230 Picking A Figh

    "Harada Yoshihiko. Before you bite someone, you best ask for permission from your master, like the dog you are. You wouldn't want to be the cause of your master groveling in apology at another's feet, would you?" said Han Tianyu, not even turning to face the man.

    "Han Tianyu! Don't get over your head!" Harada growled. Not soon after, the man started jabbering in some bird-like language that both Jiang Fei and Han Tianyu could not understand. English was far elegant and understandable when compared to the man's barking.

    "Who the heck set this dog loose? Get it in check before I start skinning it alive."

    Han Tianyu had barely raised his voice, yet Harada instantly fell silent.

    "Han! That's just too much!"

    A white young man who might be in his early 20s stepped out of the sea of people.

    "Is this yours? Tsk! Why are you letting him roam around without control? I don't mind teaching him a lesson for free!" Han Tianyu roared.

    "Han! You may be a guest, but you don't have the right to humiliate other guests!" cried the blonde man. He was obviously trying to cover up for Harada.

    "Peter, if not for my respect for the Locksters, I would gun you down right here."

    Han Tianyu glared at Peter. Peter, on the other hand, was clearly petrified.

    "Hohoho. The flames of youth still burns in this man! Han Tianyu is so cool and dominating!" Jiang Fei thought to himself. Several in the crowd had seemed ready to pick on Han Tianyu, but they had all cowered away now.

    "You..." Peter could only point at him and do nothing more.

    "I'll count to three. Retract that finger, or you'll never use it again."

    Han Tianyu's tone had not changed, but Peter was starting to sweat.

    Peter was in a complicated situation. It was Harada who had informed him about how Han Tianyu's spies had retrieved information regarding the Hyperactive Cell Regenerator. Peter had intended to have Han Tianyu confess about that deception, there and then. Jiang Fei's medicine and the western ones were all too similar in terms of composition and effects. From Peter's perspective, that was enough evidence. However, he had not expected Han Tianyu to lash out at Harada like that. That had left him no choice but to come out to protect Harada. It was just a means to show him that he cared. How else would that little "dog" of his continue to obey him?

    Things had escalated too quickly when Han Tianyu decided to bare his fangs instead of spilling the beans. His crosshair was sighted on Harada Yoshihiko, but when Peter came up, he had entered Han Tianyu's line of fire as well.

    Han Tianyu and the other younger weapons manufacturer were dubbed as the devil's advocates. Be it their own intelligence or their ruthlessness, they were on another plane of reality when compared to other youths. When Peter saw Han Tianyu rearing up on his hindquarters, Peter had shriveled up. He was practically within his jaws. He was utterly convinced that Han Tianyu would actually step up and take that finger from him. However, if he backed down there, he would be branded as a coward! Having a cowardly reputation was suicidal in this line of business!

    "Enough! Peter! Be off with you!"

    Just as the atmosphere could not get any colder, the Lockster man came along. It was time to save his grandson.

    "Yes. Grandfather."

    Peter immediately withdrew from the scene and left Han Tianyu, still shaking from that encounter.

    "Han. Are you representing your father in this meeting?" said Lockster, as he greeted Han Tianyu with a gentle pat to the shoulder. The atmosphere quickly livened up again, as if the exchange between Han Tianyu and Peter had never even occurred.

    "Yes. My father has not been well and requires an extensive period of time to recuperate."

    Han Tianyu got up from his seat and smiled at him. He had many enemies in the room, but Han Tianyu still respected the old man.

    "Haha. Your old man is just trying to find an excuse to whip you into shape! Oh my, how rude of me to ignore this young gentleman here. How may I address you?" said Lockster politely.

    "This is my younger brother."

    Han Tianyu immediately reached to grab Jiang Fei by the shoulders. Han Tianyu said no more after that. On the other hand, Jiang Fei could only resort to some simple English phrases. He had not been learning English in school, hence the poor vocabulary. However, due to him gaining Intelligence and Spirit values from his equipment, Jiang Fei had obtained a superhuman memory. Learning a new language would be a walk in the park.


    As they mingled around, Jiang Fei spotted a familiar face from amongst the crowd.

    "Hey, what do we do now?" said Jiang Fei in a hushed voice to Han Tianyu.

    "Just go with what I said earlier."

    Han Tianyu shot a glance at the Tokugawa family. Tokugawa Shinji stood amongst them.

    "Shouldn't I leave this to you? Your specialty? You know, picking fights and all?"

    "Listen. Lockster is the alpha dog here. He knows that I'm out for blood tonight. That's why he's here to keep an eye on me. Sorry, but my hands are pretty much tied."

    "What about me then?"

    "You? Nothing is holding you back, right? Go smash your fist into his face! Leave him on the ground, then we'll talk!"

    Han Tianyu smiled evilly again.

    "Fine. If you say so!" Jiang Fei smiled back and gave a generic excuse to leave Han Tianyu's side. It was easy for Jiang Fe to slip past the old man as his attention was focused on keeping Han Tianyu caged up.

    "Yo! Stupid japs! Where're you going, huh?!" cried Jiang Fei when he had approached Tokugawa Shinji from behind. When he was only a few meters away from Shinji, he had sped up without the use of his equipment and zoomed to his side.

    "NANI!?" Shinji yelled.

    Like a common street thug, Jiang Fei threw a punch to his abdomen, without utilizing his gloves nor his special nameless fist style. A straight up punch to the gut.


    Even without skills, Jiang Fei punch was packed with power. As a result, Shinji was sent flying over two meters into the sky.

    "KUSO DARE!"



    The sudden attack had startled all the Tokugawa members.

    Everyone that was present then were men and women with power. Even if they bore grudges against each other, nobody would straight up start a fistfight here. Especially not from the front! Nobody had seen this coming.

    "You little **! How dare you send someone to kill me!"

    Jiang Fei was merciless. Just as Shinji descended from the sky, Jiang Fei caught the moment and landed a powerful uppercut parallel to his fall and struck his face.


    To think that this man actually had guts... After being punched by Jiang Fei twice, he did not wail, but merely fainted.

    "OMAE WA DAREDA!?" cried the Japanese. At that moment, four to five men surrounded Jiang Fei. As Han Tianyu had said earlier, one could only bring very few bodyguards with them while attending this meeting. Hence, there were only three bodyguards, Shinji's father, and his elder brother. From the looks of their builds, none of them could fight proper. Jiang Fei could easily make them kiss the ground without the use of his skills.
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