213 Doba Omar

    Shadowheart (One-Handed Sword, Quality: Excellent)

    Physical Attack +445

    Vitality: +15

    Critical Chance: +5%

    Equip: Increase 5% of your Attack.

    Level Requirement: 30

    Oz's Raging Flame Shoulderguard (Cloth Armor, Quality: Excellent)

    Physical Defense: +80

    Magic Defense: +40

    Intelligence: +15

    Vitality: +7

    Magic Critical Chance: 5%

    Level Requirement: 30

    "Tsk..." Jiang Fei clicked his tongue when he saw the two Blue grade equipment in the treasure chest. The boy had just gotten used to seeing Violet and Gold graded equipment. He had little to no care at those Blue grade equipment that other players would kill for.

    "Argh... So be it. It's normal difficulty after all."

    Jiang Fei sighed and accepted his luck. It was the first kill, yet all he got was just two Blue equipment. Give and take a few days, when other players raid the dungeon and defeat the boss, they would not be looking at two Blue equipment. At best, they would score one. If it's just two Green equipment, they might just cry foul in rage.

    Jiang Fei could not care less about the equipment, but they were still good, to a certain extent. He picked them up and stored them in his inventory before moving on with Isabella.

    After the first boss, the monsters deeper into the dungeon were no longer random, mutated beings. True Bloodbornes started to spawn.

    Crimson Warrior (Bloodborne, Elite)

    Level: 32

    Health Points: 17,000

    Attack Power: 1,400

    Skills: NIL

    Note: The lowest ranking amongst the Bloodborne.

    Crimson Bandit (Bloodborne, Elite)

    Level: 32

    Health Points: 14,000

    Attack Power: 1,500

    Skills: NIL

    Note: The lowest ranking amongst the Bloodborne.

    Even though the notes clearly stated that the monsters were at the lowest rank, their basic stats were much stronger than the previous ones that Jiang Fei had encountered.

    "Enough standing around then. Chop chop!"

    Jiang Fei jumped into the battle with a smirk and used Ice Burst.

    By then, the skill Ice Burst was already within grasp. Jiang Fei was so good at using the skill that he could see the area of effect before he activated it. With quick steps, he jumped in front of the enemy, aimed, and blast out cold air.


    Dealing over 2,000 damage, the cold air damaged and also froze the targets.

    Flame Burst!


    Two pillars of fire burst out of the ground and dealt over five digits worth of damage. However, these Bloodborne monsters were stronger. Isabella was not capable of killing them with just one skill.

    Shadow Dragon's Breath!

    After just a short duration of chanting, Isabella unleashed a blast of dark-crimson dragon-shaped magic, which spewed out flames that dealt over 6,000 damage to the monsters, immediately killing them.

    "Ding! You have killed Crimson Warrior! Obtained 12,000 Experience Points!"

    "Ding! You have killed Crimson Bandit! Obtained 12,000 Experience Points!"


    Though it was only two monsters, the experience points gained was so extravagant that Jiang Fei could literally see his experience bar jumped up a notch.

    Isabella could not longer one-shot the monsters after the first boss, however, she still had some tricks up her sleeves. The one minute long cooldown skill, Shadow Dragon's Breath was good enough to clear the monsters in a jiffy!

    As mentioned before, it was Isabella who was carrying Jiang Fei. With her dealing most of the damage, the duo had cleared monsters in waves of tens to twenties in less than a minute. The reward for killing them was obviously, tons of experience and a mountain-high of gold coins.

    "This dungeon is rather generous with gold coins. If players were to come here everyday, anyone could be rich. Looks like I should sell those items that are gathering dust soon," thought Jiang Fei to himself.

    He had a lot of items in hand. One of which was the Dantian Pill, an item that could increase a pet's growth. In the beginning, Jiang Fei had wanted to keep that for himself but he had never thought that Isabella would be so strong. The ancient little lady was nothing close to a normal pet. The girl is a Divine Beast! What could a mere pill do to her? Might as well sell the pills for gold.

    Beside the pill, Jiang Fei had some Ant Egg Essence. Although he had held the items for a long time, Jiang Fei was still contemplating on selling them. An item that could increase a player's maximum mana limit was just priceless, to begin with. What would happen if he accidentally sold it to a potential enemy? Even though Jiang Fei believed that he had not made any enemies in Dawnlight City, it was still better to be cautious, as not everyone shared his thoughts.

    Just as his mind was drifting away, Jiang Fei and Isabella had arrived at the second boss. As distracted as he was, the chances of him screwing up this normal difficulty dungeon run, with Isabella by his side, was infinitely small. Isabella's 80,000 Health Points was just... Even Jiang Fei had over 30,000 Health Points! Even if Jiang Fei just stood there like a sitting duck for a minute, Isabella would have completely obliterated the monsters before the monsters could even be a threat to Jiang Fei!

    The first boss, the Sentry Guardian was roughly 250cm tall with a vicious look in its face. However, the second boss's appearance was so... indescribable that it made the first boss look like Chris Evans.

    The second boss was over 3 meters in height and had the build of a Hell's Guardian. It had a blue-grayish skin color, a pair of long fangs that curved up like a boar's, a pair of flesh-made wings on its back, and lamb-like hooves for its legs. A combination of weird, ugly, and just bizarre.

    Doba Omar (Demon, Advance Elite)

    Level: 33

    Health Points: 70,000

    Attack: 1,900

    Skills: Curse, Summon Hound, Soaring Strike.

    Curse: Reduce 30% of a target's attack power. Deals 300 damage a second.

    Summon Hound: Summons four Demon Hounds to assist in battle.

    Soaring Strike: A powerful strike that sends a target soaring to the sky, dealing fatal damage on falling.

    Note: A traitor of the Demon race. Fully relied on the cowardly nature of a Bloodborne.

    With nobody around to assign roles, Jiang Fei jumped into the fight immediately. Isabella alone was strong enough to take care of this fugly sunova beach.


    Jiang Fei flashed beside the boss and stunned it for a second. At the same time, Jiang Fei used Sunder Strike.


    Once the boss had just recovered from the one-second stun, Jiang Fei immediately spewed an icy cold breath.



    CHANCE! Isabella Abyssal Flame was just ready to blast.

    -13,842! (Critical!)





    Abyssal Flame was a fire type magic spell. It had a 100% chance to land a Critical hit on a frozen target. That was the reason why Isabella could deal over 10,000 damage in a single hit. That was also the reason why the boss immediately turned away from Jiang Fei and charged onto Isabella.

    Demon Flame Infusion!

    Isabella seemed to have a lust for battle. As expected of the Demon race, they were hardcoded with love for battle. When she saw the boss charging towards her, she immediately summoned flames in her palms and welcomed the boss to a melee fight!
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