200 Elven Reinforcements

    The allied forces lost their commander. Paired with the chaos that Jiang Fei had singlehandedly wrought, all semblance of order was broken. A little over ten minutes later, the intruders were forced out of the cave.

    "Bunch of useless idiots! Where's Karvis?"

    Outside the cave, Dycellar was facing off William. When she saw that the worn out army being driven out by a force they supposedly both outnumbered and overpowered, she was furious.

    "Madam Commander, Master Karvis was severely wounded and has been incapacitated!" A mid-ranking elven captain reported.

    "Nonsense! Karvis is a Leader boss, and the strongest that the Dragonoids could offer are only Advanced Elites. How could he even be touched? Has Isabella completed her resurrection?" Dycellar barked.

    "The... The adventurer did it..." The captain meekly said.

    "Nonsense! He's only a Level 30-odd adventurer, how can he possibly injure the Level 55 Karvis? He is almost twice his level! Are you guys trying to shirk your responsibilities? You incompetent, useless idiots!" Dycellar almost lost her mind as she listened to the elven small captain's report.

    "Heh heh... You actually dare get distracted while facing me?" At that moment, William cackled sinisterly and dashed to Dycellar's side. The dagger in his hand flew towards Dycellar's throat.

    "Ah!" Dycellar was horrified. It was too late to dodge or block the attack. For the first time since the skirmish started, she actually feared for herlife. She had not expected her anger to throw her into hot waters.


    Just as Dycellar was about to lose her head, a roar was heard. An arrow shot through the air and deflected William's dagger.


    Following a crisp sound, William's dagger flew off into the distance. Dycellar quickly took the opportunity to distance herself from William.

    "Who the hell?!" William had also moved a few steps back. Clearly, the enemy's reinforcements had arrived. William could tell that the opponent had to be as competent as he was, if not better.

    A new figure made its appearance. Through the mysterious ring, Jiang Fei quickly unveiled its identity.

    Aldos, Divine Archer (Elf, Lord)

    Level: 60

    Health: 500,000

    Attack Power: 10,000

    Skills: All Archer skills, Apollo's Skill - Precise Shot, Apollo's Skill - Meteor Arrow, Apollo's Skill - Rain of Arrows!

    Remarks: Archer Champion of the Elves!


    William, the Blood Bat Commander grit his teeth in anger. Aldos was one of the reasons why Isabella had been stuck in the cave. He was part of the group that had caused Isabella's death and left William severely wounded.

    "William! Don't be impulsive! Protecting Isabella is more important!"

    When Jiang Fei saw that William fuming with rage, he quickly called him back to his senses.

    This was just like how William took on Dycellar previously. As much as Jiang Fei disliked William, William was a key asset. There were two Level 60 Lords on the other side. If William initiated an attack, there was an 80% chance that he would be double-teamed and taken out. The battle would be lost.

    "Argh! You're right!"

    When Jiang Fei mentioned the Princess, William quickly calmed down. He had just been saved from certain suicide.

    "Everyone, back to the cave!"

    Having regained his composure, the Blood Bat Commander started giving orders. As the veteran leader of the Princess's Guards, William had a better judgment of the situation. Hatred and the desire for vengeance had nearly cost him the battle.

    Jiang Fei and all the Dragonoid Guards shrunk back into the cave. As the cave was narrow, they could use the terrain to their advantage.

    "Are you okay?"

    Aldos did not pursue William. Instead, he went to Dycellar.

    "Shameless couple!" Before Dycellar could speak, William started scolding them. The face of the handsome, noble Vampire immediately morphed into something monstrous and feral.

    After the brief exchange between Dycellar and Aldos outside of the cave, they led the army into the cave once again. This wave was far more ferocious than the previous. Under the onslaught of the two powerhouses, Aldos and Dycellar, the Dragonoid Guards were quickly wiped out. Even two out of the six Dragonoid Captains were lost.

    "If this goes on, it's over for us!" Jiang Fei frowned and said. They were grossly outnumbered. On top of that, he was helpless against these high-leveled monsters. The burden on William's shoulders was immense. Jiang Fei did not even dare interrupting the enemy's formation again. Both Aldos and Dycellar could easily kill him on the spot!

    "Go and see how much more time the Princess needs. When the Princess awakes, these two dregs will amount to nothing!"

    William knew that he would not be able to hold off that two. Isabella was their last hope.

    "Alright!" Jiang Fei nodded. With Aldos and Dycellar hovering in the air, he was totally useless. He quickly complied and ran back into the cave.

    When he reached the Princess, Jiang Fei found Isabella's soul still casting spells. However, the Princess's body had already sat up. It seemed like the resurrection ritual was going smoothly. He just did not know how long it would take to complete!


    At that moment, a loud noise was heard. Then, Jiang Fei heard William shout in anger.

    "Damn! Stop him!"

    "William, you should think about yourself first!" Aldos's voice was heard.

    "Indeed! Dirty scum! Die!" Dycellar's voice was heard. Apparently, William had finally been forced into engaging the two Lords, each of which his equal.


    Following the rapid footsteps, a figure charged into the hall.

    Karvis (Elf, Leader)

    Level: 55

    Health: 107,514/210,000

    Mana Points: 6,400/80,000

    Magic Attack: 4,000

    Skills: Magician's basic skills, Energy Surge, Destructive Flame, Super Pyroblast!

    Remarks: Elven Aristocrat Karvis is currently wounded!

    "Oh f*ck! It's you!" Jiang Fei was stunned. He did not expect this guy to recover that rapidly. Even so, he had not yet recovered much of his Health Points and Mana Points. He still looked pale and wobbly.

    It still did not take the fact that he still outleveled and outmatched Jiang Fei as a Level 55 Leader boss. Jiang Fei did not dare let his guard down. Moreover, this was where the Princess's resurrection was being carried out. If Jiang Fei allowed this guy to attack the defenseless Princess, his Quest would be done for!

    "Damned adventurer! Die!"

    Meeting your enemies opened old wounds. Karvis already hated Jiang Fei to the bone. So, there was nothing much to say after this second meeting. He raised a hand and formed a fireball.



    "Holy **!"

    A simple fireball had already dealt nearly 5,000 damage. A few attacks were enough to kill him!
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