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    Jiang Fei was not bothered to answer every single message that he received. He only chose to reply to the closest of his friends and even so, he replied with a few sentences before ending the conversation. Without further ado, Jiang Fei went ahead to the dead body of the boss.

    Even though the boss was a Vice-Leader tier, it was the both the First Kill and First Clear of the dungeon and the boss. Naturally, Jiang Fei would have high expectations for the loot.

    With a gentle push, the boss of the boss glowed with a dim light before turning into countless of light particles, leaving behind a glowing treasure chest waiting to be opened. Jiang Fei opened the chest and obtained three equipment. One of which, the best of amongst all, was a Level 30 Epic graded Leather Armor.

    Garuda's Shadow Greaves (Leather Armor, Epic)

    Physical Defense +120

    Magical Defense +60

    Agility: +18

    Strength: +5

    Equip: Increase movement speed by 10%

    Level Requirement: 30

    "Hoho, only three extra attributes?" Jiang Fei smirked.

    "It's still good equipment, but not the best. A small treasure for the Bandit class!" said Jiang Fei to himself before stashing it into his inventory along with one Blue grade and one Green grade equipment. Jiang Fei had gotten used to holding powerful stuff in his hands. He was not excited about the greaves that he had just obtained. Normally, any average joe would have gotten crazy even for a piece of Blue graded equipment, let alone a Violet graded one!

    After clearing all the loots around, Jiang Fei prepared himself to return to Dawnlight City. All the equipment that he had obtained from the dungeon would be stored in the guild public storage for anyone to use.

    That was the haul of a normal difficulty dungeon run. The first to clear would gain a Violet, a Blue and a Green graded equipment. Additional runs wouold only result in a Blue and a piece of Green equipment from the boss. To have an Epic graded, or Violet graded equipment, one must tackle the harder difficulties.

    After storing the equipment in the storage, Jiang Fei had a little under an hour before the server disconnected. Jiang Fei used the remaining time to roam around in the city aimlessly.

    When the clock struck 6, Jiang Fei woke up and went down to have breakfast that had been prepared by his mother. After breakfast, Jiang Fei went off. Instead of going to school, which was what he told his mother, Jiang Fei went to the training center to practice his martial arts.

    Aside from lunch and short breaks, Jiang Fei was in the center for the entire day. Even though this nameless art lacked beauty, Jiang Fei invested all his attention and energy into learning it. He had the entirety of yesterday to memorize all the Qi paths and pressure points in a human body and had practiced striking all of them. Most of his practice came in the form of shadow-boxing.

    When the time was ripe, Jiang Fei went back home, just like any student from school would. His clueless mother had prepared the same luxurious meal for the entire family. According to her, it was rare for her to be able to shop for those upper-class ingredients in that area. Hence, she would want to try preparing all the rare delicacies as much as she wanted.

    Jiang Fei listened to her and laugh it off. His mother thought that the threat to his family in regards to his father's "secret business plan" would end fairly soon, and they would have to pack their belongings and return to their shabby old house. However, Jiang Fei now understood Han Tianyu as a person. Put aside the fact that they were good friends, nay, brothers; even if they were in a casual relationship, Han Tianyu would never reclaim anything that he had given away.

    After the fantastic dinner, Jiang Fei returned to his room. He then spent all the time he had left before the server starts up to research more about Qi paths and pressure points by studying his own body. When the clock struck 10, Jiang Fei went to bed and entered the game.

    "Come. I have another interesting place for us to visit!" Jiang Fei tempted Isabella once he was done withdrawing all the Green equipment that he had crafted and placed them into the red slots of the ring's inventory. He then summoned the Earth Drake and rode out of the city.

    In that session, Jiang Fei had three goals to achieve before the night ended. The first was to make sure that the ring was fed at all times. Since he had enough equipment as fodder, he would not want to waste a single moment leaving the red slots empty. Time was of the essence. If he could get the ring to level up again, he would be stronger. There was no telling how long that would take!

    The second goal was to have a re-run of the Bottom of the Bloodpool at normal difficulty. The main reason was not for the equipment drop, but for the amount of experience points that he could earn from the monsters inside the dungeon.

    The third goal was to try and raid the Unknown Dungeon that Jiang Fei had bought access to with a large sum of gold coins. Back then, before Isabella came around, Jiang Fei could not complete the entire dungeon. Now that he had Isabella fighting by his side, he might have a chance to finish off the entire dungeon. After all, he had spent so much gold on it. Might as well clear the bloody dungeon.

