198 The Last Stand at the Cave Entrance!

    "Sure!" Aeneidstrasza nodded. He was a Warrior type, and Famoss was a Magician. In a group battle, Famoss would be the greater threat. But if both of them dueled each other, Famoss would not be able to support the Luminous Church as well, so Aeneidstrasza still held the greater benefit.



    Two white streams of light appeared one after another, indicating that the two bosses had been sent to a different battlefield.

    "Hmph! Damned human traitor!" As soon as Famoss was gone, the female elf from the Luminous Church had the final say. She was already unhappy with Jiang Fei in the first place. Now that they had become enemies, Jiang Fei immediately caught the look in the female elf's eyes!

    "What the?! Don't drag me into stupid fights between your bosses!" Jiang Fei was shocked, and he quickly checked the attributes of the female elf!

    Kingsguard's Commander, Dycellar (Elf, Lord)

    Level: 60

    Health Points: 600,000

    Skills: All Ranger skills arrow skills, Apollo's Skill - Sunset Arrow!

    Remarks: The Chief Commander of the Kingsguard!

    "F*ck me!" Jiang Fei suddenly felt puzzled. Why would a boss character like this target a small fry like him!

    "Heh... Chick, I'm your opponent!" At that moment, William, the Blood Bat Commander suddenly appeared in front of the two armies like a ghost!

    "Damn!" Jiang Fei was surprised. He did not expect William to actually help him!

    "Idiot! If you have time to shout around, you might as well go and kill a few small soldiers. That way, you can be of some help to Her Royal Highness the Princess!" The Blood Bat Commander still carried a chip on his shoulder. He only took on Dycellar to balance the strength of both sides. At that moment, the united front of the humans and the elves clearly outnumbered the Dragonoid Guards and the newly-raised Zombies.

    "Alright!" Although he was unhappy with William's tone, Jiang Fei understood that it was related to the success or failure of his own Race Quest. Hence, he had no time to quarrel with William. He had to go all out and hold back the Luminous Church!

    In addition to the two Lord-ranked Bosses, the combined army of the humans and elves was made up of Level 30 to 40 Elite monsters, with quite a few Level 50 Advanced Elites!

    As the level of those Advanced Elite monsters was just too high, there was no way Jiang Fei could fight them. Fortunately, the Level of the Dragonoid Guards was relatively high. Moreover, the Captain was a Level 60 Advanced Elite. Although there were less than a hundred Dragonoid Guards, they still managed to keep both the human and elven NPCs outside of the cave, albeit barely!

    "Everyone, attack! Kill these scum from the darkness without mercy! Every single one of them!" Unlike Famoss, Dycellar had no scruples. She had an abhorrence for sin. In her eyes, all the people from the Dark Faction were committing a major sin. So, there was no need for words at all. Killing the Dark Faction members was the greatest form of forgiveness for them!

    "Let's go! These little soldiers are in the way. Let's also choose another battlefield!" William, the Blood Bat Commander smiled and said. He took the initiative to request a change of battlefield. He was worried that Dycellar would fire an arrow and affect the princess' resurrection ritual!

    "Since you're that eager to die, I will fulfill your wish!" Dycellar had the same thoughts as the Black Naga Prince. Since she was a Ranger, in a group battle, she could cause less trouble than a high-level Vampire like William. So, she agreed to move to another battlefield.

    The two of them flashed out of the cave. At the same time, the army of humans and elves screamed and began to charge towards the cave.

    "Bar them!" Because Jiang Fei now had the Nephilim identity and was familiar with Isabella as well as the Black Naga Prince, he temporarily took over command of the Dragonoid Guards!

    As soon as the battle began, the combat power of the two different armies became very apparent. Monsters such as the Zombies and Scorpions, which were originally in the cave, were so weak that they could not even withstand a single attack from their enemies.

    However, the Dragonoid Guards were way stronger than Jiang Fei had imagined. These Dragonoid Guards wielded three-meter-long weapons similar to Green Dragon Crescent Blades[1]. Positioned among the human and elven NPCs as if they were in no-mans land, the Dragonoid Guards willfully cleaved away. In just a short time, the ground was filled with severed heads!

    "Everyone, fire simultaneously!" The army also had a commander of its own. Although the Level of the soldiers in the joined army was lower than that of the Dragonoid Guards, they were numerous. The Elven Archers could kill a Dragonoid Guard with every wave of attack!

    "Captain Guards, intercept the opponent's Officers!" Jiang Fei shouted loudly. More than 30 Advanced Elites who were over Level 50 happened to be rushing towards him!

    Left without a choice, he had to mobilize the six Dragonoid Captains to go forward and meet the terrifying force.

    The six Dragonoid Captains were really strong. They could handle five enemies each without much difficulty. It was evident how strong those with Naga blood in their veins were!

    The battle soon reached a stalemate. Troops from both sides continued to fall. Although every single Dragonoid Guard took down around six or seven human or elves before they died, they were vastly outnumbered. Since the cave was small, the enemy could not flank them. Otherwise, the battle would have been even harder!

    "F*ck! I have to do something!" The situation was dire. It seemed like he would not be able to stop the enemy's attack just by barking orders. This Quest required the player to get involved in the battle himself!


    Jiang Fei instantly appeared beside an Elven Magician. Even though this Magician was a Level 40 Elite, Jiang Fei was already at Level 33. The Level gap was not really big.

    Sunder Strike!


    -124 (Dragon Damage!)

    Before he started to attack, Jiang Fei equipped himself the Black Dragonscale. Despite the Fear Effect not working in these cutscenes, the additional Dragon Damage was still pretty good!

    As Jiang Fei had suddenly rushed into the enemy line, the NPCs would naturally not allow their Magician to be attacked. At that moment, several human Warriors and Elven Bandits quickly surrounded him.

    Lightning Strike!

    This was the first time Jiang Fei had ever used the skill!

    Jiang Fei hammered the ground. Suddenly, a shockwave radiated towards his surrounding enemies, while their Movement Speed was reduced by 40% and their Attack Speed was reduced by 20%!

    After that, Jiang Fei moved and tried his best to position as many enemies as possible in front of him!

    Ice Burst!





    A large number of damage figures appeared. As Jiang Fei's Health Points had soared to 27,000, the damage of Ice Burst and Bash attained new heights.





    As normal Elites only dealt more than 1,000 damage, Jiang Fei simply ignored the Bandits and Warriors who were around him. He continued to attack the Magician in front of him.

    After the Warriors and Bandits around him thawed, they immediately attacked Jiang Fei!






    At that moment, Jiang Fei's Defense was over 1,700. A normal Level 30 Elite could not break through his Defense at all. Due to this, the commander of the joined army had to dispatch Level 40 Elites to kill Jiang Fei.





    After Jiang Fei's Health Points increased, not only did the Damage of two of his Active Skills increase, the Passive Effect of Eye for Eye was also enhanced! When Jiang Fei was attacked, high damage figures appeared before his eyes!

    "Ding! You have eliminated the Elven Magician. Obtained 12,580 Experience Points! Your Reputation in the Light Faction has reduced by 400!

    "Ding! Your Reputation in the Human Faction has been reduced to Indifferent!"

    Jiang Fei rushed to kill the Elven Magician before the Level 40 Elites arrived. There, he immediately discovered that the Elites of these Factions gave much more Experience Points compared to Elite Monsters. However, he would also lose Reputation if he killed them. Finally, the name of the human NPCs in Jiang Fei's view also changed from Yellow to Pink!
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