232 An Evil Plo

    Due to his low standing, Jiang Fei was still left in the dark when it concerned many other dark secrets. Otherwise, he would have long been aware that the humans in this world were classified into two categories, normal humans and the Metahumans!

    Normal humans were the commoners you pass by on the street. In their eyes, everyone in the world looked the same. People would get sick when they catch a cold or get wounded when stabbed with a knife. Although different people had different statuses, they were all equally fragile.

    However, people like Han Tianyu often came into contact with the second type of humans, the Metahumans. These were people who had powers that exceeded what science was capable of explaining. For example, Huaxia's Inner Qi experts were capable of using powerful and boundless energy in their body to perform extraordinary feats. However, very few people could fully control such abilities!

    The existence of such individuals was not exclusive to one country. In other countries, some of these Metahumans could control fire, while others had regenerative abilities that made them almost immortal. Hyperactive Regenerative Cell Potions were created using the blood of such people. That was why they cost so much!

    Many of these metahumans could not die from bullets or blade wounds. Some of them could even climb walls. Normal weapons were hardly a threat against them. These were superhumans. Fortunately, these beings rarely appeared before ordinary human beings and therefore, under cover of most national governments, they were nearly nonexistent. Very few commoners would be aware of their existence.

    Jiang Fei's actions today had convinced everyone present that he was one of the members of the Metahumans. In fact, he was a particularly powerful specimen. As such, even highly influential individuals like Old Lockster had to tread lightly before him.

    There was a famous saying in society: Metahuman's problems should be solved by Metahumans! There was not much meaning hidden beneath the clear message. People who belonged in such groups were out of the common man's league.

    These metahumans were not invincible. They could be taken down by nukes and missiles, at the cost of countless other lives. On top of that, there was no way of ensuring that the missiles would even hit the target. If the Metahuman target survived, he would definitely seek revenge. Such beings would wade through hellfire and a hail of bullets like it was regular rain. On the other hand, heavy-duty weapons could not be used defensively. Therefore, if one were to be hunted down by a Metahuman, one would be in grave trouble unless he could hire an even stronger Metahuman. Otherwise, no matter how strong or influential a normal human being was, he would not dare to get himself into trouble with a strong Metahuman!

    Everyone present was blown away. On the other hand, Jiang Fei was still traumatized by the first murder he ever committed. Therefore, the entire hall was in complete silence.

    After a brief moment of silence, someone finally spoke. "Who are you? Are you one of the martial artists from the Huaxia Martial Arts Alliance?"

    "Whew!" Old Lockster sighed in relief when he heard the voice. Naturally, when organizing such a gathering, a high-level Metahuman being would be involved.

    Otherwise, these people would die in vain if other Metahumans suddenly appeared to wipe everyone else out of existence.

    "Eh?" Jiang Fei turned his gaze towards the speaker. All he could see was a Caucasian man with a head of red hair, looking down at him from a balcony of the second floor.

    "That's right! This is my friend from the Huaxia Martial Arts Alliance!" Han Tianyu replied. He knew that Jiang Fei did not have a clue of what was happening and quickly spoke up.

    "Since you are from the Huaxia Martial Arts Alliance, why don't you follow the rules? Why did you move against a high-level Metahuman?" The man in red hair asked.

    "My friend was merely seeking revenge. That fellow had once sent a ninja to assassinate my friend. The Huaxia Martial Arts Alliance has records of it. If you do not believe me, I can contact old man Hai to confirm this!" Han Tianyu said.

    "Eh?" The man in red hair furrowed his brows. It was difficult to trust Han Tianyu's words. Low level ninjas were rubbish! They would barely be able to hold their own against a Level One Metahuman. A Huaxia Inner Qi martial artist who could use his Qi Body Protection technique would already be classified as a Level Four Metahuman. It was absolute stupidity for someone to send a Level One ninja to assassinate a Level Four expert.

    Which idiot would give such an order? Moreover, the target was a member of Huaxia. Even a dimwit would not send his own men to die for nothing, would he?

    However, Han Tianyu had no reason to lie. In fact, Han Tianyu had bluntly stated that Huaxia Martial Arts Alliance had records of the assassination attempt. Even the perverted old man Hai knew about this. As ludicrous as it sounded, it simply had to be the case.

    When he thought of this, the redhead could not help but look towards the Tokugawa household. The more he looked at them, the more he throught them to be a bunch of fools. It seemed like they had still not figured anything out. They all still had their fists raised at Jiang Fei. On top of it all, Tokugawa Kazuyoshi was merely looking perplexed, not even aware that he had just lost a bodyguard.

    "I will get to the bottom of this!"

    The man nodded towards someone behind him. A beautiful golden-haired lady instantly disappeared into thin air.

    "That lady must either have the ability to hide herself, or the ability to teleport. On the other hand, the red-haired dude definitely has special abilities related to fire," Han Tianyu muttered to Jiang Fei who stood next to him.

    "Huh. Do mutants really exist?"

    "Your master is some weirdo. He has taught you so well, and never said a word about this?" Han Tianyu rolled his eyes as he spoke.

    "Hehe..." Jiang Fei laughed cheekily. Where would he find his non-existent master?

    Not long after, the golden-haired lady suddenly reappeared next to the red-haired guy. She whispered into his ear.

    "Holy crap! Some idiot actually did it?" The red-haired guy's eyes flew wide open. He had refused to believe that such a foolish move would even be carried out in the organization, but when met with irrefutable evidence, he was left without a choice.

    "Your Excellency, what do you think?" Han Tianyu asked the red-haired guy, chuckling.

    "Based on our investigations, Tokugawa Shingi has asked for this himself. You can do whatever you want to him. However, the Tokugawa household has been unaware of such a move. I hope that you can let them go!" The red-haired guy was clearly addressing Jiang Fei directly. A Level Four Metahuman was his equal.

    "What should we do?" Jiang Fei asked as he turned to Han Tianyu. Jiang Fei had initially planned to just beat Tokugawa Shingi up to blow off some steam. He had not expected to actually kill someone. Although Tokugawa household's bodyguard now lay dead, it had been a genuine accident. Moreover, everything had happened so suddenly that Jiang Fei still felt terrible about it.

    "Tokugawa household, if you wish to make peace, we are willing to compromise. Let Tokugawa Shingi kill himself and get it over with.

    Otherwise, we will have to make a move and cause him some actual pain!" Han Tianyu said with a laugh.

    "F*ck you! You are indeed a two-faced devil! Does your cruelty know no bounds!" Stan exclaimed as cold sweat dripped from his forehead.

    Tokugawa Kazuyoshi had to choose between taking on risks on behalf of himself and his household by going against a Level Four Metahuman, on top of directly challenging the Manda Group, and choosing to kill his son or letting his enemies torture his son to death. Whichever choice he made would never end well.
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