195 Race Ques

    When Jiang Fei was transported out of the Dungeon, Dawnlight City was in more chaos than ever. As the monsters were decreasing by the minute, the Advanced Elite monsters and small bosses became scarce resources. More than ten parties were fighting for them. Some players who were too caught up with snatching monsters and even attacked other players. As a result, they were caught by the NPC Guards!

    Before this, as the Guards were busy resisting these monsters that came all of a sudden, they did not have time to bother about the fights between players. Thus, the players who attacked other players only had their levels decreased by half or one level. Now, the Guards had their hands free. If you attempted it in front of them, there would be no way of explaining oneself. They would directly kill you on the spot and decrease your level by one!

    When these players died, they would drop all the equipment they were wearing at the very least, attracting more players to join in on the fun. However, these players became smarter, knowing that they could only snatch the drops and curse at others, at most. None of them dared to attack any other players.

    Hundreds of people were snatching away at the dropped equipment. In the end, nobody could figure out who took what. The players that were killed by the NPCs could only cry, and cry they did. Even those that had guilds to back them up could do nothing, because they could not find who took their equipment in the first place!

    Of course, the irrational players were still a minority. That minority was barely enough to take away from Dawnlight City's chaos. Several groups of players were running all around the city, looking for individual monsters to kill. After all, the Experience and money that these Elite monsters gave were way better compared to the monsters out in the wild!

    Jiang Fei summoned his Earth Drake and rushed towards the hidden cave. At the same time, the heads of the three major guilds also brought their own members into the room and went down into the already opened basement.

    "That Tycoon actually backed off. Do you think there's a trap in here?" Southern Azuresword said, doubtful.

    "Hmph! There can only be two possibilities. Either the boss inside is too strong and Verdure Glider and the others can't fight it, or the boss has already been killed, and the treasures inside have already been taken away!" Daemon's Grimace snorted.

    "As much as I hate to say it, it's gotta be the latter. The monsters outside are decreasing as we speak, so something has definitely happened. I'm guessing Verdure Glider and the others have completed some sort of quest, or have already defused the invasion!" Lady Casanova analyzed.

    "Well, what are we doing here then?" Southern Azuresword asked.

    "We still need to go take a look. Even if we have to die, we need to understand what has happened!" Daemon's Grimace rolled his eyes at Southern Azuresword.

    The group walked forward and soon found the corpses of the monsters that Jiang Fei and the others had previously killed.

    "As expected! They came here for a purpose!" Lady Casanova said to herself.

    "Were they actually the ones behind the monster invasion incident this time?" Southern Azuresword asked.

    "It should be related to Verdure Glider. He would not have come down here almost immediately after. However, that stupid Tycoon might not have been kept in the loop. If not, when we divided territories previously, he could have immediately claimed this area as his territory!" Lady Casanova noted.

    "So, Verdure Glider and Please Call Me Tycoon are not on the same team?" Southern Azuresword asked.

    "No way! They're definitely on the same team. Didn't you see how the Tycoon rushed over here with people as soon as we made a move? Looking at his posture, I'm sure that if we dared to do anything to Verdure Glider's people, that Tycoon would fight us to death!" Daemon's Grimace muttered angrily.

    "Yeah! The two of them are definitely on the same team. However, this time, Verdure Glider might have triggered something unexpected, or some Hidden Quest. Before he could notify the Tycoon about it, the monsters had already invaded Dawnlight City. So, when we were segregating territories, that Tycoon did not understand the whole situation, which made him assign this area to Arkosios Sanctuary."

    Lady Casanova was almost spot-on.

    As the monsters along the way had been killed by Jiang Fei and the others, they progressed through the passage rather quickly. As they spoke, they finally arrived at the blood pool.

    "As expected, there was a boss!" The corpse of the Warlock was still in the room. His appearance gave off everything. This could not be an ordinary monster.

    *Sigh* "I wonder what good equipment this boss dropped!" Southern Azuresword said, his tone somewhat sour. A boss like this that spawned in the wild would be gone after it was killed, so the drops would trounce the bosses in Dungeons that respawned infinitely!

    "I'm more worried about the rewards given by this incident or Hidden Quest! What if the reward is some precious treasure like a Territory Order or something? It'll be over for us then!" Lady Casanova said.

    "I think I've discovered the final reward for this incident!" Daemon's Grimace suddenly said.

    "Hmm?" Lady Casanova and the others turned towards Daemon's Grimace, only to see him standing next to a pool.

    When everyone went to the edge of the pool, they immediately understood what the final reward was.

    A Level 30 Dungeon!

    This reward was absolutely divine. Unfortunately, it was not something that someone or a guild could take away!

    "Haha! Serves that Verdure Glider right! He actually did all the hard work for us!" Southern Azuresword laughed.

    "Hoho, a Level 30 Dungeon. Although we can't attempt it yet, the same is true for Fafner in the Azure. They won't be able to find ten Level 30 players!" Daemon's Grimace also nodded.

    "Alright! Let's all go back and quickly grind some levels. This time, we'll have to snatch the first kill. Based on the strength of our respective guilds, we definitely can't beat Verdure Glider and that Tycoon, so we must join hands!" Lady Casanova said.

    "Yeah!" Southern Azuresword and Daemon's Grimace nodded and agreed to the plan. After all, if each of their own guilds wanted to make a Level 30 party with ten people, Jiang Fei and the others would have already cleared the Dungeon.

    "Alright! See you!" After Lady Casanova said that, she left with her own people.

    They could not attempt the Dungeon anyway. Moreover, it did not look like Fafner in the Azure was going to send people to barricade this area and keep the Dungeon to themselves. Thus, they had no reason to start a fight or anything.

    After seeing the entrance to the Dungeon, the three guilds dispersed. Jiang Fei had also arrived at the entrance of the hidden cave with excitement. Before he entered the cave, Jiang Fei kept the Black Dragonscale into the Spatial Ring, as usual, to prevent it from ending up in the Black Naga Prince's hands...

    As he had been here so many times, Jiang Fei was already very familiar with the Dragonoid Guards. He casually nodded at them and went in on his own. The Dragonoid Guards did not even bother stopping him.

    "Verdure Glider, I heard that chaos broke out in Dawnlight City, what happened?" The Black Naga Prince Aeneidstrasza asked curiously.

    Although he was in the mountains far from the city, he was still quite well-informed.

    "The members of the Brotherhood of Katya went crazy. It seemed like they wanted to engage in some evil rituals. Instead of picking a simpler target, they chose to target Dawnlight City, the free home of all four different races. Thus, the people of all four races were contained within the city. I'm sure you can imagine the consequences!" Jiang Fei briefly said.

    "Verdure Glider, why have you come?" Princess Isabella did not know what was wrong with herself. When she saw Jiang Fei today, her heart began to throb. It was as if something big was going to happen!
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