234 Metahuman


    As the awkward silence settled down around them, a sound quickly provided Shroder some much-needed respite.

    A golden-haired girl suddenly appeared in front of Jiang Fei, giving himself a fright. If not for Jiang Fei's sound mind, he might have reflexively thrown a punch at her!

    The girl was holding an intricate teapot in her hands. She poured a glass of thick red tea into the cup before Jiang Fei.

    "Hehe, this is my sister, Jenny. Her nickname is Flash." Shroder said with a laugh as he introduced his sister. However, he secretly sighed in relief.

    His sharp senses had sensed that Jiang Fei had been poised to strike. Jiang Fei had barely stopped himself in time. Although Shroder's sister had the ability to instantly teleport away, she could not continuously use it. Besides, as a Level Two Metahuman, she could not possibly withstand an attack from a Level Four Huaxia martial artist!

    Although Shroder was also a Level Four Metahuman, his attacks were more effective in long-distance combats. He would not be able to take on a skilled Huaxia martial artist up close!

    Little did Shroder know that Jiang Fei's capabilities did not come from his body, and instead depended on the equipment he wore. Jiang Fei could not deliver such powerful blows with every single punch. The effect had only been activated when he had punched his opponent the third time!

    In fact, Jiang Fei was unlike any other Huaxia martial artist. Other Huaxia martial artists, Han Tianyu included were not particularly powerful, but they had started training at a very young age. Their fighting techniques were not something Jiang Fei could compare to.

    However, Shroder had made presumptions about Jiang Fei which had thoroughly misguided himself. He believed that all of Huaxia's martial artists were skilled in battle techniques. The higher one's level was, the more skilled they grew. Against Jiang Fei who was a Level Four Metahuman, he had to be powerless.

    "Hi! How are you? I am Jenny!" The golden-haired lady appeared to be very bubbly as she greeted Jiang Fei and initiated a conversation.

    "Hi, how are you..." Jiang Fei replied. However, he still did not know what to say to these siblings.

    The awkward situation persisted for nearly two hours. Shroder and his sister were speaking most of the time while Jiang Fei seldom interrupted.

    One of the reasons was that Han Tianyu had asked him to speak less and to listen more. Secondly, Jiang Fei had no idea how to keep up with Shroder's various in-depth topics and philosophies. All Jiang Fei could do was to agree, again and again.

    After the conversation, Jiang Fei did in fact acquire a lot of useful information. For example, he learned that there was a Metahuman organization in every country, such as the Huaxia Martial Artists Alliance in Huaxia, the North American Mutants Brotherhood, Europe's Light and Dark Association, and some other smaller Metahuman organizations in other locations.

    Some of these Metahuman organizations had existed for a long time, while others were newly established. For example, Huaxia's martial artists were a legacy that had been passed down from one generation to the next, whereas North American's mutants were created through injecting genetic potions into the bodies of special people, which awakened their innate special abilities!

    As for how the genetic potions were created, Shroder had remained tight-lipped, and neither did Jiang Fei press him much. After all, they had only just become acquainted.

    Apart from that, Jiang Fei's greatest reward from the conversation was getting to know about the rankings of Metahumans!

    There were individual ranking systems among different types of Metahumans. However, there was an international standard widely accepted for mutants. This was because the mutants were the majority among all of the Metahumans. Other types of Metahumans like Huaxia's martial artists were measured using the same system as the mutants.

    The lowest level among mutants was Level Zero. These types of mutants were weak and had significant flaws. Their battle power was equal or sometimes even weaker compared to properly trained normal human beings. They mainly performed in circuses or performed tricks at various places.

    There was then, the Level One mutants. They were still weak, but they did not have any significant flaws. These types of mutants made up the majority in the demography. Their battle power was equal or sometimes even higher than trained forces. These people lived mostly normal lives. Some of them would become spies or act as backup to certain offense-type mutants.

    They were followed by Level Two mutants. These mutants held incredible, albeit flawed powers. They made up the main battle force of the Mutants Brotherhood. If their weaknesses were left undiscovered, or as long as they did not reveal their weaknesses, they would be powerful enough to take on a small-scale army!

    The Level Three mutants have great powers and no flaws. However, they were incapable of freely controlling their powers. These were the elites among the mutants and were capable of going against a small-scale army under any circumstances. Even dozens of Level Two mutants were no match for a single Level Three mutant.

    The Level Four mutants possessed great powers and had no flaws. They were also fully capable of controlling their powers. Their capabilities were strong enough to suppress up to a hundred Level Three mutants!

    The Level Five mutants were one step above the Level Four mutants.

    Some of them were so strong that they defied the laws of nature. Their capabilities could not be measured or compared to in numbers. Unless they fought against an opponent of the same level, nobody could stop them!

    The Level Six mutants existed only in theory. Up until now, nobody could prove such an existence. They would be stronger than even Level Five mutants, and were so powerful that they could influence the movements on Earth. One Level Six mutant could single-handedly destroy the entire universe!

    According the ranking system of the mutants, Huaxia's martial artists who could control the Qi Body Protection technique were equivalent to the Level Four mutant. This was almost at the peak of the Metahuman's realm. Although there were still gaps between those who were stronger and those who were weaker at the same level, a Level Four Metahuman was still an existence that any large organization would not want to become enemies with.

    Besides, Huaxia's martial artists were different. Mutants' capabilities were fixed for a lifetime from the moment of awakening. That meant that a mutant's strength or weakness was preordained. One could only improve himself by making up for his weaknesses by other means.

    However, his mutant ability was not something that could be influenced by hard work!

    As for Huaxia's martial artists, they gained power over time. They may start at a level that was below even Level One mutants. However, through their own training and cultivation, they could reach even the state of a Level Five mutant after years of hard work. The Qi Body Protection technique displayed by Jiang Fei seemed weak at the moment, but Shroder did not dare disrespect that show of power.

    Jiang Fei was still very young and had already reached Level Four capabilities. The implications were nothing short of terrifying. Mutants could awaken at the age of seven of eight and instantly gain Level Five abilities. However, for a Huaxia martial artist to achieve Level Four when he was not even twenty almost guaranteed that he would become a Level Five expert in the future. He might even become the best of the Level Five Metahumans!

    Having understood the ranking system of the Metahumans, Jiang Fei now realized that he had been mistaken as a Level Four Metahuman.

    However, Jiang Fei knew that his true capabilities only reached that of Level One or Level Two. The capabilities he exhibited were all thanks to his equipment, and came in sporadic bursts. His skills mostly possessed long cooldown periods and a lot of the special effects were limited by certain conditions. He was far from the Level Four standard whereby one could supposedly control all of his skills at will. In fact, Jiang Fei could not really deal a lot of damage as others have thought. They had only seen the show he put on when displaying the Qi Body Protection technique through the help of his Bloodthirsty Divine Set!
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