203 Isabella’s Resurrection!

    "Fall back. Take care of Bella for me!" Aeneidstrasza suddenly turned around and said to Jiang Fei. He looked resolute.

    "What does that mean?" Jiang Fei was puzzled.

    "Hoho, consider that Black Dragonscale as a small gift from me to you! Take care of Bella for me!" The Black Dragon Prince waved his hand as he spoke, and Jiang Fei was thrown backward by a stream of air. The air was gentle and did not cause any damage to Jiang Fei. However, it sent Jiang Fei hovering over to Princess Isabella's side.

    "What are you doing?"

    Jiang Fei could guess just as much, even as he asked the question. At the same time, he felt a little embarrassed. Apparently, Aeneidstrasza knew long ago that Jiang Fei had kept the Black Dragonscale on his person, but he had never brought it up...

    "O Mighty Dragon God, please forgive me! Although you had once passed down your divine words stating that the dragon soul sacrifice should only be used for Naga compatriots, I cannot bring myself to see Bella get hurt! Mighty Dragon God, please forgive me!" As Aeneidstrasza spoke, he clasped his hands together and closed his eyes gently. Following that, he started chanting some words.

    Aeneidstrasza began saying a lot of words in the Naga language. Despite his abilities, Jiang Fei could only understand fragments of the chant.

    "I... soul... offer... fusion... symbiosis..."

    The body of the Black Dragon Prince started transforming.

    Aeneidstrasza's actual body was slowly being revealed -- a black dragon that was over 20 meters long.


    *Crack crack...*

    No one attacked him, but Aeneidstrasza's body started cracking open. Horrifying wounds appeared on the huge dragon's body.

    *Roar* The pain was too much. The Black Dragon Prince was suddenly incapable of speaking anything coherent.

    "Stop him! Stop him, quick!" Famoss lost all composure. Clearly alarmed, the old man started chanting an incantation of his own.

    "Attack!" Aldos shouted. Hundreds of human and elven troops charged at the dragon.

    *Swoosh swoosh swoosh*

    Aldos and Dycellar drew their bows at the same time. They both released their Ultimates.

    *Bong bong bong bong*

    The arrows of the two Level 60 Lords and the attacks of the troops of the joined army were all repelled by a magical barrier. Aeneidstrasza was basically untouchable, and this included those who were behind him -- Jiang Fei and Isabella.

    "The f*ck is that? Were those his last words?"

    *Roar* With another scream of pain, Jiang Fei saw a dragon-shaped phantom float out of Aeneidstrasza's body.


    The huge dragon body exploded into a splatter of bloody mist. The phantom remained in one piece. It directly approached Isabella's body!

    "Watch over her!" The dragon-shaped phantom waved its forepaw at Jiang Fei. Finally, the phantom engulfed itself in flames and shot at the surrounding soldiers.

    "Quickly, move back!" Aldos started to hastily pull Dycellar back, but it was too late. The flames split up and shot out like homing missiles. The two elven Lords were instantly ignited.



    After two short screams, the two Level 60 Lords were reduced to ashes.

    "That's amazing!" It was so jaw-dropping that Jiang Fei was not even bothered by the fact that the three Lords had no loot to show for their deaths.


    When the flames finally reached Famoss, they were repelled by a barrier of holy light.

    "Shit!" Jiang Fei tensed up. He had not expected the suicide attack to actually be repelled by the old man. On top of that, Famoss appeared to be completing his own incantation.

    "F*ck! Do I have to single-handedly take on a fully-powered Level 80 Lord?" Jiang Fei smiled miserably. Although he had once defeated a Level 95 Overlord, it was all thanks to the Gnome Destructive Setup. Now, where was he going to get a nuclear bomb?

    "Senior!" A heartbreaking female voice was heard. Jiang Fei looked back instantly and discovered that Isabella's body was already floating in the air. Her soul had finally fused with her body. Isabella had completed her resurrection!

    Isabella (Nephilim, Overlord)

    Level: 99

    Health Points: 1,050,000/1,500,000,000

    Attack Power: 100,000

    Magic Attack Power: 150,000

    Skills: All common Nephilim skills, all common Black Dragon skills, Deathly Shriek, Slaughter Ground, Soul Devour!

    Remarks: The Nephilim Princess had been influenced by the Black Dragon Prince's soul sacrifice. She has absorbed the flesh and essence of the Black Dragon Prince and has evolved into a Demonic Naga. Her rank has been ascended to Overlord. However, as she had only been freshly revived and is still mourning for her loss, Isabella is in a severely weakened state.

    "Damn!" Jiang Fei was dumbfounded. He had never imagined that things would end up like this. Isabella had actually fused with Aeneidstrasza and evolved into a Demonic Naga!

    What was a Level 99 Overlord boss? It was something that triumped over even the strongest among the leaders of the four Races. Jiang Fei had met the Elven Queen before. Although the Elven Queen was also an Overlord, she was only Level 95, the same level as the mentally disabled Dhakasoron. However, Isabella now stood heads and shoulders over all of them. She may be severely weakened at the moment and only had 100,000 Health Points out of 1,500,000,000, but she could easily kill Famoss in an instant. Well, they were most probably close to the end of this insane questline!

    "Mighty God of Light, please listen to my plea. Purge these evil heretics, spread the light into the world - Judgement Sword!"

    By then, Famoss was finally finished with his spell. Divine Art - Judgement Sword was completed. A huge golden sword, over 100 meters long descended from the sky, directing itself at Isabella!

    "Oh, go to hell!" Isabella roared. She did not even glance at the sword. With a wave of her hand, she sent a gray bolt of light at Famoss.

    Jiang Fei saw what that had to be Famoss' soul being pulled out of the old man's body. In no time at all, it flew and hovered to a stop before Isabella.

    Isabella opened her mouth and devoured Famoss' soul. The old man's body fell to the ground lifelessly. An instant kill!


    A green number appeared above Isabella's head!


    Almost immediately after, the Judgement Sword fell upon Isabella's head!


    The ridiculous attack value also came with a horrifying debuff effect.

    God of Light's Judgement: Lose 50,000 Health Points per second. Your Level is suppressed to Level 1, and you cannot restore your Health Points through any means! Lasts for ten seconds!

    "F*ck! Are you kidding me?" Jiang Fei was dumbstruck. Currently, Isabella had 300,000 Health Points left. If she was not allowed to recover any Health Points, she would die in six seconds. There were absolutely no enemies remaining, but Isabella could be finished even after that fact.
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