    Among the three goals that he had, feeding the ring was took precedence. The other two were not as important and could be done in no fixed order. However, considering he had actually finished the normal difficulty of the "Bottom of the Bloodpool," he would want to try the Elite mode. With that thought in mind, Jiang Fei decided to tackle the Unknown Dungeon alone.

    "HEY! COME BACK!" cried Isabella. Her voice was far behind, and she seemed to be out of breath.

    Jiang Fei stopped his Drake and waited until Isabella caught up to him.

    "What's wrong?" Jiang Fei cocked his head curiously as he asked.

    "WHAT'S WRONG, YOU SAY? How could you let a lady such as I run on the ground? Do you prefer to have me fly with you in my dragon form?" said Isabella as she panted for breath, ruining her princess-like... appearance.


    Jiang Fei was distraught. Pets did not normally possess such high intelligence. When a player traveled around, they would place their pets back into their inventory slot and travel. The problem was Isabella had clearly expressed her rejection towards being kept inside a dark room.

    The Earth Drake that Jiang Fei bought from the NPC merchant was not cheap. Or rather, it was extremely pricey. However, the mount was not a dual seater. Jiang Fei did not want Isabella to expose her identity, just because she had been forced to run.

    Jiang Fei knew that he was already beyond famous. That fact, he had already accepted. However, as famous as he was, he did not want to expose Isabella's true nature to the world. If others knew that Jiang Fei was harboring a dragon as a pet, the world would come crashing down on his head.

    Jiang Fei sighed and ignored Isabella's plea and continued to the Unknown Dungeon. Luckily it was already close by, and Jiang Fei immediately entered the dungeon without stopping.

    "Ding! You have entered the Underground Swamp Cavern!"

    Since all the monsters had been cleared by Jiang Fei, the initial section of the dungeon was easy. In a blink of an eye, both Jiang Fei and Isabella had arrived at the Ant Colony Base.

    The unique trait of an Unknown Dungeon was monsters that had been killed would not spawn again. That was why even after a few days, the Cavern Ant Commander was still standing there with its four minions.

    Cavern Ant Commander (Beast, Leader)

    Level: 28

    Health Points: 60,000

    Attack Power: 1,100

    Skills: Rush Formation, Tearing Bite, Ferocious Attack, Berserk

    Rush Formation: Control Military Ants to attack a target.

    Tearing Bite: Immediately attacks the target, causing considerable damage and a bleeding effect.

    Ferocious Attack: The next three attacks will knock the opponent away.

    Berserk: Increase 100% in speed and attack.

    Note: A powerful Cavern Ant Commander. Overwhelming attack power!

    Cavern Ant Assaulter (Beast, Advance Elite)

    Level: 27

    Health Points: 12,000

    Attack Power: 800

    Skills: Charge, Knockback

    Charge: Rush to an opponent and stuns for 1 second.

    Knockback: Next attack will knock back a target.

    Cavern Ant Defender (Beast, Advance Elite)

    Level: 27

    Health Points: 18,000

    Attack Power: 400

    Skills: Sacrifice, Protect

    Sacrifice: Sacrifices ten percent of its Health Points to instantly recover the commander's Health Points by five percent. It also increases the Commander's Attack Power by ten percent for ten seconds!

    Protect: While the Protector is still alive, all ants battling have twenty percent increased Defense.

    Cavern Ant Assassin (Beast, Advance Elite)

    Level: 27

    Health Points: 8,000

    Attack Power: 1,000

    Skills: Assassinate, Insane Barrage

    Assassinate: Instantly appears behind a target to attack the target. The first attack is always a critical attack!

    Insane Barrage: When the Assassin is behind a target, its attack speed is increased by a hundred percent!

    Cavern Ant Piercer (Beast, Advance Elite)

    Level: 27

    Health Points: 8,000

    Attack Power: 800

    Skills: Poisonous Needle, Piercing Shot

    Poisonous Needle: Attacks a target from afar with a toxic effect. Every second deals 100 toxic damage and can stack three times!

    Piercing Shot: Ignore 30% of the target's Defense.

    Note: Increases the Commander's Attack and Defense by 10% every time a soldier ant dies.

    The boss that Jiang Fei dared not to try back then, was now just a boss, like other weak ones. So what if the boss had four other minions around it? This Ant Commander was nothing compared to the previous dungeon bosses that Jiang Fei had defeated. Or rather, Isabella had defeated. Either way, this boss is nothing but a small threat.
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