220 Its Over 10,000!

    Isabella sent out an Abyssal Flame, and Jiang Fei literally ran after the flying missile. When the ball of black flame smashed into the boss, Jiang Fei leaped past the explosion and gave it a good rap on the head.

    A Level 35 Advanced Elite was nothing to Jiang Fei. Even though magical attacks were highly effective against armored players, Jiang Fei could take the hit. He had equipment that could negate damage taken by 20%, as well as an additional magic defense that could further lower magical attack. In the end, Jiang Fei took what that was slightly a hair over a thousand damage.

    The Foot Soldiers' attacks were heavy but slow. Unlike bosses, these lower ranked monsters were susceptible to Stun and Freeze effects. With potions, Jiang Fei could stay right on top of the Bloodborne Foot Soldier for a good period of time.

    On the other side of the battle, Isabella was having a casual moment. Despite having less than half of the boss' health points, Isabella's attack dealt over seven thousand damage per hit, while the boss could only deal over a thousand damage.

    After only a brief moment, Isabella had already hacked away more than 75% of the boss' health points. Assured of victory, Jiang Fei could finally breathe easy again.

    "Ding! You have defeated Doba Omar! Obtained 275,000 experience points. Obtained 40 gold coins."

    When the boss fell, Isabella immediately turned to the Foot Soldiers and swiftly ended the battle. She had only lost over a third of her total health points and ended the fight in just a few turns. 20,000 health points would have otherwise taken Jiang Fei forever.

    After examining the loot, Jiang Fei had obtained one Blue and one Violet grade equipment. Sadly, neither one could be used by him. As a Vice-Leader boss, one Blue and one Violet grade equipment was a common First Kill outcome. Subsequent defeats would only yield two Blue graded equipment.

    Once he had collected all the loot, Jiang Fei proceeded onwards. With Isabella having his back, both of them cleared the entire route to the second boss with ease.

    Like the previous boss, Doba Omar had been upgraded from Advance Elite status to Vice-Leader. Naturally, his stats had been boosted as well. However, when Isabella saw the boss, she immediately used the skill, Demon Flame Infusion. The two killed the boss in a fit of explosive damage. Like the previous boss, Jiang Fei collected one Blue and one Violet graded equipment.

    "Let's go. The third boss awaits."

    Since the beginning, Jiang Fei had never considered the second boss to be an actual boss. Nevertheless, it was now a Vice-Leader. The loot were barely any better. Jiang Fei was eager to meet the third boss and the possibility of a fourth!

    The monsters that appeared before the third boss were stronger, but that as not enough to prevent both Jiang Fei and Isabella from steamrolling over them. They quickly reached the third boss.

    Frontline Commanding Officer, Bralox (Bloodborne, Leader)

    Level: 35

    Health Points: 180,000

    Attack Power: 3,000

    Skills: Amok, Tornado Slash, Destructive Smash

    Amok: Immediately attacks the closest target.

    Tornado Slash: Deals a powerful slash to all targets nearby.

    Destructive Smash: Deals a powerful, catastrophic strike to a target. If target's HP is lower than 50%, the skill will deal a Critical hit.

    As expected of the Elite difficulty. The third boss had been significantly upgraded. The attack power alone was at 3,000. One attack could easily deal over 5,000 damage. If Destructive Smash ever produced a Critical hit, even a tank would lay splat on the ground.

    "Phew. I'll head in first. Take some potshots. If I'm fading, turn to your demon flames!" Jiang Fei instructed Isabella and jumped towards the boss.

    "INTRUDERS!" cried the boss, as soon as Jiang Fei entered its range.

    Ice Burst!






    Jiang Fei unleashed a flurry of skills on the boss. The boss responded in kind.


    -5,241! (Amok)

    -3,528! (Tornado Slash)

    When the boss was finished, Jiang Fei was left reeling at the damage coaused. In that instant, Jiang Fei had lost one-third of his total health points. To take 10,000 damage while having 1,700 Defense was terrifying. This was a Tank slayer!

    "Crap! Bella! Take over now! I'm tapping out!" cried Jiang Fei. The boss had far exceeded all expectations. He had expected a hike up in power, but he had never expected consecutive activations of skills. The gap between Normal and Elite was like heaven and earth!

    This boss standing before Jiang Fei was the kind that could end a player's life immediately. Before that chain of attack, a tank was useless. An entire party would have not stood a chance.

    Of course, specific strategies existed. One of which was to have Knights use Sacrificial Blessing on the tank. That way, all damage taken by the tank would be shared by the Knight. Knights and Priests played a huge role in this boss fight. Even an inferior tank could take all that hits with a powerful healer in the party.

    Immediately after that chain, the boss' strength seemed to have diminished. All attacks that came after were regular hits. Apparently, the developers of the game were throwing players a boon. This was not a broken boss, simply one that required a party to work together.

    Still, this was one lesson that people were not willing to pay for with their lives!

    With regular attacks, the pressure on Jiang Fei was slightly alleviated. Isabella's black flames consumed the boss. Jiang Fei quickly lost the aggro to Isabella in only four attacks. When the boss finally diverted its attention to Isabella, Jiang Fei had less than 10,000 health points left.

    When the boss got close to Isabella, she immediately activated Demon Flame Infusion and started to trade blows with the boss. Although the boss' health bar was dropping fast, so was Isabella. This was the first time she was actually facing trouble.

    With the boss now facing its back to Jiang Fei, he relentlessly attacked, stacking up to ten counts of Ruthless Barrage. Now he was acting as a proper DPS. As the two of them carved the boss up, the boss started losing ground. By the time the boss was left with 10% health points, Isabella still had over 51%.

    "Curses!" the boss growled and suddenly swung around to Jiang Fei.

    Panic ensued as the boss raised a massive fist at him. He had less than 50% of his health points, and he was about to take on a fully powered Destructive Smash!



    Five terrifying digits popped up over his head, immediately emptying Jiang Fei's entire health bar.
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