222 Bella’s Dragon Form

    Now that the ring had gained a level, Jiang Fei immediately scanned for the one thing that he always wanted; a new ability.

    Luck +50

    This stat was the very core and definition of Jiang Fei in the game. Aside from Luck, he had already gained double the number of inventory slots, allowing him to store more items in the game, as well as bringing more items out of the game!

    Before leveling up, he had a total of 72 slots, 36 blue, and 36 red. Now, he had 72 blue and 72 red! There was also the appearance of something new.

    The small text description at the top corner of the blue inventory had was now:

    Maximum Level of item exported: 30

    Maximum item count exported: 4/7

    Whereas the text description of the red slots was now:

    Minimum Level Equipment Sacrificed: TEMPORARILY UNABLE TO SACRIFICE

    Minimum Grade of Equipment Sacrificed: Fine

    "YASHH! This is good!"

    The changes had been rather subtle. That and the ring had suddenly stopped asking for more equipment as feed. At the same time, the ring had opened up three more slots for Jiang Fei to bring items out of the game.

    "One... two... three... THREE! THREE MORE!" Jiang Fei cried with joy when he realized that he could bring more equipment into the real world. He had been always craving for more equipment to be taken out of the game, and when he was granted that wish, he suddenly had no idea what to do.

    "I guess I should opt for a helmet."

    Although he had already gained strength and capabilities that would have made him unnaturally strong, he was still human. If he were to take a blow to the chest or limbs, he could still consume a potion to recover. However, if he were to take a shot to the head, he may not even be in the position to tend to himself.

    When it came to helmets, Jiang Fei still possessed one good helmet in his inventory that he could not bear to discard, the Iron Will Helm. This helmet had a high defense which should be sufficient against typical blows to the head. Jiang Fei was particularly drawn to its ability to dispel all mental control skills.

    The moment Jiang Fei was placed in the crosshairs by the Zhang family, he had always been on edge, feeling like he would be taken away at any time. If the worst-case scenario happened and he got himself kidnapped, he might end up spilling all the beans while under hypnotic interrogation. That would result in an apocalyptic event. Protecting his mind was almost as important as his well-being.

    Jiang Fei also had his eyes on a particular piece of chest armor. At that point, he had arms, legs, and head protection. His chest had been left open to attack. If the ring had gained a level one hour earlier, he would not have hesitated bringing out his desired armor. But now, he was looking at something that was potentially better.

    The Bloody Wargod's equipment set! Since he could not equip the two fist weapons in the game, he could put them to use in the real world! They were perfect for him as he had been practicing a nameless fist style from the old Hai. If he brought it to the real world and equipped it, he might take the nameless fist style to another level.

    The Fists were indeed powerful. Adding on to the fact that he would gain armor penetration, two active skill, and two passive skills, he could also charge in any direction he wanted -- which could further improve his fighting ability when paired with the nameless fist style. At that moment, Jiang Fei felt like a little kid that had just got himself a new toy from the store and could not wait to go back home to unpack it.

    The Iron Will Helm was meant to prevent himself from revealing all his secrets... However, if he could prevent himself from being captured in the first place, who would need to worry about revealing any secrets?!

    With that thought in mind, Jiang Fei still opted for the Iron Will Helm as a safeguard. Of course, he did not forget the Bloody Wargods's two Fists.

    When all three equipment were placed in the blue slots of the ring inventory, Jiang Fei's attention went back to the game.

    "Hey! I said HEYYYY! What are you staring at?! I've been calling out for you the whole time!" bellowed the little Isabella as she pranced around in front of Jiang Fei to get his attention.

    "Huh... Oh. Sorry. I spaced out..."

    Jiang Fei smiled and pat the little girl's head. While Isabella was enjoying the head pats, Jiang Fei was thinking about something else, namely how the ring had ultimately affected him as a whole. His strength, confidence, his life had changed for the better.

    "How are we going to defeat that?" said Isabella as she pointed at the boss.

    "Start the game trainer and whack that guy!" (1)

    Jiang Fei smirked. Eager to get out the game as soon as possible, Jiang Fei barked that line at Isabella. If he had not brought in Han Tianyu to the dungeon, promising him the opportunity to make his beloved announcements, he would have logged out, right there and then!

    "G-Game trainer?" Isabella stuttered a little.

    "Ah. Don't worry about. Just go all out and go wild! Oh! Change your form! I would like to see you in your dragon form!" said Jiang Fei.

    "Hohoho. Very well! I shall allow you to behold this lady's magnificence!" said Isabella without reserve. If she was not contracted to Jiang Fei as his pet and had her true potential weakened, she would have been perpetually flying around in her dragon form!

    "Take the lead, Bella!"

    Jiang Fei took a few steps back to prepare himself. Ever since Jiang Fei had learned of Isabella's dragon form, he had wanted to witness just how strong she would be.

    "Foolish one! Be grateful that you are about to die in the hands of the great Isabella!"

    With a powerful roar, Isabella leaped into the air. She spread her hands out, and a massive distortion of space occurred around her. In a flash, the cute little girl vanished, and in its place was a massive, black Demonic Dragon that was about 30 meters long.

    The Demon Dragon then took a nose dive and headed for the boss at supersonic speed. Jiang Fei, who carried the Black Dragonscale, could clearly feel the power of Isabella's dragon form.

    Breath of Obliteration!


    A dark, purplish gas burst out of Isabella's dragonic maw and blasted the Bloodborne High General. What followed next was once again beyond anything Jiang Fei ever saw coming.





    Three massive damage texts popped up, and the Bloodborne High General was vaporized, without ever learning what had struck him.

    "Ding! You have defeated Bloodborne High General! Obtained 550,000 experience points! Obtained 50 gold coins!

    "Ding! You have defeated all bosses in the Elite difficulty "Bottom of the Bloodpool"! You have successfully conquered the "Bottom of the Bloodpool" in Elite difficulty!"

    As bewildering as Isabella's carpet bombing was, what the followed terrified Jiang Fei even more. After killing the boss with Breath of Obliteration, Isabella simply circled around in the air, throwing out the same skills as if it was free!

    "Ding! You are the first party to clear the dungeon "Bottom of the Bloodpool" in Elite difficulty! Please name your party!"

    The chime of the notification had stirred Jiang Fei, or he would have continued staring at the flying demon dragon in the sky, dumbfounded and utterly bewildered.

    "Brother Yu! It's your turn to have some fun!" said Jiang Fei as he transferred the party leader position to him. He said nothing else to Han Tianyu, turning his full attention back to the terrifying figure in the sky.
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