194 No Chance Whatsoever!

    "You guys go back without me, I'll go in and have a look!" As the Average Party Level had to be 30 to enter, it was impossible for Jiang Fei to bring everyone into the dungeon, so he planned to head in alone and try it out.

    "I'll go with you!" Rosette Rose said.

    "Hmm... sounds good!" Jiang Fei nodded. Rosette Rose was currently Level 29, with only one more level to Level 30. Jiang Fei was Level 33, so the entry requirements could be met, even if he brought her. Also, Jiang Fei had a healer with him.

    Just as Jiang Fei was about to enter the Dungeon with Rosette Rose, Han Tianyu suddenly sent a message.

    "Ah Fei, did you guys discover anything from your side?" Han Tianyu asked.

    "Yeah! We killed a Level 30 Leader! How did you know?" Jiang Fei asked.

    "The monsters and small bosses outside are no longer respawning, and all the players are kill stealing the NPCs!" Han Tianyu said. These monsters were numerous as it was. The players even had to stay close to the NPC Guards to seek protection and pick on stragglers. But finally, the monsters were thinning. The players even had to keep the NPC Guards out of the area, in case they snatched these monsters away.

    "Oh! Maybe it was us. We interrupted an evil ceremony of the Brotherhood of Katya!"

    Jiang Fei had nothing to hide.

    "How were the drops?" Han Tianyu asked.

    "A few pieces of equipment, and the entrance to a Level 30 Dungeon," Jiang Fei said truthfully. This was because Big Brother Bear had already informed him about the situation outside. If Han Tianyu did not bring anyone to confront the three major guilds, he would not have been able to kill the Warlock that easily.

    "A Level 30 Dungeon?"

    Han Tianyu was immediately interested.

    Now, the mainstream players were all over Level 25. Members of the top parties were already more than Level 28, and six out of the ten top players in the Level Ranking Board were already over than Level 30. Just as Jiang Fei was transported to the demonic map, Han Tianyu had also reached Level 30.

    Now that all the players were of high level, the gains from "Depths of the Night" were almost negligible. After Level 25, they could not really get much Experience, even from a Heroic Dungeon, let alone low-quality Dungeons. Players only cleared Dungeons now to obtain equipment or Recipes. "Depths of the Night" was no longer suitable for leveling!

    Now that a Level 30 Dungeon had been discovered, a brand new leveling location had made its debut. There was no kill stealing in Dungeons. Moreover, even as a Normal Dungeon, it could also improve the leveling efficiency of pub players by a fair bit. Players would constantly be in Dungeons.

    Of course, most players could only attempt a Normal Dungeon once a day and try to get some Green equipment while leveling. Basically, only a fixed Elite team among the pub players would be able to clear a Dungeon of Elite Difficulty. As for Heroic Difficulty, pub players did not even have to think about it!

    "Yeah! A party has to have an Average Level of 30 to enter Normal mode!" Jiang Fei said, immediately extinguishing the flame within Han Tianyu.

    "Damn! Doesn't that mean that we still have to wait for a few days?" Han Tianyu rolled his eyes. Now, it was hard to get even the only six players above Level 30 in the entirety of Dawnlight City together. Moreover, they were all scattered in different guilds. So, if they wanted to form a complete Dungeon party, they still had to wait for at least two days!

    Although Jiang Fei could draw three Level 29 players into the Dungeon, there was a world of difference between Level 30 and Level 29. As players could do their Second Job Advancement at Level 30, great advantages over their First Job could be earned. Correspondingly, Level 30 Dungeons were also more difficult to deal with. So, if a Level 29 First Job character entered a Level 30 Dungeon, it could get really difficult for them!

    "If we're going to do it like how we normally do, we definitely have to wait a day or two. You guys should end the stand-off and take the opportunity to grab as many monsters and small bosses as you can before they're all killed!" Jiang Fei said.

    "Got it!" Han Tianyu nodded. They had wasted a lot of time standing off against the three major guilds. Now that things at Jiang Fei's side were over, snatching bosses and Experience Points was more important!

    "All of you, use a Return Scroll to go back to the city. Don't run into people from the three major guilds and avoid anything bad from happening." After Jiang Fei reminded the others in his party, he sent a message to Big Brother Bear, telling him to take the others in and withdraw with Han Tianyu.

    After the party members tore a Return Scroll and went back to the city, they left the party, one after another and started to chase down the monsters in the city. Jiang Fei entered the Dungeon with Rosette Rose!

    "Ding! You are about to enter the Dungeon "Bottom of the Blood Pool," please choose the Difficulty!"


    "Ding! The Normal Dungeon "Bottom of the Blood Pool" is a ten-man Dungeon. Your party is not complete, are you sure you want to enter?"

    "Holy **!" Jiang Fei was shocked. He had not expected the lowest Difficulty of this "Bottom of the Blood Pool" to not be a five-man Dungeon, but a ten-man Dungeon. Under these circumstances, would he really be able to fight with a single Healer?

    "Enter!" As shaken as he was, Jiang Fei still chose to enter. After all, there was always a safe area at the entrance of Dungeons, and they could accurately gauge the strength of the monsters. If they could not fight, they could use a Return Scroll and directly return to the city without any losses.

    *Swoosh* A white light flashed in front of their eyes, and Jiang Fei entered the Dungeon with Rosette Rose.

    After entering the Dungeon, there was a small platform, allowing the players to prepare before the battle. Not far from the small platform were two monsters at the door.

    Demon Lacerator (Xenogenesis, Elite)

    Level: 30

    Health Points: 13,000

    Attack Power: 1,300

    Skills: Laceration, Sever.

    Laceration: Rips at the enemy's wounds while attacking, causing a bleeding effect. Stackable five times.

    Sever: Immediately increase Attack Speed by 20%.

    "Tsss..." Jiang Fei gasped. The two monsters at the door were powerful enough as they were. Moreover, this was just a Normal Dungeon. If this was an Elite or Heroic Dungeon, what chance did they have?

    Jiang Fei was used to seeing monsters that were below Level 30. In contrast to that, these monsters were ridiculously powerful. As the strength of the players would greatly increase after their Second Job Advancement, correspondingly, the monsters would experience similar power-ups.

    Additionally, this "Bottom of the Blood Pool" was a ten-man Dungeon, so the monsters were far stronger than usual.

    "There's no need to fight!" Jiang Fei shook his head. As the two monsters guarding the door were already difficult enough for himself and Rosette Rose, the monsters inside would definitely come in groups. The two of them would never make it. Even if they managed to make it to the boss, their entire struggle would be for naught.

    "Okay!" Rosette Rose nodded, then tore a Return Scroll in unison with Jiang Fei.

    "Everyone, hurry and level up. After Second Job Advancements we shall rush to attempt "Bottom of the Blood Pool"!" Jiang Fei changed the guild notice after returning to Dawnlight City.

    "Since we can't attempt the Dungeon, I'll go and complete the Racial Quest first!"

    Now that he had time, the Race Quest took precedence over everything else.
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