236 Money-wasting Class

    At night, Jiang Fei logged into the game.

    After getting online, he cleared two rounds of Dungeons as usual. However, because Jiang Fei had reached Level 38, he did not gain as much Experience as before. By the time he single-handedly cleared the Dungeons, instead of leveling up, his Experience Bar had only moved up by a decent chunk.

    The lowest position-holder of the Level Ranking Board was already Level 32. By this, Jiang Fei estimated that there were now more than a hundred players in the entirety of Dawnlight City that were Level 30 and above.

    "You guys take forever!" Jiang Fei muttered. Then, with Isabella, he went to the Underground Swamp Cavern and took the day's portion of Ant Eggs and Ant Milk from the Ant Queen.

    "Things can't go on like this forever! I still have to hurry up and get a Territory Order!" Jiang Fei stored the Ant Eggs and Ant Milk into his personal storage, then prepared to head out and try his luck.

    He sent a message to Han Tianyu and Smart Tomato, once again asking for Lord-ranked bosses. However, he still did not get any useful news.

    "Ding! Seven Stars Warrior wants to add you as a friend!"

    At that moment, Jiang Fei received a friend request!

    "Hmm?" Jiang Fei was surprised at first, but he soon remembered who this person was. Previously, when he and Zhao Feng were doing a Quest together, Jiang Fei had been in the same party as Seven Stars Warrior. It was precisely on that day when Jiang Fei and the others chanced upon a Seal Curse Spell Book and a Hidden Class Transfer Token for Warriors.

    Jiang Fei had given the Seal Curse Spell Book to Little Rain, and Seven Stars Warrior was the one who took this Hidden Class Transfer Token for Warriors! Little Rain had directly joined Jiang Fei's guild after obtaining the Seal Curse Spell Book, but Seven Stars Warrior had never contacted Jiang Fei ever since!

    "Accept!" Jiang Fei nodded. No matter what, they were once party members. So, adding him as a friend was not a problem.

    "Brother Fei! I've succeeded!" Seven Stars Warrior immediately sent a voice message.

    "Huh?" Jiang Fei was puzzled.

    "I've successfully transferred Classes!" Seven Stars Warrior said excitedly.

    "Hoho, congratulations! You're also a Hidden Class now. You have a bright future ahead of you. No matter which guild you go to, you'll directly be a core member!" Jiang Fei laughed.

    "Then, Brother Fei, are you willing to take me in?" Seven Stars Warrior asked.

    "Oh?" Jiang Fei was surprised. His guild was not very large. It was not even comparable to powerful guilds like Magithieves, let alone the top guild in Dawnlight City, The Aristocrats. Back then, Little Rain's request to join Empyreal Dragon could only be assumed to have been done out of friendship, but Seven Stars Warrior had already obtained Ares's Order for a long time. If he was asking to join now, Jiang Fei felt somewhat hesitant.

    "Brother Fei, as it has been quite a long time since our first encounter, are you thinking that I'm only asking to join now because I have some other motive?" Seven Stars Warrior laughed.

    "Hoho, not at all. My weak little guild only has around a hundred members, what benefits can you get from joining?" Jiang Fei also laughed.

    "Brother Fei, I'm only asking to join now because I've been busy doing the Class Transfer Quest before this. Although I obtained the Transfer Token, this thing is nothing like a Sealed Curse Spell Book. For Sealed Curse Spell Books, you just have to use it, and you would learn the skills. There's no chance of failure. But transferring to a Hidden Class is different, once you fail, you'll be left with nothing! Brother Fei, when you gave me the Transfer Token without hesitation at that time, I was very touched. So, at that point in time, I had already decided that if I succeeded in transferring Classes, I would look for you and join you. If I failed, then I wouldn't contact you anymore, as I wouldn't have the courage to face you at all!" Seven Stars Warrior said sincerely.

    "A true brother!" Jiang Fei nodded and directly sent him a guild invitation. As he had said, currently, Empyreal Dragon was just a small guild that had around a hundred members. Other than Jiang Fei occasionally storing some equipment into the guild storage, the other benefits that his guild members received paled in comparison to that of major guilds. Seven Stars Warrior was a Hidden Class that had a promising future ahead of him, regardless of the path he took. Even if he had ulterior motives, what could he possibly do to Jiang Fei?

    "Hoho, why have you only joined now? It's like you disappeared for the past few days. You didn't answer any voice calls, you ignored all my personal messages."

    The moment Seven Stars Warrior joined the guild, Little Rain started nagging away.

    "Hehe, I was busy doing the Transfer Quest. Do you think everyone else has it easy like you? All you did was tear a scroll and voila!"

    Seven Stars Warrior rolled his eyes.

    *Sigh* "Anyway, it's good that you're here. Finally, there's someone that can help me share the firepower!" Little Rain laughed mysteriously.

    "Share? Firepower?" Seven Stars Warrior asked.

    "Ah! There's another new member! Hehe, girls, we have a new arrival!" This time, before Little Rain could reply, Rosette Fox's gentle laughter tinkled through the chat.

    "Wow, wow! Handsome, come to XXX, XXX quickly. We'll bring you somewhere and help you gain some Levels!"

    "Don't go to them, those girls are really lazy. You'll become a coolie if you go there. Come to us!"

    "Come on! Come on! Let me see if you're cute enough!"


    At Rosette Fox's words, the guild chat exploded. As Jiang Fei had not opened the recruitment to the public, it had been a long time since Empyreal Dragon had gained any newcomers. These girls were already tired of teasing Little Rain every day. Moreover, Jiang Fei had grown accustomed to their attacks and was now extremely thick-skinned, so there was no fun in teasing him anymore. Thus, when they saw a newcomer, this group of bored girls immediately became active.

    "Damn... What's going on?" Seven Stars Warrior was so scared that he quickly sent Little Rain a private message. The guild chat was suddenly dominated by a group of noisy girls. He thought that he had fallen into the territory of female hooligans!

    "Hehe... Benefits that new guild members receive..." Little Rain laughed evilly.


    Jiang Fei and Isabella walked around outside the city for a while, but they still could not find any trace of a Lord-ranked boss. By then, Seven Stars Warrior who finally got rid of the girls sent Jiang Fei a message.

    "Brother Fei, I have a friend who wants to join our guild, but this guy is a Profession Class, so he would only burn through your resources," Seven Stars Warrior said.

    "Is he a pub player?" Jiang Fei was puzzled. A Profession Class pub player was even rarer than Hidden Class players. Moreover, these people would have already joined guilds early in the game as they could not survive on their own!

    "No, he was expelled by his guild..." Seven Stars Warrior awkwardly said.

    "Expelled?" Jiang Fei was interested. This was new. He had heard about how some Profession Class players did not hesitate to pay large penalties to leave their guilds upon getting their hands on high-leveled Recipes. However, he had never heard of a Profession Class player getting expelled before!

    "Err... his success rate is relatively low, and he wastes quite a lot of money." Seven Stars Warrior said, embarrassed.

    "Let's meet up and talk!" Jiang Fei had free time anyways. He also wanted to see how severe this guy's money-wasting problem was, before deciding on his fate.

    "Okay! I'll arrange it right now!" Seven Stars Warrior said happily. After all, his friend was a money-wasting trap. Jiang Fei was already very kind by not rejecting his friend right away!
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