207 Cellular Regenerative Drug

    "Say what?" Jiang Fei was speechless. He had been long aware of the risks that entailed selling such revolutionary potions, but this had been too sudden, too soon.

    Jiang Fei had thought that he would soon be fully equipped with game equipment. Then, he would become a superhuman and easily hold his own. This was why he had dared to take the risk and sell THE Potions.

    However, things had proceeded at a pace beyond his expectations. The mysterious ring had strict restrictions when it came to bringing equipment out into the real world. Moreover, even if he managed to take out a complete set of equipment, he would not be invincible. The so-called masters of internal martial arts could completely bypass the defense provided by the equipment and cause internal injuries or even death.

    After Jiang Fei lost the guarantee of his so-called invincibility, some guaranteed trouble had come running up his alley.

    "Don't worry about it. I've already helped you get a day off from school. Just stay in Manda Square for a few days. Uncle Chen and I will go talk to the Zhang family. At most, we'll just share some profits with them. It's no big deal. I'm pretty sure they won't willingly spread such news to the public. They definitely won't want more people sharing the pie!" Han Tianyu said.


    Jiang Fei was flustered. After all, he was only a 16-year-old student who did not really know anything about the real world. He was at a loss. All he could do was go along with Han Tianyu's arrangements.

    They arrived at Manda Square. Han Tianyu had assigned a large house to Jiang Fei's family in a 100-story high-class residential area. All kinds of facilities such as shopping and entertainment were available downstairs. The whole building was like a miniature city. It had everything ranging from food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. There was even a ski resort in the building. One could remain there for a long time without getting bored.

    As Jiang Fei's family was now under the care of the Manda Group, it was difficult for people from the Zhang family to act. The Zhang family was also one of the top families of China. Although the leading families in China always plotted against each other and put spokes in each others' wheels behind the curtains, they were still nice to each other on the surface. Moreover, these families shared the same hatred for their common enemies. They would stand together and fight when the time came.

    As soon as Jiang Fei his family entered Manda Square, the Zhang family immediately gave up on their plan to kidnap Jiang Fei or any of his family members.

    "Master, we have been to Jiang Fei's house. Jiang Fei's mother has been picked up by people from the Manda Group in advance. We were one step too late. Also, that Jiang Fei was personally picked up by Han Tianyu!" A brawny man in a black suit reported to the head of the Zhang family, Zhang Song.

    "Mmm, 17's cover was blown. It was natural for the Han family to move in. Did you find anything in Jiang Fei's house?" Zhang Song nodded slightly, as calm as ever.

    "They left in a hurry. The things in the house were almost untouched. But there are some interesting things of note in the boy's room!" The man wearing a suit said.

    "Let me hear it!" Zhang Song said calmly.

    "We found many perfume-like bottles beneath Jiang Fei's bed, probably numbering in the thousands. They were empty, but we found traces of the same substance that made up Manda Group's newly developed Potions!" the man continued.

    Zhang Song nodded.

    "What else?"

    "Also, we have investigated Jiang Fei. Through his classmates, we got to know that he plays a game called "Dawn Break," but there were no gaming devices in his room!" the man said.

    "Mmm! You can go now!" Zhang Song nodded after listening, then waved his hand to indicate that the man could leave.

    After the man in the suit left, Zhang Song leaned back in his chair and stroked his chin in one hand.

    "Interesting. It seems like the information 17 sent back was true. Jiang Fei is the one providing that mysterious Potion to the Manda Group! People from the alliance have also mentioned that there's a Taoist monk backing this boy. He's named Zhuge Shanzhen or something. It's highly likely that this Potion was made by Taoist monks who practice alchemy all day long. It is most likely a defective product that was resulted from their attempts to make elixirs of life!

    "Who the heck is this Jiang Fei? He has the support of old man Hai, a recognized martial artist and has also managed to get his hands on a portable gaming device from a prosperous Group. This is really interesting!" As Zhang Song talked to himself, his interest in Jiang Fei grew all the more.

    As the head of a top family, Zhang Song had more information resources than an average person. So, he understood drugs like Jiang Fei's Potions more than Jiang Fei himself!

    In the real world, there was a medicine that was similar to Jiang Fei's Potion. Western countries had invented a highly regenerative drug before, and its effectiveness exceeded that of Jiang Fei's medium-sized Potion. However, the cost of making it was sky-high. The cost of making one bottle was close to 100 million US dollars. Not only were the materials scarce, but the manufacturing process was also very cumbersome. At most, one or two bottles could be produced each year. Even in Western countries, it was only reserved for the President and the head generals. The ones who ranked below them could only dream of such fantasies.

    Moreover, the Western countries were highly secretive when it came to such drugs. China had already sacrificed many spies but had still been unable to obtain the formula of this regenerative drug.

    Jiang Fei's Potion was not as effective as the Western drug, but it could still save lives. Moreover, it only cost 1,000 per bottle, which was peanuts in comparison. Therefore, Jiang Fei, who had the ability to mass-produce such Potions for the lower-ranked soldiers immediately became a national treasure!

    As the public knew Manda Group as the organization who came up with this Potion, Manda Group's status had naturally skyrocketed. Being the family behind the Manda Group, the Han family's status had also risen in kind.

    As the Han family was getting all the profits, the other big families were naturally jealous. Such was the case with the Zhang family as well. After learning that the Potion was not developed by the Manda Group but provided by someone else, Zhang Song intended to jump in and steal the limelight.

    Although Zhang Song had planned to kidnap Jiang Fei and his family members, he would never hurt the boy. There was no way a random teenage kid could create such a magical medicine. No one would even consider believing in such a notion. Zhang Song had merely intended to act like the old man Hai. He was thoroughly convinced that an extraordinarily powered being named Zhuge Shanzhen stood over Jiang Fei's shoulder.

    In China, people who pursued the path of longevity had once existed during ancient times. Although none of those Taoist monks that practiced alchemy all day long had been successful, many good things had resulted from their failed alchemy. So, if such a magical Potion had been produced by accident, it would not be a surprise.

    As Jiang Fei was only a guise, Zhang Song's idea was to first get hold of Jiang Fei, then find an opportunity to get in touch with Zhuge Shanzhen. Although the art of alchemy was something that regular people could not grasp, the Zhang family's status would experience a rise if they could gain control over this source of supply. The Zhang family's right to speak in China would be further enhanced!

    As for Jiang Fei's lack of gaming equipment at home, Zhang Song was not too concerned about it. This was because many people did not access the game through Gaming Pods. Instead, many used portable gaming devices, which had started off as a piece of military equipment that was explicitly given to spies. It allowed convenient access to the internet to steal information. Later, however, many high-ranked military personnel had taken portable gaming devices home and used it for games. After all, the small portable devices allowed them to play games at night when they were away from home. Otherwise, lugging about a massive Gaming Pod while traveling around would have been most inconvenient.
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