235 Level Five Master?

    By evening, the gathering finally came to an end. Jiang Fei bade farewell to Shroder and his sister as he left together with Han Tianyu.

    Jiang Fei could tell from the giddy look on Han Tianyu's face that Han Tianyu must have benefited greatly from the military arms gathering!

    "Brother Yu, how were things on your end?" Jiang Fei asked curiously, on their way back to Manda Group's military airport.

    "Hehe, it went well. I have acquired an excuse now. Once the testing of our new technology is completed, we will start mass producing the goods for our Third Army. We will then be able to thoroughly wipe out all of Tokugawa household's armed forces overseas. They will soon be fortunate enough to be the testing subject of our Fifth Technological Revolution!" Han Tianyu exclaimed proudly.

    "Hehe, let me know if there is any good news!" Jiang Fei said, laughing. Although he was not used to personally killing others, he could not suppress his curiosity towards warfare.

    "Oh, right. What did Shroder say to you?" Han Tianyu asked.

    "Not much. We just sat around and had tea. We also talked a little bit about Metahumans." Jiang Fei said as he shrugged his shoulders.

    "D*rn! Did you not know about Metahumans?" Han Tianyu asked, somewhat suspiciously.

    "How would I know? My master never told me anything about it..."

    Jiang Fei had gotten used to using his imaginary master as an excuse for almost everything. Ever since he first found out about Metahumans, Jiang Fei understood clearly that the Level Five Metahumans were very well-respected. Everyone, including the Metahuman organization, held such mysterious existences in high regards and were also fearful of them.

    Naturally, they would not even try to instigate these Level Five Metahumans. They would never doubt the word of such existences, for it was better to believe that they were right, than to question them for fear of getting into trouble.

    In all honesty, Jiang Fei did not understand why the big households in Huaxia and the Martial Arts Alliance were so curious about him and yet would not investigate his background. Perhaps, they were worried about the mysterious expert behind him. When old man Hai first met Jiang Fei, he had already decided that Jiang Fei's mysterious master was someone of the Level Four Metahuman category. Therefore, various forces in Huaxia had held back and tried not to disturb Jiang Fei. The only people dumb enough to do so had been the Zhang household.

    The Zhang household had a reach that matched that of the Han household in charge of the Manda Group. However, the Zhang household was not closely associated with the Martial Arts Association. Unlike the Han household, they did not have the genius Han Tianyu who had the talent to train in Inner Qi techniques. Through his martial arts training, Han Tianyu was able to get acquainted with Metahumans. It was because of this lack of knowledge that the Zhang household had dared to move against Jiang Fei.

    Old man Hai had previously reported his suspicion of Jiang Fei's master as a Level Four Metahuman to the entire Huaxia Martial Arts Alliance. The news had thoroughly surprised various tycoons in Huaxia. When Han Tianyu reports Jiang Fei as a Level Four expert, the truly high-level experts like old man Hai would treat Jiang Fei with even more respect!

    Jiang Fei was a teenage Level Four martial artist, whose master would at the very least be an expert among Level Four Metahumans. In fact, there was a great possibility that Jiang Fei's master might even be an expert that surpassed Level Five. One would not dare get into trouble with someone like that. One should even watch his words, to prevent upsetting the legendary master and end up getting himself killed.

    When Han Tianyu returned to Manda Group's base, he was obligated to report to the Huaxia Martial Arts Alliance on everything that had happened today. Jiang Fei's identity as a Level Four martial artist would mean a great deal to the alliance. His mysterious master who might be a Level Five Metahuman would be an even more shocking discovery!

    "Little Yu, what did you say? Can you repeat it again?" Old man Hai was in a state of disbelief when he finished listening to Han Tianyu's report.

    Old man Hai had met Jiang Fei on multiple occasions. Although each time Jiang Fei seemed to improve his capabilities very quickly, his Dantian has already matured, and he was incapable of cultivating Inner Qi. This was something that old man Hai had personally checked and established.

    Besides, a teenager being able to cultivate any amount of Qi energy was already astonishing enough. Being able to use the Qi Body Protection technique was something unheard of, and could only appear in one's dreams!

    "It's true. I personally witnessed it. Although his Qi Body Protection technique was weak and may not even withstand my attacks, it was definitely there!" Han Tianyu said with certainty.

    "Old man Hai, do you think that this mysterious master of his could be as terrifying as the old pervert from the Shi household?" Old Luo who stood beside old man Hai said as he patted old man Hai's shoulders.

    "Tsk..." Old man Hai could not help but suck in a breath of cold air when he heard that.

    "I think there is a high possibility of that being the case! How else could he train such a strong little pervert in such a short amount of time?" Old Yang nodded in agreement.

    "Forget it. Those old ancients have lived for far too long. Most of them have gone nuts. It is better not to get into trouble with them. Oh right, I remember that old man Hai had planned to exchange moves with him. I better not be there in person. Just tell me how it goes!" Old Luo said nonchalantly as if he had not just narrowly escaped a disaster.

    "Yeah! I am not going too. I will just wait for the news at home!" Old Yang nodded earnestly.

    "You two old b*stards have no integrity!" Old man Hai was embarrassed. Although old man Hai had advanced to Level Four many years ago, he was not even close to the Level Five category. If he actually picked a fight with a Level Five old pervert, was he not asking for trouble?

    "Hahahaha... Someone got so bored with his life that he even kidnapped the master's disciple to request for a battle. Hahahaha, old man Hai, don't blame us for not helping you this time. I still have mouths to feed at home. I cannot die with you..." Old Luo said as he nearly suffocated himself from laughing.

    "Level Five... That's a state that everyone could only dream of accomplishing!" Old man Hai sighed in his heart. Although he knew that his two old brothers were just making fun of him, his respect and envy towards a Level Five being came from the bottom of his heart.


    When Jiang Fei finally got home, he lay flat on his bed and reflected on the day's events. Killing a person had not seemed to have affected Jiang Fei's psyche significantly. Although he felt disturbed, it did not reach the point where he wanted to puke.

    "Hehe, I'm so f*cked up... Either I was born as a killer, or I have grown accustomed to it thanks to all the games I have played," Jiang Fei mumbled to himself as he laid on his bed.

    The accidental murder paled in comparison to Jiang Fei's discovery of Metahumans, as explained by Shroder. Jiang Fei had thought he could become an invincible superman by putting on a full body of equipment.

    Now that he had more equipment on his body, and he gained access to higher level influencers, Jiang Fei realized that his capabilities were far from sufficient!

    Although he had managed to terrify everyone with his Bloodthirsty Divine Set and misled them to believe he was a Level Four expert, Jiang Fei knew very well that he could only compare to a powerful Level One mutant or a slightly weaker Level Two mutant. If it were a real battle, Jiang Fei was no match for the high-level mutants. He could forget about the Inner Qi experts skilled in combat. His façade would be uncovered if he truly fought against such opponents!
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