216 General’s Headgear

    "Could you please find me a more suitable opponent? There's no meaning in squashing weak ants," said Isabella before Jiang Fei could even comment on the boss.

    "Yeah... yeah... We all know that you're very strong. Hurry up and kill it, then. We adventures grow stronger by killing monsters. If you want to restore your original powers, I suggest you follow me more often to defeat these, so-called, ants."

    Jiang Fei rolled his eyes at the little lady before rushing over to the boss and initiate the fight,

    Lightning Strike!




    When Jiang Fei got ahold of the boss' aggro, he positioned himself ahead of the slowed enemies and readied his skill.

    Ice Burst!





    With a blast of cold air, Jiang Fei froze all the enemy except the boss that was naturally immune to all debuffs.

    Flame Burst!




    Even though the little lady condescendingly spoke to Jiang Fei, she was still his pet. She had to obey and follow the system rule; to attack the target that the owner's attacking. Besides that, she too wanted to restore her own power. In a way, it was an illusion of choice, and a good one too, as she was killing the monsters at insane speed!

    "Ding! You have killed Cavern Ant Assaulter! Obtained 7,800 Experience Points!"

    "Ding! You have killed Cavern Ant Defender! Obtained 7,800 Experience Points!"

    "Ding! You have killed Cavern Ant Assassin! Obtained 7,800 Experience Points!"

    "Ding! You have killed Cavern Ant Piercer! Obtained 7,800 Experience Points!"

    Before the four minions could even touch Jiang Fei, they were sent to oblivion. Even though the death of the four minions had increased the boss attack by 40%, its attack was still less than 1,700. It was still weaker than an Advanced Elite monster from a Level 30, normal difficulty dungeon. Additionally, the boss had only 16,000 health points. Jiang Fei and Isabella's combined attacks had reduced that value to only 1,000!

    The battle quickly reached its conclusion, with Isabella casting a few Abyssal Flames. She was too lazy to invoke Demon Flame Infusion.

    "Ding! You have killed the Cavern Ant Commander! Obtained 15,800 Experience Points!'

    "I really don't understand how adventurer such as yourself, gets stronger by killing trash like this," said Isabella after the boss dropped to the ground, smoldering from the flames that Isabella had thrown at it.

    Jiang Fei ignored Isabella's comment and approached the boss. He could not deny that the boss was weak, yet the boss still had the capability of a strong boss. It was only too low in level. That was why it had put up such weak resistance. The Level 30 was a player's the threshold point. A level that entailed a severe strength gap. A Level 28 Leader tier boss could never be as strong as a Level Advanced Elite boss.

    A bright, golden light flashed when Jiang Fei touched the boss' dead corpse. The 'high Luck' Jiang Fei had "magic hands" that could help him gain the best of the best from a boss loot.

    General Headgear (Chainmail, Legendary)

    Physical Defense +160

    Magic Defense +90

    Vitality: +15

    Strength: +7

    Block Chance: +5%

    Stun Resist: +5%

    Equip: Grant the skill - Vigor. Increases 15% maximum health points.

    "Holy moley! What an OP equipment!" cried Jiang Fei happily. Truth be told, it had been too long since Jiang Fei had seen a percentage based health point boon from a piece of equipment. Back then, when he was spam crafting equipment, he had never seen a single one of his equipment containing such a buff.

    Now that he had obtained such a piece of powerful equipment that suited someone like himself, Jiang Fei took the equipment and equipped it immediately. His original health points were boosted from around 27,000 to 33,000! What a huge jump in power!

    "Hmph. A dungeon is for experience, and Unknown Dungeons are for equipment!"

    Now that he had obtained one super-powered equipment, he had determined the purposes of each specific dungeon and their difficulty levels.

    Aside from the headgear, there was an additional Level 25 Blue graded staff. Jiang Fei took it and stuffed it into his inventory without looking. Whether it was a good one or a **ty one, it would be given to guild members.

    After looting everything, Jiang Fei and Isabella proceed into the cavern.

    Monsters were coming in groups, but even so, Jiang Fei did not feel like using Ice Blast on them. Isabella alone was enough to deal with all of them with a single use of Flame Burst.

    Their first hiccough showed itself. Jiang Fei's level was too high, and the level gap was too much. His experience points started to diminish.

    After bulldozering through the entire way to the end of the route, Jiang Fei and Isabella had arrived at a large hall.

    Soldier Training Grounds. That was the name of the map. From the name and looks of the hall, it was apparent that the soldiers trained here. However, as Jiang Fei explored the surrounding, there was not a single monster in sight.

    "Let's leave," Isabella said as she walked towards the center of the hall.


    A loud trumpet blow blasted across the hall and echoed on.

    "Oh no."

    Jiang Fei gasped with horror. The ground of the hall was only made from dirt, and what Jiang Fei saw that made him gasped was countless of tiny ants came out crawling from the ground. In an instant, Jiang Fei and Isabella were completely surrounded by over 10,000 ants.

    Clack Clack Clack!

    Tens of thousands of ants with the size of roughly his fist suddenly moved away, creating a small opening which revealed another ant which was drastically larger, approximately the size of a newborn calf.

    Ant Queen's Guard (Beast, Leader)

    Level: 29

    Health Points: 80,000

    Attack Power: 1,300

    Skills: Tearing Bite, Disembowel, Corrosive Venom

    Note: The Personal Guardian of the Ant Queen, and ever protective soldier that never leaves her side.

    Jiang Fei noted that the monster was only Level 29. Almost in an instant, Jiang Fei had lost his interest in the battle.

    The only thing that was interesting was the fact that the larger ant was in an invincible state. Neither Isabella nor Jiang Fei could act on the monster. It could be the system was triggering a cutscene.

    Clack Clack!

    The bigger ant clapped its giant scissors-like pincers together as it initiating a line of communication with the other ants. As it did, the sea of tiny ants started to gather together in an extremely tight formation. That sight was extremely uncomfortable for Jiang Fei.


    With one loud clap of the Ant Queen's Guard's pincers, tens of thousands of tiny ants began rushing towards Jiang Fei!


    Before Jiang Fei could even react to it, Isabella had already thrown out of ring of fire, burning up thousands of ants, turning them into ashes.
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