227 I Want a Territory Order

    After dinner, Jiang Fei returned to his room. Jiang Fei still had a few diamond ores that Han Tianyu had given him. Did they still suit the tastes of the ring?

    "F*cking hell."

    Jiang Fei's face fell. The diamond had remained in his hands, instead of turning into beams of light that the ring would have otherwise absorbed.

    "What the hell. Diamonds are expensive, you know? Why are you being such a picky eater!"

    Jiang Fei grumbled, yet the ring remained silent and motionless. There was absolutely zero response.

    "Just what do you want? Tell me what do you want! I don't care if it's expensive! I just need to know what you want!" Jiang Fei roared in frustration. Just when he thought he was now free to spend lavishly like Han Tianyu, the ring decided to be a total d*ck! The problem now lay in the question of what to buy, and not how to buy! If Jiang Fei does not figure out what the ring wanted, leveling up would be a massive pain in the butt!

    Try as he could, Jiang Fei experimented with many other things until it was 10pm. With no hope of knowing what the ring wanted to eat, Jiang Fei grumpily logged into the game.

    Jiang Fei went straight for the NPC potion shop and purchased a total of thirty-five stacks of Intermediate Healing Potions. That was the total of what the guys in the military, as well as the Zhang family, wanted. Upon purchasing them, Jiang Fei immediately transferred them to the ring's inventory. Since the ring had plenty of empty slots, Jiang Fei would never have to worry about storage.

    After that, Jiang Fei went ahead and completed two dungeon runs. One in normal difficulty and one in Elite difficulty. With Isabella by his side, plowing through the dungeon carried the same degree of difficulty a hot knife experienced when held against butter. By then, Jiang Fei had reached Level 38 and had obtained several more equipment. However, the dungeon's "cherry" had been popped, so the fruits had greatly diminished. The final boss of the Elite difficulty only provided Violet graded equipment. All previous bosses yielded Blue graded equipment. Normal difficulty only produced Green graded equipment, and only the last boss had dropped a miserable, single Blue graded equipment.

    "Where do we go next?' asked Isabella, anxious to know.

    "Hehe. Don't worry. We'll be visiting some powerful foes to play with!" said Jiang Fei as he immediately contacted Smart Tomato.

    "Any idea on the location of a Lord tier open-world boss?" said Jiang Fei.

    "Lord tier? Brother Fei? What are you planning this time?" Smart Tomato replied immediately. Nowadays, players that hunted open field Leader tier bosses would have to gather at least a hundred members. Lord tier bosses would be far too tough at that point. Come a thousand or come a hundred thousand, a Lord tier boss would squash them all. Numbers meant nothing if the players were rubbish!

    They may be of the same tier but, a Leader tier boss in the dungeon was nothing like a Leader tier boss in the open world. These bosses only had one life. They would never respawn again if they were ever taken down. Naturally, their loot would be far more unique and valuable. The more powerful the boss, the better the drop.

    Smart Tomato was blown away by the fact that Jiang Fei was not asking for a Leader tier boss. He had skipped tiers entirely and jumped straight up to Lord!

    "Tsk. It's just a simple question. Do you know or not?" Jiang Fei mubbled.

    "Sigh. I'm afraid that a Lord tier boss is out of my league. I could try it," said Smart Tomato.

    "Will do. Don't just stop at one. The more, the better!" Jiang Fei smirked and said.

    Jiang Fei hung up and proceeded to repeat that request to Han Tianyu.

    "Are you out of your mind? Ah Fei, are you actually saying that you can solo a Lord tier open world boss? You would have to at least be Level 50!" Han Tianyu replied.

    "What if I tell you that I've killed a Level 95 Overlord tier boss before?" said Jiang Fei, laughing.

    "Pfft! Please. Boasting is my specialty. Don't take that away from me."

    "Well... that's a fact, not a boast. It's fine if you don't believe me."

    Jiang Fei rolled his eyes. That much was true. He had fed a nuke to the fool, Dhakasoron.

    "Tell me the truth. What would you want from a Lord tier boss?"

    "I want a Territory Order. Only Lord tier bosses drop that!" Jiang Fei had said without hesitation. He intended to build a base at the Underground Swamp Cavern. That way, he could secure the Ant Queen to himself and save Han Tianyu's thugs some trouble. He was not doubting their loyalty. But they were human like he was, and some unfortunate day might end up with them being in foul moods and taking it out on the only monster they could find there. That being the Ant Queen.

    "Oh! You want a guild territory! Ah... Why didn't you say that! I could give you mine! Why would you waste your time and effort on that?!" said Han Tianyu. Happy Drunk, who was training right beside him immediately froze in place. The man had poured his blood, sweat, and tears into building the guild to its current state. Han Tianyu, being the rich guy he was willing to toss it aside to Jiang Fei without hesitation. Happy Drunk had never had his sanity tested like so.

    "What?! I don't want your turf! I just want a freaking Territory Order!" Jiang Fei replied angrily. He understood that Han Tianyu was just being a good bro. However, he specifically needed this territory to encompass the entirety of the Underground Swamp Cavern! That would allow the Ant Queen to produce as many Ant Milk and Ang Eggs, undisturbed! Han Tianyu's land was no good.

    "Fine. I'll have someone to look it up for you."

    Han Tianyu caved in and played along. It was not that he did not care about Jiang Fei; he just did not take the game as seriously. As mentioned before, he was only playing Dawn Break to have fun, and his idea of fun was to bully others and to spend more time bonding with Jiang Fei.

    "Alright. Do inform me immediately if any of your lackeys find something!"

    "Alright alright... Sheessh! OH! WAIT! I have something else to talk about!"

    "What is it?"

    "Tomorrow. There will be a gathering. It'll be fun, and you're coming."

    "Oy! I still have classes to attend!" Jiang Fei protested. Since the problem with the Zhang family had been resolved, it was high time for him to return to school.

    "Class? Please. I'll get the school to let you off for a day! The things you'll learn in that one day would be better than what you'll learn in school for ten years!" Han Tianyu replied proudly.

    "Looks like you've made up my mind for me. Fine. I'll wait for you tomorrow." Jiang Fei nodded dejectedly. As long as Han Tianyu meant no harm, he would follow him.

    After he was done with Han Tianyu, Isabella and Jiang Fei went to the Ant Queen and retrieved the Ant Eggs and Ant Milk. If he failed to do so, they would hatch in just one day. The last thing Jiang Fei wanted was for the Ant Queen to rebuild her colony.

    Jiang Fei recalled something as he exited the Underground Swamp Cavern. He opened the Level Ranking Board and noticed that the top ten players were all above Level 30. The top five players were already Level 31. If Jiang Fei's hunch was right, it was almost time for big guilds to start challenging the Normal difficulty of the "Bottom of the Bloodpool."

    Even if they managed it, Jiang Fei had already cleared the Elite difficulty. Before the fact, the entire server had been giddy with the prospect of reaching the finish line first, training as fast as they could for the dungeon. When Jiang Fei plunged down from the skies like a dark cloud and consumed the Elite difficulty, that passion was quickly quelled.

    What was the point? The dungeon's First Clear had already been taken, there was no use going in with full force anymore.
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