233 The Human Torch’s Invitation

    "You... I..." Tokugawa Kazuyoshi was at a loss of words. Big drops of sweat were dripping down the sides of his forehead. This was not a decision for humans to make.

    Tokugawa Kazuyoshi was already stunned speechless by Jiang Fei when he had revealed his capabilities. Tokugawa Kazuyoshi had no idea what he had done to earn the ire of such a powerful being!

    When Han Tianyu explained why Jiang Fei had attacked his bodyguard, Tokugawa Kazuyoshi had nearly passed out. As Tokugawa Shingi did not have a low of power in the Tokugawa household and only had a few low-level ninjas working for him, Tokugawa Kazuyoshi had not expected his useless son to cause this much trouble, with his low-level ninjas too, on top of that.

    It was beyond foolishness to send a low-level ninja after an Inner Qi expert who was capable of using the Qi Body Protection technique. In fact, he had even attempted the assassination on Huaxia's turf. When he heard this, Tokugawa Kazuyoshi had subconsciously believed this entire thing was a plot against the Tokugawa household. If his dumb son actually gave the order, he would even beat his son to death on the spot!

    However, this was not the time to do such a thing. Besides, his son Tokugawa Shingi already lay unconscious. There was a chance that his son did not actually carry out something this stupid. Even if he did, Tokugawa Kazuyoshi would have to protect him! If Tokugawa Kazuyoshi killed Tokugawa Shingi now, that would be as good as admitting defeat to Huaxia's people. If that were to happen, the Tokugawa household would lose their influence in Tokyo. Such an act of weakness would cause them to be sidelined, or even attacked by other households in Tokyo. Surrendering to the people of Huaxia was a suicidal move!

    "There has to be a misunderstanding. I need to carry out some further investigation. Regardless of the outcome, I will remember you all for humiliating our Tokugawa household in public!" Tokugawa Kazuyoshi finally made the decision to wage war against Jiang Fei and the Manda Group. Although this was not a smart move, and it also meant pushing the Tokugawa household off the deep end of the pool, it could possibly garner them support from other Tokyo households. There was still a chance that they could all work together to fight against Manda Group and the Level Four Metahuman!

    "Eh? Has the old fool Tokugawa gone mad? How dare he openly challenge a Level Four Metahuman?"

    "For such a dumb son too at that. He's dug his grave!"

    "Yeah! Could the Tokugawa household love Tokugawa Shingi this much?"

    "Perhaps. Otherwise, why would he be pampered enough to send a low-level ninja after a Level Four Metahuman?"

    Many of the western military arms dealers present could not understand the thought-process of the Tokugawa household. In the eyes of the people from Tokyo, even bowing down to the Westerners was not something shameful. However, if they kowtowed to the people from Huaxia, it would be a sign of weakness. Therefore, they could never bear to bow down to Huaxia's people!

    "Hehe!" Han Tianyu chuckled.

    Tokugawa Kazuyoshi's decision came as no surprise to Han Tianyu. It was also the outcome he had hoped for. Han Tianyu made a face at Jiang Fei.

    After all, Han Tianyu's capabilities were comparatively weaker. If he attempted to address the red-haired guy, he would only be flicked aside. Therefore, the best thing to do was to have Jiang Fei speak.

    Jiang Fei quickly understood. He took a glance at the red-haired young man on the second floor before he spoke. "Your Excellency, you heard everything!"


    The red-haired young man was left somewhat embarrassed. He had been personally invited by Old Lockster, and therefore naturally leaned towards their closer ally, the people of Tokyo. Although he tried to appear fair, he had already somewhat sided with the Tokugawa household. Now, anyone could tell that Jiang Fei and Han Tianyu wanted to use this opportunity to thoroughly crush the Tokugawa household. Therefore, the red-haired guy had given the Tokugawa household a chance to get rid of their dumb son. It would be a sacrifice they had to make to protect the entire household. However, the young red-haired Caucasian male had not expected the Tokugawa household to turn down his offer!

    As a Caucasian, the red-haired man clearly did not understand how the Japanese thought. These were a bunch of cowards who feared the strong but bullied the weak. They took advantage of the Huaxia people's kindness while they kowtowed to their Western allies. If the Tokugawa household bowed down to the people of Huaxia, they would be viewed as weaklings by their compatriots. If that happened, they would be annihilated by other Tokyo households!

    Therefore, Tokugawa Kazuyoshi was determined to go against Jiang Fei. This had placed the red-haired man in an awkward position. He was now unsure of how to continue the conversation. If he continued to speak for the Tokugawa household, his bias would be made clear. That meant getting into trouble with a Level Four Metahuman. It was not a wise move. Even if the red-haired man did in on a whim, the Mutant Brotherhood would never stand for it.

    He was at a loss of words.

    After much consideration, the red-haired man finally hissed through gritted teeth.

    "Your Excellency, I must apologize. I am in charge of the safety on this island. I hope that you can hold back while you are still on this island. After everyone leaves the island, you may kill these people as you wish. I will definitely not interfere! I, Human Torch Shroder, hereby thank you for your cooperation, on behalf of the Mutants Brotherhood!" The red-haired man was trying his best to ensure the safety of the Tokugawa household while they were still on this island. He would at least stop them from being completely annihilated by Jiang Fei on the island!

    "Hmm..." Jiang Fei pretended to be deep in thought as he secretly took a peek at Han Tianyu.

    "Hmm!" Han Tianyu nodded his head slightly. He did not need to take the lives of the Tokugawa household right away. Now that they had already acquired an excuse, getting rid of the Tokugawa household was only a matter of time. As for the lives of people like Tokugawa Kazuyoshi, Han Tianyu did not mind letting them live for a few more days.

    "Alright! I will do that much for you."

    Jiang Fei nodded towards Shroder. He was still traumatized by his accidental murder of the bodyguard earlier. Naturally, he was not thinking about killing more people.

    "I wonder, how should I address you?"

    As Shroder had arrived late, he would have missed out Jiang Fei's introduction.

    "Jiang Fei," Jiang Fei replied plainly.

    "Your Excellency, Jiang Fei, please join me on the second floor if it is convenient for you."

    The red-haired Shroder gestured with his hands.

    "Eh?" Jiang Fei looked at Han Tianyu, confused. This was the first time he experienced something like this, and he was not sure of what to do.

    "Go ahead. Listen more and speak less!" Han Tianyu spoke in a hushed tone. Although he too was a martial artist, his level was not high enough to warrant an invitation from Shroder. Therefore, he could not accompany Jiang Fei.

    "Alright!" Jiang Fei said with a nod as he followed Shroder into a cabin on the second floor.

    "Your Excellency, Jiang Fei, please have a seat!" Shroder said pleasantly after they entered the cabin. He had dropped all pretense of professionalism.

    "Alright! Mister Shroder, I wonder, why you have brought me here?" Jiang Fei asked as soon as he sat down.


    Shroder was dumbfounded by the first thing Jiang Fei said. He had invited Jiang Fei into the cabin to personally keep him company. After all, it would be disrespectful to leave a Metahuman amongst a bunch of common human beings. Therefore, he had personally taken the time to attend to Jiang Fei. He had not thought of the possibility that Jiang Fei did not even consider himself to be a Metahuman.
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