214 An Accidental First Clear

    When Isabella went Berserk, the boss's Health Points started to deplete like a ruptured water dam. In the same manner, the boss was fast in casting its skills. However, that mattered not to Isabella, for she successfully eliminated Doba Omar in less than half a minute.

    "Tsk. Worthless pile of meat." Isabella clicked her tongue disgruntledly. Despite her conceited behavior, all she wanted was Jiang Fei's compliment!

    "WOW!" Jiang Fei knew that and immediately roared. "Brillant! Magnificent!'

    Without even glancing at Isabella, he moved onto the second boss' loot.

    In the treasure chest, he found two more Ascended Blue graded equipment. However, neither one of them were suited for him. He then threw them in his inventory nonchalantly and patted Isabella's head.

    "Let us proceed."


    With the two worked hand in hand, all the monsters along the way were cleared without trouble. Jiang Fei had not even broken a sweat. In less than half an hour, the duo had arrived at the final boss of the normal difficulty of the "Bottom of the Bloodpool."

    Frontliner Commanding Offer, Bralox (Bloodborne, Vice-Leader)

    Level: 33

    Health Points: 90,000

    Attack Power: 2,300

    Skills: Insanity, Battle Cry, Tornado Slash

    Insanity: Immediately activates Force Strike

    Battle Cry: Increase 10% attack power.

    Tornado Slash: Attacks all targets around.

    Note: The last boss of the "Bottom of the Bloodpool" normal difficulty.

    As expected of the last boss, its overall stats were strong. However, it was not over the top. After all, this normal difficulty was just a warmup for players to reach the hardest difficulty.

    Jiang Fei read its properties before jumping into the fight. Compared to the previous bosses, the true differences lay in the skills being used by the boss. It would be a test for the healer in a regular party. The thing was, Jiang Fei had no need of a healer!

    Before the boss could even hack away the 5,000 health points, Isabella had dealt enough damage to gain the aggro. The same thing happened as before. The little lady would attack a few times before getting attacked. After that, she would go berserk and whack the poor fellow until it died. Even though the boss was already a Vice-Leader, Isabella had only taken a little over a minute to kill it.

    "Ding! You have killed Frontline Commanding Officer, Bralox. Obtained 115,000 Experience Points! Obtained 20 gold coins!"

    "Ding! Congratulations to player Verdure Glider for reaching Level 35! All attribute +1! Obtain 5 points of attribute points!"

    As expected, Jiang Fei had gained a level after conquering the dungeon. Standing at the second place of the Level Ranking Board was Chen Xi being at Level 31!

    "Ding! You have killed all the bosses in Bottom of the Bloodpool, normal difficulty! You have successfully completed this difficulty!"

    "Ding! Your party is the first to completely conquer the dungeon "Bottom of the Bloodpool"! Please enter your party name!"

    Jiang Fei was familiar with the procedures of being the first to get a First Clear. Hence, he tried a different joke from before.

    "Oops! Accidentally Got the First Clear!" Jiang Fei entered the phrase and submitted it. Jiang Fei was not in a rush to expand his guild at the moment. To him, this was just a playful, harmless prank.

    "Ding! City-wide Announcement: "Oops! Accidentally Got the First Clear" party has successfully obtained the First Clear for the Level 30 dungeon "Bottom of the Bloodpool," Normal Difficulty! Please celebrate with the party members, "Verdure Glider"!"

    "Ding! City-wide Announcement: "Oops! Accidentally Got the First Clear" party has successfully obtained the First Clear for the Level 30 dungeon "Bottom of the Bloodpool," Normal Difficulty! Please celebrate with the party members, "Verdure Glider"!"

    "Ding! City-wide Announcement: "Oops! Accidentally Got the First Clear" party had successfully obtained the First Clear for the Level 30 dungeon "Bottom of the Bloodpool," Normal Difficulty! Please celebrate with the party members, "Verdure Glider"!"

    The message was repeated three times in a row and was clearly seen by everyone in the Dawnlight City.

    "What the hell bro!? Why didn't you call me?! You would rather solo a dungeon than have me in your party?!" cried Han Tianyu in a private message. The man did not care about the items and experience points from the dungeon, but he cared a lot about the exposure one could gain from the city-wide broadcast.

    "Huehuehue. Alright, I'll call you again next time. Just the two of us!" Jiang Fei smiled as he replied. He was having a good time making a joke of the city-wide announcement.

    "...AH FEI!" The next message received was from Rosa Rosette. "How could you waste such an opportunity again!? Come on, dude..."

    She was clearly distraught. She was a woman of ambition. When she first entered the game, all she ever wanted was to spread her name out as far as possible. That was why she was genuinely angry at Jiang Fei for wasting such an advertisement opportunity. However, she knew her place. Jiang Fei had earned the announcement all by himself, and she was merely standing by his side. She knew she could never make a difference all by herself. All she did was to express her anger to Jiang Fei and stop there.

    "Not bad, my brother! I like it!" Zhao Feng was rather plain and straightforward.

    "Bravo young master! The strongest man in the universe!"

    "That's right! That's our young master alright! It's a pity that the young master was born a few thousand years too late! If he had, even Qin Shi Huang would be washing our young master's feet!"

    "Hah! If it's even earlier than that, Hongjun Laozu would only accept him as his disciple!"

    "What are you talking about? If he was born in that same period, Hongjun Laozu would not even be his equal!"

    The leaders of "Bear Brothers" spoke more trash in the guild channel. The words and context they adhered to were rather harsh and disrespectful, disgusting all the girls that were in the same guild.


    "How did he solo a Level 30 dungeon!?"

    "Isn't he a Profession player? How could he be that strong? Should we have the Profession players in our guild try and gain levels out in the field?"

    "Don't be silly. Ever since Verdure Glider gained some fame, many players had the same idea. Even the Magithieves have tried sending their Blacksmith to kill monsters. Their equipment were even on the same grade as Verdure Glider!"

    "So? How did it go?"

    "It was only so-so at the beginning. Once the monster got a little stronger, all of them were overwhelmed. Their defense was crippled, compared to normal players. I would say, at best, they could be at the same level as a rare class, those of a tank. Still, they lacked firepower. Might as well play a normal tank class!"

    "That's true. That Verdure Glider got himself a hidden class! He must be stronger than any Blacksmith around! His combat power must have been boosted!"

    "Still, the guy is too strong! He's practically invincible!"

    "Sigh... Talking about it won't get us anywhere. Might as well train now. He's already at Level 35! We aren't even at Level 30!"


    While others were green in envy, those in the Magithieves were jealous to the point of rage. Jiang Fei had always exceeded their expectations at every step! They too, had tried raiding the dungeon once. Even with four of the strongest players from the three major guilds in the city, all they could reach was the second boss before getting beaten to a pulp by the boss's minions! All they could do at the moment was to quickly finish off their Class Advancement quest and wait for the guild members to reach Level 30.

    How was it possible? Four of the strongest players across three major guilds were not able to defeat the second boss, whereas Jiang Fei, a Blacksmith was able to clear the entire dungeon alone! It was both an embarrassment and a headache for Lady Casanova.
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