeon Entrance: Bottom of the Blood Pool

    Entry Requirements: Normal Difficulty - Average Party Level 30, Elite Difficulty - Average Party Level 33, Heroic Difficulty - Average Party Level 35.

    Remarks: This is the entrance to a different dimension opened by the Warlock. However, as the spell was interrupted halfway through, the world in this different dimension was only a small one, but the monsters inside still pose a significant threat!

    "Holy **! A dungeon entrance? Could the invasion incident in Dawnlight City this time be due to the activation of this dungeon's storyline?!" Jiang Fei looked at the hints given by the mysterious ring and suddenly felt elated.
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