209 Clear Objective

    After he arrived at the martial arts hall, Jiang Fei got a practice room for himself. Although Han Tianyu had not yet paid him for the Potions, he still had the ten million earned from the Divine Arts. This amount of money was nothing to him!

    In the practice room, Jiang Fei began to practice the teachings of old man Hai. Perhaps Jiang Fei was rather talented in the field. It did not take long for him to be more proficient in the techniques. Each time he practiced the technique, he gained new insight.

    Old man Hai may have come up with this technique in his earlier days, but it had been based on several different forms of martial arts. It combined the essence of external and internal martial arts. It had both the boldness of external martial arts and the hidden tricks of internal martial arts. This technique was ideal for Jiang Fei as he could not train his inner strength, but had the extraordinary raw power that far surpassed ordinary people!

    However, they did not come without difficulties. Jiang Fei was being bottlenecked by his lack of knowledge about meridians and pressure points. They all seemed like gibberish to a total newbie like him. However, the Evolution Blood gave him an excellent memory. He did not have to comprehend them yet, memorizing their locations on the body would suffice for now.

    As it were, Jiang Fei was simply going through the motions. He only knew what move should strike where, but he did not know why he had to strike that point. This would not hinder him from picking up the techniques, but he would be restricted in terms of improvisation and originality. He could not tweak the technique any further for his own benefit.

    Nevertheless, he was already doing impeccably well for a beginner. A real master would have already expressed their amazement at Jiang Fei's amazing martial arts talent and extraordinary physical fitness!

    Jiang Fei trained hard in the martial arts hall the whole afternoon. Jiang Fei also made up his mind to make this a part of his daily routine. He had to hurry and make himself stronger. Life was full of surprises and had already blindsided him more than once. He had to gain strength swiftly.

    As he did not know how long Han Tianyu's negotiations with the Zhang family would take, Jiang Fei did not dare leave Manda Square. So, Han Tianyu sought out for an extended leave of absence from school on his behalf. While this could be detrimental for his academics, it barely mattered to people like Han Tianyu. They barely even stepped in school themselves.

    After a whole afternoon of hard work, Jiang Fei's boxing methods were refined, as was his resolution to keep training. As he was a shut-in gamer, Jiang Fei never really had the heart to make himself stronger. Even after he obtained the mysterious ring, the idea of becoming a superhuman had just remained as an afterthrought. He had put almost no effort into achieving such a dream.

    As a pampered high school student, Jiang Fei lacked the determination to improve. However, it was true that people only pushed themselves to their limits when circumstances required it. In the face of various threats, Jiang Fei had to start working hard!

    First, it was Tokugawa Shingi, and now the Zhang family. In the future, a Zhao, Qian, Sun, Li, or even a Smith family might turn up in his life. Even though Jiang Fei was lazy, he knew better than to keep languishing about. Otherwise, he would not be able to keep the mysterious ring safe. More importantly, he would not be able to guarantee the lives of his family members!

    Previously, Jiang Fei was there when Han Tianyu had asked Big Brother Bear and the others if they wanted to die. Not long after, that perverted old man Hai had casually told him that Nekoda had been disposed of. Although they were not enemies, Jiang Fei had learned that these elites had very little regard for human lives.

    Although Han Tianyu could defend himself now, Jiang Fei knew that relying on oneself was better than relying on others. He needed strength to protect himself and his family!

    Jiang Fei had grown overnight. When he first got the mysterious ring, Jiang Fei was still dreaming about being a superhero and effortlessly saving the world. In less than a month, Jiang Fei had acquired a more realistic view of things. He did not want to save the world anymore. Now, being able to protect himself and his family was enough.

    For this objective, Jiang Fei made a short-term plan for himself. During the day, he would say that he was going to school, but instead go straight to the martial arts hall to practice boxing. At night, he would enter the game and try earning some Green equipment Recipes. If he could not get them, then he would forge equipment using Blue equipment Recipes. If the cost was too high, he would help other players forge equipment in exchange for materials. Leveling up the ring was his first priority.

    After all, martial arts could not be mastered overnight. Only the ring provided a fast track to power.

    When he saw that school should have ended for the day, Jiang Fei casually returned to his new home.

    "Xiao Fei, you're back from school already? Go wash your hands, dinner is ready!" From her voice, Jiang Fei could tell that his mother was extremely delighted. She must have had a good time shopping.

    "Okay!" Jiang Fei nodded. He was famished. Boxing was nothing like classes in school. Teenagers already got hungry without doing anything. An entire afternoon of training would turn them into raving, starving lunatics.

    When he came to the dinner table, his mother had prepared a variety of delicious dishes. Many of the seafood on the table were rarely found for sale outside. However, the shopping area of ​​Manda Square above the twentieth floor provided an infinite supply of these ingredients.

    "Mom, your cooking is getting better and better!" As he ate, Jiang Fei praised his mother.

    "Have some more!" His mother laughed and said.

    After the meal, Jiang Fei ran back to his room. He told his mother he was going to do his homework, but he began to familiarize himself with things like meridians and pressure points. Although these things were just theories, they were useful in reality. No one would just stand there stupidly and get hit. In a high-speed battle, if you wanted to accurately strike the opponent's pressure point, you had to know the position of the pressure point like the back of your hand!

    As Jiang Fei studied a diagram that labeled the meridians on the human body, he felt his muscle memory kicking in. He could instinctively move his limbs towards each pressure point. At 10 o'clock that night, Jiang Fei got into bed and logged into the game!

    Han Tianyu had really thought things through. There was a Gaming Pod in Jiang Fei's room. He put it there as he wanted it to be convenient for Jiang Fei to access the game at night, unbeknownst of the fact that Jiang Fei did not even use such devices.

    However, this Gaming Pod did help Jiang Fei in a way. At least, he could now explain his appearances in the gaming world.
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