208 The Zhang Family’s Plan

    "Jinfu!" After thinking for a moment, Zhang Song shouted for someone outside the door.

    "Yes! Master!" When the door opened, a mid-centennial man walked in. It was Zhang Jinfu, the majordomo of the Zhang family. He was one of the people that Zhang Song trusted the most. Although Zhang Jinfu was not the highest in position in the Zhang family, he was still more superior than an average family member.

    "People from the Han family should be here soon. I won't meet them. Let my second brother talk to them. If things don't work out, I can still show up and help to settle the issue!" Zhang Song said.

    "Master, what should we try to request for at the very least?" Jinfu asked.

    "Don't mess with the stocks that are being supplied to the military. They don't get any extra profit from that and it affects the lives of the soldiers in the frontline. If we try to step in again, that master martial artist Chen Kaiyin will come and kill me for sure. However, for all the other transactions, our family has to get at least one-third of the total profits. Of course, if my brother manages to make the Han family agree on giving us half the profits, I'll allow him to manage all our family's affairs in the South!" Zhang Song said without hesitation.

    "Yes! Master!" Jinfu turned around. He was about to go and look for Zhang Song's second brother to talk about the negotiations, but Zhang Song stopped him.

    "Wait... isn't my third brother's useless son also playing games?" Zhang Song suddenly asked.

    "Yes! Young Master Yang Xu is also playing "Dawn Break"!" It could be said that Jinfu knew everything about the Zhang family.

    "Ask that kid to interact more with Jiang Fei in the game. After all, they're teenagers. If he befriends Jiang Fei on purpose, they might become close in the future!" Zhang Song said.

    "Yes! Master! I will go and talk to Young Master Yang Xu!" Jinfu nodded.

    "Mmm! That's all. Move along!" Zhang Song waved his hand and signaled that Jinfu could go.

    "Yes! Master!" Jinfu stepped back out of the door and carefully closed the door. Then, he went to make arrangements according to Zhang Song's orders.


    After Jiang Fei returned to his new home, he saw that his mother was about to go out.

    "Mom, where are you going?" Jiang Fei asked with concern. The so-called Zhang family problem made him panicky!

    "Oh! Mommy's going shopping! Why did you leave school this early today?" His mother asked. It was not time for Jiang Fei to get off school yet. As they had suddenly moved to a new home, Jiang Fei's mother was planning to pick Jiang Fei up after school. She did not expect that Jiang Fei would find the new house on his own.

    "People from Manda Group picked me up and sent me here. They said that we've moved houses, so they showed me how to get here. They're still downstairs waiting to send me back to school." Jiang Fei said.

    "Oh! Right, your father's new boss is pretty nice. It's only your father's first day at his new job, and he's already been given such a luxurious house! And I can even go shopping in the shopping area upstairs!" Jiang Fei's mother said happily. One had to know that although the twentieth floor of the Manda Group and the floors below were open to the public, only people with high status in society could access floors above the twentieth floor. An average person could not get in at all. Even though Jiang Fei's family income was quite high before this, they still had no rights to access this place!

    "You go shopping, then. I'm going back to school!" Jiang Fei nodded. It seemed that his mother was unaware that their family was in trouble. Jiang Fei did not tell her. His mother was just an ordinary person. If he told her, it would only make her worry in vain. Anyway, it was very safe inside Manda Square. As long as his mother did not leave this place, Jiang Fei did not have to worry about her being in danger.

    When she saw that Jiang Fei had disappeared from her sight, Jiang Fei's mother took out her phone and called someone.

    "Are you involved in some confidential matters again?" The person she was calling was Jiang Fei's father.

    "Indeed, I am. This job given by my new boss involves a lot of trade secrets!" Jiang Fei's father was very happy. After all, his new boss allowed him to get involved with so many secrets as soon as he started working. This showed how much trust his boss had in him. He had no idea that this was all deliberately arranged by Han Tianyu.

    "No wonder!" Jiang Fei's mother nodded. After all, she was forcefully taken away from her home by a group of people early in the morning. Then, she was told that she now had a luxurious home on the hundredth floor of Manda Square and it was best not to leave Manda Square for a while. If this kind of thing happened to them, nobody would blatantly accept it without thinking about it!

    However, Jiang Fei's mother suspected Jiang Fei's father instead of Jiang Fei. After all, in the eyes of his parents, Jiang Fei was just a child who was still schooling. Even if he got into trouble, it would not be serious enough to make Manda Group send so many people to protect them. So, Jiang Fei's mother naturally thought that Jiang Fei's father had gotten involved in some highly confidential business activity again. Thus, their family was brought into Manda Square for protection.

    At this time, her husband's answer naturally proved her guesses to be correct. Jiang Fei's father was a professional manager, so she was not inexperienced when it came to businesses. Business was war. Many people carried out business without morality and often resorted to shady means. Before this, they would occasionally hire temporary bodyguards. So, Jiang Fei's mother was already used to this kind of thing. It was just that her husband's business secrets were way more important this time, so the security measures became more stringent and they had to move to ensure their safety.

    Trade secrets were different from military secrets. Trade secrets were very time-sensitive. A particular secret might be so important now that someone would kidnap your family and threaten you, but after a week, everyone would know the secret and it would even be reported on the news. Therefore, in her view, this kind of restriction would not last long. Maybe, she would move back to her original house even before she manages to finish exploring Manda Square's high-rise shopping center.

    There was no need to worry about safety while living in Manda Square. Moreover, Manda Group's bodyguards were following Jiang Fei around, so Jiang Fei's mother was naturally very relieved. Due to this, she could go shopping in peace. As she did not want Jiang Fei to be distracted, which would affect his studies, she did not mention anything. Jiang Fei and his mother were both trying to protecting each other, so no one mentioned anything about the sudden house move. It just went by.

    Jiang Fei told his mother a lie. He did not go back to school. Instead, he went straight to the martial arts hall inside Manda Square. Manda Square was just like a miniature city. A variety of facilities were available.

    The Zhang family's appearance made Jiang Fei feel an even stronger sense of crisis at this time, so he became more passionate about becoming stronger. Originally, Tokugawa Shingi's threat had made Jiang Fei strive to become stronger, but Tokugawa Shingi was a Japanese. The old man Hai had clearly demonstrated what would happen to Japanese people who misbehaved in China. Their teeth would be plucked by hand! So, after a period of peace, Jiang Fei's determination to work hard slowly began to fade!

    However, the Zhang family was different. They were above the law and the Zhang family was as powerful as the Tokugawa family. Moreover, Jiang Fei's conflict with the Tokugawa family only arose because he angered the Young Master of the family. With the Zhang family, however, it was purely related to stakeholders!

    The scariest thing was that the Zhang family was China's own force. Jiang Fei believed that if the Zhang family messed with him, old man Hai would definitely not go and pluck their teeth! He and his family could not hide in Manda Square forever, so Jiang Fei understood that he had to become stronger as soon as possible. Then, he could protect himself through his own strength!
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