206 Secret Exposed

    After chatting with Zhao Feng for a while, Jiang Fei realized that it was almost time to go offline. So, he went to the Potion Shop and bought 1,000 gold coins worth of Medium HP Potions.

    The monsters in Dawnlight City had long been wiped out, so the NPC stores had begun to resume their businesses. However, Human and Elven merchants refused to deal with Jiang Fei. On the contrary, the Orc and Specter merchants were very friendly towards Jiang Fei!

    It was not just the merchants. Even the guards patrolling Dawnlight City were the same. When the Human and Elven guards passed by Jiang Fei, they gave him the cold shoulder. It was very uncomfortable having a huge number of red-named NPC guards walk past him. Moreover, Jiang Fei had been barred from entering places such as the Cathedral of the Luminous Church!

    However, the Specter and Orc guards were friendlier towards Jiang Fei. Some of the more intelligent captain guards would take the initiative to greet Jiang Fei. This was the result of selecting a Faction.

    Although there were seven or eight players that were above Level 30 in Dawnlight City, most of them had opted to take a step back and survey the situation before selecting a Faction. After all, this was a highly important decision. If you chose the wrong one and wanted to change to a different Faction, the number of Reputation Quests you had to do would break your back!

    Jiang Fei bought the Potions. Even though Isabella was following Jiang Fei around, she was very well-behaved and did not cause Jiang Fei any trouble.

    After buying the Potions, Jiang Fei began to go online and offline, again and again, to bring these Potions into the real world. As he transferred the Potions, Jiang Fei started to ponder on the nature of the ring.

    Although Jiang Fei had been wearing this mysterious ring for a while now, he still did not understand what it was and how it could bring virtual items into the real world!

    Moreover, when these things were brought into the real world, their volume would greatly reduce, and their shapes would change. Both the Potions and Toys would become extremely tiny in reality. The Jazz Dance Doll that was more than a foot long in the game was only the size of a keychain in reality. The same was true for the Potions. As the game did not limit the use of Potions, players could use HP Potions as normal drinks to quench their thirst. However, the game gave them a bottomless gut. In real life, players would have overdosed on the potions long before sustaining the life-threatening wound.

    In reality, a bottle of HP Potion was only five milliliters in size. Even so, the effectiveness was not reduced in the slightest.

    Moreover, Jiang Fei had not fully grasped the mysterious ring's rules just yet. He now pretty much understood how it worked when it came to equipment, but it was unclear when it came to any other items.

    When it came to Potion and Toys, he could extract these items out in the real world as many times as he wished. This led Jiang Fei into believing that the limitations were related to the item Levels. However, he still could not extract a low-leveled backpack in the real world.

    So, it was not necessarily Item Levels. Jiang Fei shrugged. He could only keep up with his experiments until all was made clear.

    Shortly after extracting 100 stacks of Potions, it was six o'clock in the morning. The game world froze, and Jiang Fei returned to reality.

    As usual, he found an empty bucket and poured all the Potions into the bucket. Then, he gave Han Tianyu a call and asked Han Tianyu to wait for him outside his house. After Jiang Fei had his breakfast, he snuck the bucket out of the house when his mother was not paying attention.

    "Here! 3,000 bottles of Potions!" Jiang Fei handed the bucket to Han Tianyu.

    "Thanks! 50,000 for each bottle. That'll be a total of 1.5 billion. I'll create a secret bank account for you later. When I transferred money to you the last time, your stupid bank card was almost targeted. Thankfully, someone on my side found out about it in time. Otherwise, it would have been really troublesome!" Han Tianyu said.

    After all, Jiang Fei's bank account was just an ordinary bank account. A large amount of cash inflow would most definitely attract people's attention. Last time, Han Tianyu had been negligent. He did not deal with ordinary people very often. That thought had not even occurred to him, so it actually took quite a bit from him to fix it.

    "Sure! I'll leave it to you!" Jiang Fei shrugged, not worried in the slightest. This was Han Tianyu. After all, when it came to money, this tycoon would never make irreparable mistakes.

    Han Tianyu took the Potions and left. Jiang Fei still had to go to school. The morning classes were quite boring. However, as the little fatty Zhao Feng was around to mess with, the day went by pretty rapidly!

    At noon, Jiang Fei's troubles came calling.

    "Ah Fei! Where are you?" Han Tianyu sounded anxious on the phone.

    "I'm at school, what's up?" Jiang Fei asked, confused.

    "I'll pick you up right away!" Han Tianyu hung up as soon as he finished talking.

    About ten minutes later, Han Tianyu's sports car stopped in front of Jiang Fei's school gate.

    "Get in!" Han Tianyu popped his head out of his car window and said.

    "What's wrong?" Jiang Fei asked after getting in the car. The last time Han Tianyu was this anxious when Chen Kaiyin had been mortally wounded. This time, however, Han Tianyu had a lot of Potions in his hands. Even if someone was injured, he could handle it by himself. If the Potions were not working anymore, there was no point looking for Jiang Fei!

    "I messed up. I'm sorry!" Han Tianyu started the car and drove forward. He looked gloomy.

    "What happened?" Jiang Fei's heart started to beat rapidly. It was definitely a huge problem this time.

    "One of the bodyguards with Ah Loong is a spy, and he was there when I collected the Potions from you the last time!" Han Tianyu said with a sullen face.

    "Ah?" As soon as he heard Han Tianyu's words, Jiang Fei's heart fell. If this was the case, the fact that he was the source of the Potions was no longer a secret!

    "Yeah! Ah Loong realized it too late. We eliminated the spy, but his higher-ups have most prolly gotten wind of your potions!" Han Tianyu said.

    "What do we do, then?" Jiang Fei was shocked.

    "Don't worry. That spy is from the Zhang family. Another big family in China. Although they're interested in the Potions, they won't dare do anything openly. We might see some movement in the shadows, but I've already arranged for someone to keep watch. Also, I've already acquired your dad's company. Your dad's been transferred to a new job at Manda Square, and I've arranged a new residence for you and your family in Manda Square. Your mother has already been picked up and sent there! Manda Square is fully equipped with living and entertainment facilities. As long as your parents do not leave Manda Square, I can guarantee their safety. Now, their most likely target is you."
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