201 Powerful Demon Form


    Jiang Fei quickly rushed to Karvis. However, the Leader boss was not susceptible to being stunned, so Jiang Fei's Intercept only allowed him to get close!


    After getting close, Jiang Fei hammered Karvis's body, but he could not break through Karvis's Defense. Level suppression was a real thing when low-leveled players fought against high-leveled bosses. Moreover, the growth of Defense was exponential. Although the Health Points of a Level 55 Leader boss was only double that of a Level 30 Leader boss, the difference in their Defense values did not follow.

    Ice Burst!






    Although the two skills that took Jiang Fei's total Health Points into consideration had been able to break through Karvis' Defense, much of the damage had also been reduced due to the level suppression!

    "F*ck me..." Jiang Fei looked at the remaining Health Points of more than 100,000 and almost dropped his hammer in exasperation. This was going to take forever.


    At that moment, the boss's fireball hit Jiang Fei once again.


    It was over 5,000 damage. This sent Jiang Fei's Health Points below 20,000.

    "This won't do!" Jiang Fei was not an Attacker. He was not capable of interrupting any skills whatsoever. If his opponent was a player, he could use the freezing effect of Ice Burst to interrupt casting, but a boss could not be frozen or stunned. Jiang Fei could only helplessly watch Karvis cast more spells.

    Soon, Jiang Fei's Ruthless Barrage had been stacked ten times. However, even with his Attack Power doubled, his normal attacks still could not break through Karvis' Defense!



    Another fireball came, and Jiang Fei's Health Points suddenly dropped to 13,000!

    "Shit! I'll have to give it a shot!" Jiang Fei cursed. He was out of options.

    Demon Morph!


    From the sky, a bolt of purple lightning flew directly into Jiang Fei's body. However, this lightning did not cause any damage. It just made Jiang Fei's appearance change -- instantaneously.

    Jiang Fei's slightly tanned skin instantly turned purple-red. At the same time, a pair of curved horns grew out of Jiang Fei's head, and a pair of large wings sprouted out from his back. His current equipment vanished and was replaced by a set of black, shining armor. Although the attributes of the Blazing Hammer in his hands had not changed, it had morphed into a giant scythe.

    "Oh, wow! Not bad at all! This looks pretty badass!" This was the first time Jiang Fei had ever activated Demonic Morph, and he was pretty satisfied with his new appearance.

    "Die!" After the transformation was completed, Jiang Fei instantly dashed to the boss, cleaving through it with his giant scythe.


    -742 (Dragon damage!)

    +1854 (Lifesteal!)

    "Awesome!" Jiang Fei was jubilant. This Nephilim form was way too powerful. The chaotic attack mode was already enough for him to be invincible. His attacks would ignore the enemy's Evasion, Parry, and other traits. His attacks would also ignore the level gap suppression and the enemy's Defense value. His Attack Power was now a direct representative of his actual damage. Moreover, his Attack Power and Defense had been doubled. He had now turned into a severe threat to the overleveled boss.


    Another fireball smashed into Jiang Fei's body, but it caused less than 4,000 damage. As Jiang Fei's Magic Defense had also doubled, his resistance towards magic was now rock-solid.

    Although Karvis could reduce Jiang Fei's Health Points by about 4,000 per fireball, it took him three seconds to cast each fireball. In that same period, Jiang Fei could deal at least two attacks. When paired with the strong Lifesteal effect, Jiang Fei's Health Points were actually increasing.

    "Damn you! You actually betrayed your own Race!" Karvis was shocked. He had not expected Jiang Fei to become a pure-blood Nephilim!

    Both Protoss and Nephilim were proper superordinate Races, and people who were of these Races had great advantages when fighting against ordinary elves like him. Fortunately, Karvis' level was way higher than Jiang Fei's. This gave him the confidence to keep fighting. If he was at Jiang Fei's level, he would have instantly turned tail and left -- even he would be powerless to do so, should that be the actual case.

    Super Pyroblast!



    Karvis' ultimate attack landed on Jiang Fei, immediately taking away all the Health Points that Jiang Fei had regained.

    "Oh, f*ck you! You asked for it!"

    As the casting animation of the Super Pyroblast was just like the ordinary fireballs, Jiang Fei had been caught unawares.

    Jiang Fei gave the boss two quick slashes, recovering nearly 4,000 Health Points. Through this, he managed to keep his Health Points above 10,000.

    As Super Pyroblast had a cooldown, Karvis could not use the skill continuously. Several fireballs later, Jiang Fei's Health Points gradually reached 15,000, but the boss's Health Points was already below 30,000!

    "No! This human traitor has become an actual Nephilim. In my current state, I can't beat him!"

    "Her Majesty the Queen! Karvis is incompetent, but I shall use my own life to complete the task that you entrusted me with!" Just as Jiang Fei was about to kill the Elven Aristocrat, Karvis suddenly screamed and leaped into the sky!

    Energy Surge!

    Destructive Flame!

    A bluish-white fireball appeared in Karvis' hands. As Karvis did not have much Mana Points left, this spell did not only clear up his Mana Points, but had also taken away a bit of his Health Points. It was taking up all his remaining lifeforce.

    "Hehe! Kid! You haven't learned your lesson!" Jiang Fei smiled slightly. He still had not yet used his Demon's Harbourage.

    "Damned Nephilim, go to hell!" Karvis rose higher into the air with a sneer before sending the big fireball in his hand towards Isabella.

    "Oh f*ck!" Jiang Fei was shocked. If the fireball struck that chick, she would have to bid her resurrection goodbye!


    Jiang Fei had selected Princess Isabella's body as the target of his Intercept.

    Intercept: Immediately rushes to the target. If it is an enemy, causes 50 damage, and stuns it for a second. If it is a friendly target, the next attack on the target will be borne by you! The range is 30 meters. Cooldown: 1 minute.

    Jiang Fei got in the way of the fireball before it struck Isabella.

    Demon's Harbourage!

    Jiang Fei lifted his shield!

    "B*stard! Not again!" As Jiang Fei's shield lit up, Karvis lost his temper. It was as if someone with steel claws was clawing at his heart. Having tasted his own attack, he knew the effects of this skill all too well. Left with nothing to defend himself, no Mana Points at all and only a few hundred Health Points left, he could only watch his own ultimate skill come back at him. He shut his eyes and awaited his death.


    The white fireball glistened with a tinge of blue and swallowed Karvis up...
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