221 Level 5 Godly Ring


    Golden light flashed across Jiang Fei's entire body, and he instantly regained 50% of his total health points. Once again the Undying Aegis had saved his butt!

    "What the hell! Pick on someone your own size! Sheesh!" Jiang Fei muttered disgruntledly. The boss was being a complete prick to Jiang Fei. Instead of attacking Isabella, which the boss could never defeat, it had turned to Jiang Fei instead! Obviously, the boss had run out of fumes by then. Even with a chain of skills unleashed, it could barely deal over 7,000 damage to Isabella. She was still going strong with over 40,000 health points left. Basically, the match was over, as long as Jiang Fei survives the onslaught. Jiang Fei had failed to predict that massive blow and had taken a blow that almost finished him off. Without the Aegis, he would have died instantly, and Isabella would have disappeared, resulting in a failed dungeon run.

    Having failed to finish him off, the boss was as good as dead.

    Tens of seconds after, the boss was defeated.

    "Ding! You have killed the Frontline Commanding Officer, Bralox! Obtained 320,000 experience points!"

    "Hm. There's no notification about the dungeon clearance. Looks like there is a fourth boss!"

    Jiang Fei was falling back to his previous experience with the "Deep into the Night" dungeon. The higher the difficulty, the more bosses would appear!

    Jiang Fei went ahead and collected the loots and was disappointed when there was no golden light; all he found were Violets.

    Bloody Wargod's Force Fist (Main Weapon, Epic)

    Physical Attack +575

    Strength: +10

    Vitality: +15

    Equip: All attacks ignore 10% Defense.

    Equip: Grants you the skill, Force Punch. After charging up for a short moment, dash forward a short distance to crush a target. A successful hit will knock a target back a certain distance.

    Level Requirement: 30

    (Bloody Wargod's Equipment Set 1 /2)

    Bloody Wargod's Impact Fist (Secondary Weapon, Epic)

    Physical Attack: +475

    Strength: +15

    Vitality: +10

    Equip: Deals one additional magic attack every three hits on the same target.

    Equip: Grants you the skill, Penetrating Qi Strike. Completely ignores the target's Defense for one attack. Deals pure damage to a target. Cooldown: 8 seconds.

    Level Requirement: 30

    (Bloody Wargod's Equipment Set (2 /2)

    Bloody Wargod's Equipment Set Effect: Attacks will generate a protective shield that absorbs damage. Shield value equals to 50% of a previous attack.

    "Oh dang! This is good!"

    Even though the boss had only dropped two equipment, Jiang Fei was delighted. Those two equipment were much stronger and even harder to obtain than Golden graded, Legendary equipment! As set equipment, their prices would be off the charts.

    Once again, Jiang Fei was let down by the fact that he could not equip it! Sadly, the equipment would end up in the guild storage, waiting for a fortunate Bandit class to pick up.

    After collecting the equipment, Jiang Fei proceeded on. Half an hour later, Jiang Fei and Isabella arrived at the fourth and last boss.

    Bloodborne High General (Bloodborne, Leader)

    Level: 37

    Health Points: 200,000

    Attack Power: 3,800

    Skills: Speed Slash, Heavy Cleave, Blood Vortex, Sudden Attack, Blade Storm.

    Speed Slash: Deals three consecutive normal attacks.

    Heavy Cleave: Immediately attacks a target, dealing enhanced damage.

    Blood Vortex: Summons a Blood Vortex. Reduces movement speed by 20% and deals 1,000 damage per second to all targets within the vortex.

    Sudden Attack: Jumps to a stationary target inside the vortex. Restores 10% of self health points.

    Blade Storm: Spins around and deals powerful damage to all targets around the General. Lasts for 10 seconds. Increases Movement Speed by 50% during the duration of the skill.

    Note: The General in charge of the Blood Prison's outskirts, the last boss in the Elite difficulty.

    "Finally. The last one."

    Jiang Fei glanced at his own experience bar and noted that it was almost filling up. With the experience points from the boss and the first clear reward, he might actually reach Level 37.

    "What is your plan? Do we fight?" asked Isabella when she saw Jiang Fei just standing still.

    "Just a moment. I need to make a call," Jiang Fei shook his head as he replied Isabella.

    "Yo. The announcement for the Bottom of the Bloodpool. You want it?" Jiang Fei asked Han Tianyu.

    "Yes. I'll be right there." Han Tianyu's reply was immediate.

    In a flash, Han Tianyu was at the dungeon entrance, where Jiang Fei invited him. Since the location of the dungeon was just in the center of the city, Han Tianyu did not have much ground to cover.

    "Since you're not in it for the loot or the experience points, why don't you just hang around at the entrance. The stuff here would smash you to bits."

    At that moment, Jiang Fei and Han Tianyu were the only two players in the dungeon. Isabella was not counted as a player, being Jiang Fei's pet. Without a healer, Han Tianyu was a sitting duck for the ruthless monsters. Moreover, Han Tianyu's player character was not as "tanky" as Jiang Fei. As skilled as he was in real life, he would not be able to evade the attacks for long.

    "Sure," said Han Tianyu happily. As Jiang Fei said, Han Tianyu was never interested in leveling up or items. All he wanted was the opportunity to make server-wide announcements.

    Upon Han Tianyu's agreement, Jiang Fei and Isabella rested for a moment to be at peak state while allowing their skills to finish their cooldowns.


    Just as Jiang Fei was about to stand up, he heard a light chime. Alerted, Jiang Fei jumped to his feet and looked around, only to be greeted by nothing but dust and eerie silence. It took a while before Jiang Fei finally realized what had happened. It was the ring.

    "Phew... It was you! That scared me."

    Having filled the ring with equipment for so many times, the ring had finally gained enough experience point to level up. At that point, there was still one more equipment within the red slot of the ring's inventory. The ring had stopped accepting fodders.

    "Looks like when you level up, those changes are reflected in both real life and in-game! Sigh... I'd really hope that you would still eat diamonds..." Jiang Fei sighed. Even though he had obtained a new level of understanding for the ring's leveling rules, the ring had a voracious appetite! Even with over ten million dollars in hand and a hundred million dollars given to him by Han Tianyu for the potions, Jiang Fei was not sure that he was able to continue feeding ring! It basically was the physical embodiment of gluttony!
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