199 Cheating Godlike Skill!

    Seeing that the Level 40 Elite soldiers were encircling him, Jiang Fei did not dare to greed for more. After all, he could handle one Level 40 Elite alone, but not a whole group!

    Jumping Slash!

    Just a second before Jiang Fei was about to be surrounded, he used Jumping Slash to get out of the encirclement and landed beside a Level 30 Elven Cleric. His hammer slammed into that pretty face.

    -3408! (critical hit!)

    From the previous fight, Jiang Fei had already stacked Ruthless Barrage ten times. He had more than 1,800 Attack Power, and the first strike after Jumping Slash was bound to be a critical hit. The moment his hammer went down, he dealt away more than one-third of the Cleric's Health Points. This was only because the Cleric was an Elite NPC. If Jiang Fei's target was an average Cloth Armor player, the target would at least be severely injured, if not dead!

    The injured Elven Cleric wanted to heal himself immediately, but Jiang Fei naturally did not allow this!

    Ice Burst!


    The Elven Cleric was immediately frozen!





    After three consecutive hits, the Elven Cleric died on the spot!

    "Ding! You have eliminated Elven Cleric. Obtained 12,450 Experience Points! Your Reputation in the Luminous Camp has reduced by 400!"

    "Ding! Your evil deeds have disgusted the humans, they now declare war against you!"

    While he gained Experience Points, Jiang Fei's Reputation decreased once again. In a flash, even the human NPCs were now enemies with him!

    "Bring it on! There's no turning back now!"

    Jiang Fei no longer cared. He was going to join the Darkness Camp upon the completion of his Quest anyway. No matter what, he would be enemies with the Luminous Camp. Out of 36 Rare Races, Protoss and Nephilim were the only two Races that could participate in the War of Powers. After joining, the Camp would automatically be chosen for the player. If the players of these two Races wanted to betray their own Camps, they would have to do Quests for the enemies in order to gain Reputation in the enemy Camps. It was not easy to progress from hatred towards friendliness!

    The other 34 lucky ones did not have to go through such a trial. After completing their Race Evolution, they would automatically return to the neutral camp. It would be easy for them to join any side.

    Therefore, Jiang Fei, who was destined to join the Darkness Camp, did not care about the loss of Reputation. He continually ran around the army. While he avoided the Level 40 Elites, he specifically targeted Level 30 Magicians and Clerics. In a short time, he managed to disrupt the formation of the joined army.

    "Damn! We must kill this abominable adventurer!" The commander of the joined army was an Elven Aristocrat who already detested Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei was now causing a lot of trouble for the joined army. Although Jiang Fei did not kill many soldiers, the formation of the joined army had been disrupted. The Dragonoid Guards had taken the opportunity to counter-attack, almost forcing the army out of the cave.

    "Melees, stop advancing! Ranged attackers, lock on that damned adventurer!" The Elven Aristocrat ordered immediately.

    In actuality, Jiang Fei's act of running around had little effect on the joined army. But he had attracted the aggro of dozens of Level 40 Elites. As they chased Jiang Fei around, the formation was quickly dissolved.

    The Elven Aristocrat realized this. He had ordered the melee fighters to return into formation, while sending the firing squad after him.

    "F*ck! That's not good!" Jiang Fei understood the situation fairly well. He might end up as a dead pincushion in no time at all.

    Jiang Fei changed his tactics. He ran deep into the enemy ranks and engaged soldiers at random, before quickly breaking off and running about again. This was because spells needed Vision and Range. If Jiang Fei ran around like this, it was hard for the ranged attackers to lock on to him. If the Magicians used Area of Effect spells, they would hurt their own allies. Thus, the Magicians did not know what to do. Only a few Archers sent homing arrows after him. However, the damage of these guided arrows was not particularly high.

    "A bunch of useless idiots!" When he saw that his ranged attackers could do nothing about Jiang Fei who was scurrying around like a mouse, the commander Elven Aristocrat was angered.

    "Everyone, move!" As he spoke, the Elven Aristocrat jumped up and activated levitation, making himself float in the air temporarily. Then, he used his most powerful skill!

    Energy Tide!

    The Elven Aristocrat's next spell became instant and his Magic Attack Power doubled!

    Fireball of Destruction!

    A washbasin-sized, searing white fireball appeared in the hands of the Elven Aristocrat. This white fireball glimmered with a little bluish light. Judging by the intense color of the light, it had to be deadly.

    "Go to hell!" The Level 55 Elven Aristocrat sent the white fireball flying at Jiang Fei, even as he glided through the air.

    "Holy **!" Jiang Fei was shocked. He did not expect this Level 55 Leader boss to actually attack him. It seems like he had played around too much and generated too much aggro!

    Jiang Fei knew his strengths very well, so he did not take any risks.

    Demon's Harbourage!

    After he stood firmly, Jiang Fei lifted his shield. At the same time, he activated the most retarded and disgusting ultimate skill, out of all the skills that he had mastered!



    The fireball rebounded at a speed even higher than when it came! The Elven Aristocrat who was still floating in the air had been looking forward to the horrific scene of Jiang Fei being burned to ashes. He never imagined that his killing spell would actually come flying back.

    Magic Shield!

    The Elven Aristocrat reacted pretty quickly and managed to form a Magic Shield in front of himself before the fireball reached him.


    The white fireball that glistened with a tinge of blue directly slammed into the Elven Aristocrat's Magic Shield. The Magic Shield that was formed hastily was instantly destroyed, and the Elven Aristocrat was blown away by the impact of his own Fireball of Destruction!

    A damage figure of 110,000 appeared above the head of the Elven Aristocrat!

    "Damn! Thank God I'm not the one who took that hit!"

    Jiang Fei was glad. If that fireball had hit him, he would have died instantly!

    *Cough cough*

    The Elven Aristocrat who slammed into the cave wall fell onto the ground, which worsened his injuries!

    Through the mysterious ring, Jiang Fei could clearly see that the Elven Aristocrat had no more Mana Points left and also had less than half of his total Health Points left. It was a critical blow.

    "Master! Master! Are you okay?" Several Elven Guards immediately rushed over and helped the Elven Aristocrat up.

    "B*stard!" *Huff* The Elven Aristocrat was beyond consolation. As he choked up with anger, he immediately coughed up some more blood. Then, he fainted!

    "Damn! This storyline is quite the interesting one!" Jiang Fei did not expect to actually incapacitate the enemy's chain of command and cripple the army.

    "Kick them while they're down! Everyone, attack! Go all out and destroy them!" Jiang Fei was overjoyed. He immediately ordered the Dragonoid Guards to take advantage of the enemy's loss of command and launch a counter-attack against the allied forces.
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